Wedding Events Dress Guide 101 October 30 2016, 0 Comments

"I cherish who you are as a person, and I promise to love this person all our lives."


Weddings have always been some of the most special and important occasions to everyone of us, whether you are attending it as the bride, the groom, the bridesmaid, the parent, the relative, the best friend. They are events where blissful wishes are gathered and presented to the couple of the event. They are ceremonies that will bind two loving ones together, forever.

When you are preparing for your wedding, or when you are the lucky bridesmaid and your best friend is getting married to the love of her life, it is always natural to want to dress up for the event for dressing up appropriately only goes to show the amount of respect you have for the event. 

What we will be discussing in a bit will give you the insight of what to wear to a wedding event, whether you are just a guest or the bridesmaid.


Solid colours are simple ways of dressing up to a wedding event. This is especially so when minimalism has kicked in and is still not done doing so. Draperies and ruffles are the few aspects to enhance your solid coloured outfits without much effort. For the first and third options, they have combined drapery with mesh or lace. With the maxi length, both of these options are for the more mature and classy look. For the second option, it is  a design of layering and tiers. Given the flirty and ruffly structure of this dress, it certainly suits the graceful, younger generation for a wedding dinner or lunch.

Quincy Mesh Drape Maxy in Navy BluePowder BlueWhite

Charley Lacey Drape Midi Dress in Dusty PinkNavy BlueWhite


This dress made of the sweetest tulle dreams is first and foremost more suitable for a bridesmaid dress. Tulle often resembles the princess in every girl and every woman, so it is never a better choice to add tulle to your dress when you are attending such a cherished event. The tulle overlay provides an even more fluffy and happy feeling that it naturally gives you the energy required to get you through the day.

Bella Tulle Dress in Rose BlushSkyLilacBlackForest Green


It is time for crochet and lace, possibly two of the most associated-with-royalty-and-princesses fabrics. With such a rich history surrounding princesses, it is instinctive for these two materials to be some of the hottest trends for wedding events. Since wedding lunches have been pretty popular choices for the young adults nowadays, shorter dresses that suit day-weddings are prevalent sights. With options 1 and 3, these are seemingly the more casual pieces for wedding lunches. Furthermore, the raw crochet hems make them even more desirable! A longer length dress option 2 then, may be more fitting for wedding dinners. Tube-typed of dress with an entire crochet overlay, a fitted bodice and a flare skirting bottom, all of which make the outfit a lady-like one.


 And finally, we have come to a trend that is not common but is starting to be more and more accepting in today's weddings. With individualism becoming stronger, people are more perceptive of what they wear and more sure of who they are. Weddings does not necessarily mean gowns fabricated from silk, charmeuse, brocade, embellished with jewels of different colours. Weddings these days are more easy-going in terms of the guests' outfits. And so, for more individualistic ladies, we do recommend something out of the blue, and not frequently worn to weddings. The first option is one from our NMXSEOUL collection and is a combination of solid, pleats and colourblocks. It is a simple dress that certainly stands up to the occasion. The second option, may we say, will be more for powered ladies who have the ultimate confidence in themselves or are just more comfortable in a pair of pants-bottoms. 



Having said all that, we hope that you will have less issues in selecting your bridesmaid dresses or dresses for wedding events. At the end of the day, the dress style that you select portray the theme of the event and the vibe you would like to give off. Yet, having confidence internally is really the best weapon you will ever need to have to look good. 

With love,

Team NM 


Flatlay Tutorial: NM X Lady Faustine September 08 2016, 0 Comments



Today, we bring to you a tutorial on a topic that most readers have been trying to learn more about. And that is no other than, FLATLAYS. 

Flatlays have been one of the newest tool to showcase your favourite items at the moment in a pretty manner, be it your clothes, make-up, perfumes, or accessories. Some pro-flatlayers even adorn their backgrounds with flowers or confetti to abide by a certain theme in the photo, say fairy-tale. To be honest, some of the flatlays look extremely professional with all the perfect lighting and angles. 

With this in mind, we have collaborated with Lady of @ladyfaustine (Instagram) to produce this tutorial. A brief background on Lady (and yes, her name is indeed Lady - really unique). Essentially, Lady is an all-rounded stylist cum graphic designer. She dabbles in fashion, lifestyle and foods, design and branding, and photography. You can certainly see from her Instagram account that she takes some beautiful shots, and flatlays are one of her biggest passions. We are, and will forever be, in awe of her charming feed. If you haven't check it out, you totally should! ;)

Below are some of our interview questions with her, and also, her proudest flatlay moments.



1. What is considered the ultimate flatlay? Is there such a thing even?

Lady: I am using all the design principles that I learnt from University such as theory and composition, and I somehow just go with the flow and think out of the box. There's no such ultimate flatlay, somehow you just go out of the box, and think what type of arrangement will look good.

2. What is required to create a flatlay photo?

Lady: Natural light is the best lighting for flatlay. Second will be the properties that you have and finally, it will be the composition of the photo.

3. How can someone with no experience take a reasonably looking flatlay?

Lady: By looking at some references of good flatlay photos, and then get inspired from it.

4. Why will you go into flatlay creation?

Lady: For me, flatlay is an art of arranging stuff, to make it look nicer and organised.

5. Share with us some of your flatlays so far!

(See below images for the flatlays with credits to @ladyfaustine, find out more on her IG!)


Hope you have enjoyed our Flatlay Collab Post with Lady Faustine! 

With love,

Team NM <3

Last Month of Summer: 4 Dress Formulas ☼ August 14 2016, 0 Comments

Albeit Summer is almost all round in Singapore, it is officially going to end among seasonal countries. Next comes Fall and then Winter. Even though Singapore does not come with 4 seasons, we certainly feel like relishing in the seasonal outfits. And if you are travelling to seasonal countries, we hope you will enjoy our take on A/W fashion in the next couple months! 

So, what has this Summer got you hyped about? In terms of clothes, there have been many off shoulders and its variations. Yet, for this post, we will be sharing more on the summer dresses you ought to have for your summer breaks or summer vacations. Let's get into the breezy dresses first, then on to the fitted ones ;) 


First contender of the breezy dresses shall be our Blossom Embroidery Trapeze. Trapeze dresses have always been huge favourites because of their flattering shapes. If you are a beach-adventurous lady, then we do not see any reason not to add this into your summer wardrobes. The slim shoulder straps over the neckline explicitly bare your collar bones, inviting some sultriness into your outfit.

What we love most about Blossom: Its intricately embroidered floral patterns. This embroidered patterns instantly inject that bit of femininity, gentleness and bashfulness into this dress.

What to style it with: Colourful lace-up sandals embellished with pom poms and tassels; neutral-coloured accessories like a thinly-strapped choker and crossbody clutch with studded details.

Shop: Blossom Embroidery Trapeze


Our Bretta Crinkled Ombre Trapeze is next, yes. Simple tank design with a flowy bottom and that perfectly imperfect crinkled fabric material. It has this casual vibes that is ever so suitable for your wilder endeavours. A plain white canvas on which is splashed with water colour painting.

What we love most about Bretta: Its ombre. The colour gradient seems to be cascading down in a docile manner, and we love it!

What to style it with: Neutral coloured lace-up sandals, with tinted round sunglasses to match. Add some summer phone cases to rev up your outfit. Think pineapples, watermelons, coconuts!

Shop: Bretta Crinkled Ombre Trapeze


For more formal gatherings, we will look towards fitted pieces and more elegant accessories. Pinstripe Resort Dream Dress is our first option for a resort getaway or cruise affairs to add a tinge of posh and polished touch to your outfit. 

What we love about Pinstripe Resort Dream: The fitted silhouette that comes with it, and single-pleat skater bottom.

What to style it with: Blush accessories act as a pretty colour combination. Seek the vacation look in a pair of simple sneakers, and dress it up with a sleek structured bag. Tassel bracelets enhance the overall resort style. 

Shop: Pinstripe Resort Dream Dress


 Our final piece for the structured dresses. The most womanly piece of all, we believe. A midi dress inevitably radiates splendour and transmits ladylike feelings. The strategically placed darts create an appropriate cut for most body types, and the pleated bottom flares out just sufficiently to swirl. 

What we love about Camile: The square neckline. This neckline design resembles what was popular in the sixties, and therefore illustrates the rich culture that comes with it. Ladies in the sixties are generally more refined and graceful, and we can definitely lend a bit of that modesty from them.

What to style it with: Gold choker and leather semi-circular crossbody

Shop: Camile Herringbone Midi Dress


Henceforth, as we approach the end of Summer vacations and getaways and breaks, let's not miss any chance to immerse ourselves in the summer style. We can all use an excuse to dress up, after all.  


Team NM 

The 9 Destinations Our Wanderlust is Taking Us July 24 2016, 0 Comments

Hello dear readers! Our team has taken some time off our work to think of the three places we love to go the most! Talk about travel-lusting, and wander-lusting. We are totally that. Read on to find out more about us through the places we like to go! :)

First and foremost, we have our beloved Lao Ban Niang, or so we love to call her! 

#1: Cairo

M: Oh, great Egypt! I have always loved the mystical stories that surround this country older than ours. With the huge pyramids and pharoahs and ther brethren, I am certain I will be able to learn a ton of rich history here. What of mummies and horror fiction that arises from this place? Simply can't wait to immerse myself in the pyramid situation and the jewels and gold accessories that the pharoahs of old loved so badly.

S: Makes me think of Night at the Musuem 2!  If there's a chance, I will also jump on Egypt and take a selfie with the pyramids!

#2: Santorini

M: Surely many of you love Santorini as much as me! I've been dreaming of this surreal place ever since I've known of its existence. I marvel in the thought of being there one day to enjoy the relaxed lifestyle there, feasting on their local cuisines and iced cold beers! Having a weakness for its captivating white buildings with pops of colours, I can't wait to take the many beautiful outfit photos in this picturesque setting. Perhaps a new collection fitting of this relaxed country will be borne. ^^

S: Gosh! Greece is such a pretty place; brings me back to Mama Mia with Amanda Seyfried! If you guys haven't watched this movie, go and have a friday night with your girlfriends! 


#3: Seoul

M: KOREA! This is by far my favourite place on Earth besides our home country ofcourse. Korea is probably a mainstream destination to many of you, but to me, it is a country I wish to visit over and over again! The place, it's fashion, culture, dramas, entertainment and FOOD is alluring enough. I'm not a fanatic K-pop lover, the greatest part of my K-craze would be the korean make-up and their street/fashion wears; it got all over me and yes I even made a business trip to Korea last February, NM can expect our NMXSEOUL curated collection coming up in August ;) There's just so much one could love Korea for, & I'm betting for a snow-skiing itinerary in my next trip! For now, I'll continue dreaming about it's good through dramas and variety shows...... SARANG-HAE-YO 

S: Haha! Seoul. All my k-pop dramas and kim jong kook's shyness around girls = LOVE 

Next up, we have our Graphic Designer: Jolaine Chua! With all her creative juices spewing out, we sure must keep our eyes peeled for her destinations wishlist ;) 

#1: Dubrovnik, Croatia

J: Game of Thrones fans would be with me on this one. The scenes shot for the 6-series long medival drama has always been dreamy and beautiful. Dubrovnik is, in fact, one of the locations used the film the series, think the vast Red Keep and the majestic Mereen. Being there on their soils to behold the sights and sounds for myself would be an amazing experience, especially for the GOT fangirl in me.

S: Got your back for Game of Thrones! Love their outfits and hairstyles as well, can't forget Emilia Clarke as Daenerys from House of Targaryen <3


#2: Istanbul

J: I always have a thing for grand castles and breathtaking architecture, which makes Istanbul's cityscape a must-visit for me. Besides the view, I believe tha the food is something that would be interesting to try as well. Case in point: sweet desserts like baklava, kunefe, and savoury treats like kebabs and menemen. They might be a farcry from the cuisines we usually indulge in in Singapore, but I'm sure that they would make for an interesting experience!

S: Istanbul is a place I never thought of going! But it sure sounds like a whole lot of interesting stuff going around there :P I only remember seeing Istanbul in movies, I should probably revisit those movies...


#3: Japan

J: Whenever someone asked me where I would like to travel most to, my answer has always been Japan. Its rich culture, impeccable scenery, and food selection is just some of the reasons why the land of sushi is the ultimate destination for myself, and I'm glad that I finally have my plane tickets booked to visit the land of the rising sun this end-of-year. Besides that, being able to immerse myself in Japanese culture is a dream come true. I can't wait to see the streets, castles, and indulge in copious amounts of ramen and sashimi.

S: Wow Jo, am I envious!! For our readers who love to visit or are intending to visit Japan, don't forget to try on their kimono outfits, and travel to Harajuku for an entirely different fashion experience. Perhaps you may be able to chance upon Naruto in disguise too! ;)


Hello dearies, it's my turn! Well, 3 places on my wanderlust list is a really tough one. I have a long list of places I like to go, things I like to see, food I like to try, and cultures I like to immerse myself in. But one thing for sure, the places I love to go most cannot bind me. They have to make me feel happy and free, and let me be free enough to do what I like, wear what I want, and eat what I desire. 

#1: California

S: First off, it has to be Cali. All hail the beach. There are undoubtedly many popular beaches around the world and even in Asia too. Yet, no matter how common America is, I just have to go there one day. It is, afterall, the land of the Free. I certainly would love to see for myself their ways of expressions, and learn how to be more open-minded to more things. Being open-minded really help in so many aspects of life, I can't even explain in words. Ultimately, the draw is in tasting the salty air, frolicking in the sandy beach, and feeling the dopamine kicking in while you swim under the sea!


#2: Milan

S: One of the top reasons Milan made it to my list is because it is one of the four major fashion capitals of the world, and I have always wanted to visit them to dip myself in an entire couture city. It was a fight between Milan and Paris, really. Here's why. Other that the apparent reason of extremely gorgeously beautiful architectural structures and buildings that dated hundreds of years back, the other magnetic force that is attracting me there has to be their Opera Houses. I visited Europe once many years ago, namely Bratislava, Czech Republic, and Slovakia, and I fell in love with their theatrics. I went there to watch an opera and their voices are simply heaven. I knew, then, that I had to go back to these Opera Houses again. 


#3: New Zealand

S: Belle asked why I chose New Zealand because it was intended for retirees! Ha! Sure it is. But, I am so enthralled by this place, so much so that mere pictures are not able to satisfy me anymore. One of the reasons I chose NZ stems from my adoration for Lord of The Rings, and The Hobbit. I can't wait to visit Hobbiton and the places where they filmed LOTR. I can't wait to breathe in the picturesque scenery, the mountain view, the village life, and all the wonders Mother Nature has to offer, and all the wonders that surround. In addition, if you asked me if I prefer a city life or a country life, I would choose country life any time. A life of peace, and adventures, loved ones, and the Earth. A place where everything you see makes you feel like you are only but a tiny human being on the face of Earth. A land that allows you to be without any worry or care in the world, all because you are almost too small to be significant in the first place.


We have come to the end of our Travel Post. Hope you enjoyed reading our thoughts and our Wanderlust places. Please, share with us where you like to go, or if you have the same travel destinations as us! We could do some sharing of interesting places ^^

24/7 - Daily Outfits for the Week June 25 2016, 0 Comments

If you are working at a 9/5 job, you will understand exactly the woes of an office lady - fashion woes we mean. This is especially so if you are working on the front-end, having to meet customers or to report to your direct bosses and superiors. It is always not very nice to wear shabbily, or even to repeat your outfits without any variation. Furthermore, what office ladies will really have the energy and effort to analyze and think through which outfits to wear every single day? "Spare us the additional work!" is probably what we will say after work every day :P

So for today's post, we will be bringing you through outfits for the week; from Monday through to Thursday, Friday, and the Weekends. This will cover both your work and off days then!

Every Monday must have been one of the more dreaded days of the week. Anyone? *Raise hands!* Yes, it is hardly possible to want to leave our relaxing weekends to face truckloads of work waiting for us at the office. Yet, it is so important for us to dress up to work, especially on the first day of the week. Why is this so, you might ask? Well, that is because having a great start makes the day feel good, and the week feel better!
To start off the week, we will need something prim and proper, professional-looking, and certainly something that can increase your confidence at work. You may not know of this. Yet, your outfits at work is related to your confidence, which in turn is related to your work productivity and efficiency. When you are confident, you will also take pride in your work, resulting in clear decisions made, and apparent appraisal from your managers, or team leaders. We have selected three outfits to ensure maximum confidence output. 
Choplin is a simple dress with that classic silhouette. Its box pleats and midi length make the dress look prim and classy. The neutral shade of grey gives a sense of modernity and minimalism. Megan and Maxe are the two tops that we have to have for that additional femininity, with reference to their off shoulders and toga shape. On usual days, throw on a cardigan to not look overly sassy. On Wednesdays, go ahead and enjoy your mid-week drinks! Finally, Metropolis is the go-to skirt for effortless dressing since it is already a one of a kind skirt with its own huge bow at the front. 

As with the most dreaded day of the week, there is always the most anticipated day. Do we even have to spell it out? If we have to, F R I D A Y is the word. We all love Friday, don't we? (An unanimous YES) After a whole week of slogging, it is only right for us anticipate time for our own and our family. Fridays, for most of us, are an informal dress-down day. We will wear, on this day, more vibrant colours in lighter textures. Well, we may be really prepping for that date to unwind ourselves. 
Natty and Gabe are most optimum for when you have a date coming by to pick you right after work, and he is bringing you to that restaurant which you love to bits. You have to look immaculately clean and good, yet you never want to look too over-the-top at work. These two are created with elegance and feminism, which will score you points both at work and on the date! If you are, however, meeting your friends at that local cafe place or timbre perhaps, we would undoubtedly recommend Kelly. Kelly is a non-stressful dress to be in. It is made for fun and adventure, almost a little bit of recklessness even. It is the plain dress that looks undeniably chic. 

Sundays, then, must be the most controversial day of the week; with it being an off day yet we have to start the week the next day again. This day should then be a day of lounge affairs, and/or family episodes. We should rest our mind and bodies on this very day to compose and strengthen ourselves for the new week ahead. 
Clearly, lounge affairs are our favourite of the lot. We swoon at the thought of lounging on the couch with our comfy cushions, loved ones, food, and a good movie to boot. Lilita is brought in here to make us look really comfortable and trendy at the same time, given that off shoulders are all the rage these days. Should you be going out with your family however, Alanta and Be Awe Denim will be a good match depending on the location. Alanta offers a classy perspective, which Be Awe Denim is another friend of adventure.
Having come to the end, we hope you have enjoyed our take on the week's outfits analysis. Needless to say, we wish that this will assist you in your daily outfits choice since we ourselves are usually victims of it too! :P
Team NM

5 different styles to carry on each date! June 09 2016, 0 Comments

As the name suggests, we will be discussing the 5 different styles you can carry on each date, be it a casual outing, a movie date, a picnic getaway, a romantic night out, or arguably one of the most important dates of your life - your anniversary. We found out that you, you and you, have really amazing other halves (who will wait for you when you are trying out clothes, or who will come up to our office and pick up your clothes for you). And so, we wish to make all your dates as memorably chic as ever. 



First and foremost, what's more important than casual since everyday is a date when two loved ones are together? As cliche as it may sound, we believe it is true. :) As time passes and when days become years, and when you and your other half may have already gotten used to one another, your outfits perhaps get lazier at the same time. Do you feel this too? Don't worry about it. Kelly Tee Dress is the perfect off-days dress for your dates! Being the loose fitting dress that it is, it comes in a Tee shape which makes it all the more comfortable for casual dates. We suggest white sneakers, or loafers, to add to your style points! 

<Kelly Tee Dress (navy)Kelly Tee Dress (forest green)>


Going for a movie date? Denim is always a good idea! You can't go wrong with this shift dress with its unique denim blocks. The myriad of denim hues in a single piece is sure to make you stand out from the rest, and yet not overly extravagant. If you like some accessories, go for the colour grey to add depth to the entire outfit. 
However, if you are going for a movie date after work, you probably have no time to get home and head out again. The best way will be to wear something that is suitable for date to work! It will have to be something professional and mature looking, and never looking too dull. Oxford Layered Midi Skirt will be the optimum choice for both occasions: work and movie. 


For the third date, we have gotten you prepped for picnics! Doesn't every girl like picnic dates on the green green grassland with dainty little baskets and delicious snacks? Imagine the cool breeze that hit softly on your skin, and you flashed the sweetest smile. :) 
What to complement your sweetest smile besides the sweetest dress? Oasis Ombre comes in the gentlest gradient and the most vibrant colours. There's nothing like letting your dress flow with the wind. If you are more active, you may consider Caesar Romper - an elegant number which undeniably increases your grace.

Romantic nights out are not to be missed, without doubts. Maxis are forever one of our top choices. It somehow seems to make the ensemble more formal. In two delicate colours, this dress will delight your date as much as you wanted it to! The colourblocks and the cascading layers of it will take you to the next level of poise. Wear it with and without the sash, depending on the style you are trying to achieve! :)

<Cuscaden High Low Colourblocking Maxi (nude)Cuscaden High Low Colourblocking Maxi (sweet)>



As mentioned earlier, anniversaries are easily the most important events in your life. They celebrate your attachment, your union, and your promise to your other half. Henceforth, there is no need to dress down for this date. In fact, go for a lace or crochet overlay option for that additional exquisiteness. Be it a playsuit, or a dress, you can go ahead and take your pick! You can perhaps go for a playsuit on a work day, and a dress on an off day! ^^
With this, our team likes to wish all of you ladies out there, to have the best dates of your life! And, thank you for being a part of our journey, and giving us the opportunity to be a part of yours. 
With Love,
NM Team :)




Get Breezy This Summer - In 5 Ways May 22 2016, 0 Comments

Every time we talk about Summer Lovin, it naturally gets me to the Musical: Grease. Olivia Newton and John Travolta seriously got me summer loving! If you haven't watched it, you probably can, and at the same time get some major inspiration from the 1950s! 

So, June is on its way, and we should be on our way to welcome it too! For the love of summer parties and beach events, we have come up with 5 items that can transform your wardrobe this S U M M E R!


 There's so many favourites in our latest collection, and no prizes for guessing that this Ombre piece is one of our favourites as well! In the most exotic and sprightly colours, you can be sure to dazzle at any parties you attend. Breezy and light as a feather, this dress appears to be weightless on your body. If you are going to beach parties, go ahead and wear this with a earth-coloured sandal, over your bikinis even. 


 This romper just brought us to Saint Tropez in France, where the warm weather greets its guests in sunshine. With a V-neckline, pleated bodice and a complementing waist sash to accentuate a lady's silhouette, this is the epitome of classy, instead of trashy.

Be at your most comfortable in this romper without fearing that the heat might burn you out. Be at your most stylish without fearing that pinstripes belongs to the past, for pinstripes is widely loved right now.

Tell us, if this is not your ultimate piece for casual summer parties, what is? ;) 

<Caesar Pinstripes Sunshine Romper (light)Caesar Pinstripes Sunshine Romper (dark)>


 Ha! Brides-to-be, rejoice! We got your bridesmaid dresses covered here! In the daintiest and most delicate lace fabric, this seems to match a fairy-tale wedding! Don't we all want a dreamy wedding to remember till when we grow old?

Nonetheless, you can re-wear this for a formal occasion, on your anniversary date, or even to a classy brunch place with your loved ones. With versatility like this, I think we all know that we need at least one of these at our beck and call!

<Edelweiss Lace Panelling Midi (rose)Edelweiss Lace Panelling Midi (mint)Edelweiss Lace Panelling Midi (sky blue)>


 O.K. Major love, full stop. 

Wow, might this be the piece that throws us off our feet the moment we laid eyes on it? The vibrant colours, the immaculate cutting, the modish grid prints make everything about this dress feel so right! The skater structure adds that girly touch to any accessory you might want to match with. We think this may be genuinely suitable for wedding brunches, or or or, Bridesmaid dresses like Edelweiss (above)! 

<Bethworth Dainty Frock (roast tanga)Bethworth Dainty Frock (nude pink)Bethworth Dainty Frock (classy white)>


We all need some breezy summer tops with that right flare. Think we might have found it with the prettiest prints and lightweight fabric! Maya is a simple top with the most delectable patterns that can amplify any simple shorts or pants or skirts, even. And, you will feel undoubtedly happy when you wear this for it doesn't weigh or increase your body's temperature, making it really comfortable. Even for errands, we ought to dress up nicely since you never really know who you might meet! ^^

<Maya Flare Top (almond)Maya Flare Top (black)>


Have fun summer loving! ♥♥

NM Team

How You Can Twin With Your Mom? May 08 2016, 0 Comments

Hey you lovely readers! 
It's Mother's Day today, and we are happy to be here to wish all Mothers in the world, a Happy Mother's Day! :)) Mothers are said to be the most noble, and greatest human in the world, for they protected you in their wombs for nine months, bearing the immense pain of childbirth, and safely bring you into this world.
So, no matter what conflicts you may have with your mom, or if they do not understand you as much as you would like them to, remember that you are here because of her, and of course, your dad ;) If they happen to misunderstood your choices or actions, explain to them clearly. Words can be one of the most powerful tools on this Earth, depending on how you use them, so use them wisely yep! 
Alright, we shall spare the granny's tale, and get right into the post for today! Since we are totally in the mood of Mother's Day celebration, our team has compiled 4 different outfits that you can wear with your lady - we call it Twinning! 


These 2 outfits above (Covent Runched TopBordebury Palazzo PantsTuxedo Jumpsuit) are definitely what you can wear for a meal with your mom on a weekday in between work, perhaps for lunch, or dinner? Available in different colours, each of you can choose one, and you are ready for a twinning session! How cute is that? Of course, choose one with the right maturity level for your mom, instead of having her wear some cutesy girly item ha! :P


For a non-work day, probably a weekend brunch at a cafe, or dinner at a restuarant, with the family, dress up respectively in Jossa Tie Knot Shirt Dress, and Alonis Glamour Maxi Dress. Jossa is suitable for a stress-free and laid back event, and doubtlessly for a sunny weather. Alonis, being the maxi that it is, seems perfect for a night event at a more formal setting. 
So we've got you covered for both weekdays and weekends! How about extending your own Mother's Day celebration and have some with some Twinning session with your mom? (✿ ♥‿♥)
With love,
NM Team


Work Classics: The 3 Essentials May 01 2016, 0 Comments

Hola Ladies! 
We have picked up these 3 essentials which we think should be your work classics if they haven't already are! I'm not sure about you, but we sure have our fair share of troubles thinking of what to wear to work every single day. From our perspective, work outfits should never be sloppy, and boring. Hah! We look for structures in our daily work ensembles. Clean cuts are important, so is the ability to mix and match with other pieces of clothes in our closet. If without the ability to mix and match, it would not be as valuable, since we won't be wearing it often. 



 Cavella is our first choice at the moment! A plain, solid coloured top with beautifully structured peplum ruffles, and all the darts located at their rightful position. Easily matched with most of the bottoms - skirts, pants, shorts. Nevertheless, we try pairing it with a slimmer bottom due to the flare of the peplum. A classic peplum top almost never goes wrong in an work ensemble, level of professionalism is just nice. What's more, the gentle pastel palette will never get you off the wrong foot with your colleagues! ;)


 All hail palazzo pants! Well, we have been in a state of loving the palazzo pants -- the wide-legged creature. This seems like just the tailored pants for you! For flare bottoms, definitely, go with the slimmer top. Fit then flare; flare then fit. Always the rule of thumb when matching different items together. This is so much more applicable when you have to look presentable. Still, 3 colours for you to choose from! We had a hard time choosing our favourite because all 3 colours seem really essential for the different looks we like to achieve! 

And finally, the playsuit with the midi-length. This must be the simplest outfit to wear -- no top to match the bottom, no need to think so much. This is potentially one of the reasons Webly made the list!  A sweetheart neckline that still covers makes it a modest and modern piece to wear for work. You may want to add a pop of colour to your neutral ensemble, or just let it remain neutral for the day.
With love, 

Pantone's 2016: Rose Quartz & Serenity April 24 2016, 0 Comments

Today, we bring to you an insight into the popular colours of 2016: Pantone Colours - Rose Quartz and Serenity. Simply put, they are pale pink and baby blue colours. In troubling and conflicting times, these two colours seem to put some warmth and tranquilty in the world. They are almost reminding people to love life and the peace that resides. Let's read on to find out how we have fuse these colours into some of our pieces! 


The basic idea of introducing such pastel colours for 2016 is to provide a type of comfort and relaxation in stressful periods. Pastel colours are generally light colours - calming, peaceful, and never overly striking (think opposites such as bright red). Hence, on top of Rose Quartz and Serenity, most of the pastel colours like mint, or lavender, work well too! 
For our highly-favourited trapeze dress, they are created, too, with some gentle colours in mind. They somehow magically seem to make things fresher and lighter and happier - at least that's what we believe. Moreover, these dresses are effortless. One does not really need a lot of time to prepare with Jaxel. :)

 Bexley - what we call the simplistically elaborate blouse (how ironic). 

Well, if you haven't already know, our team is head over heels with this top. It may seem really unappealing at first, but the more you see it, the more you like it. Perhaps it may be due to the serene colours that come with them, or it could be that humans these days tend toward a "surprise" in something minimal, say loosely-defined accordion pleats in a plain sleeveless top. 

Nevertheless, this blouse is beyond easy to style! Trust us, mixing and matching were never this easy. It's like shorts and pants all became good friends with you overnight. Accessorise simply with this for less seems to be more now! 

Wow, how we have waited for this piece and finally here it comes. This is one from our latest collection and I must say, this is one of our favourites! Plus, it actually made use of Rose Quartz and Serenity, and a bit of ombre mash-up (which makes it even nicer!). One ought to pack this into their luggage for summer trip - June's on its way! Remember, though, to bring your shades and sunblock and your chicest sandals. Our Odyssey has gotten you covered for the rest! :)))

April's Vibes April 13 2016, 0 Comments

It's already April, and we are so excited about what April and the months that follow will bring! So, can you guess what we are loving this month? ;)

Well, no prizes for getting them right! Anyways, you probably have seen them in our recent collections and will be seeing more of them for our next collections - Accordion Pleats, Crochet, Lace, Pastels, Prints & Patterns. We will be going through some of the items for this month (items that really excite us!), and you will get some ideas of how to style them.

Well, prints and patterns come first on list! This Siera Swing Trapeze is an item we adore deeply. As summer is round the corner, we will be expecting Mr Sun to beat down on us and so, a summer dress is something that can not be exempted from our wardrobes! What's more, there are countless ways to wear this dress with the different kinds of styles and accessories that you ladies might adopt. 
We recommend wearing this with a pair of single-strap short heels, preferably in neutral colours of nude, black or white. Next, complete this ensemble with your summer crossbody, some shades and your favourite straw hat! We dare say you'd be the chicest around town ;)


<Siera Swing Trapeze in Spring WhiteSiera Swing Trapeze in Spring NavySiera Swing Trapeze in Boho>



Yet again, another piece: Anchor of Pleats Midi Dress. This dress comes in 3 hues which we deem as pretty natural colours. We are exceptionally in love with the nude one that hides a pinkish tone under. And this style suits a slightly formal and mature occasion you have to attend, think work, birthday parties, professional gatherings. To make this outfit work, a structured bag and pumps will do the trick! Keeping things effortless is the tip we give to you!


<Anchor Of Pleats Midi Dress in WhiteAnchor Of Pleats Midi Dress in NudeAnchor Of Pleats Midi Dress in Black>


I'm not sure if you like this as much as we do! But, we simply love the simplicity and clean look of this dress, with that surprising ruffled shoulder dressing. Luis Dress is a very versatile piece which you can wear to office and after-work events. As it is an uncluttered and refreshing piece on its own, if you prefer more colours, go ahead and mix some colours into your entire outfit. Rule of thumb for a mature look being: never to mix more than 2 colours into your outfit unless it is a multi-coloured leather handbag. At least, that's what we think :)


<Luis Sugary Off the Shoulder in WhiteLuis Sugary Off the Shoulder in Periwinkle GreyLuis Sugary Off the Shoulder Dress in Rose Quartz>


P.S. Preview for tomorrow's collection are up on our FB Page. Go ahead and check it out! 

With love, 

NM Team 




March: Your Top 5 Favourite Styles March 31 2016, 0 Comments

Wow, time sure does fly! It is already the end of March, guess what? We now have your Top 5 Favourite Styles for this Month ;) Having been a month of peace punctuated with the occasional excitement and flurry from collection launches, we have had the time to consolidate and think through the styles that have been popular -- only hoping to produce more of such functional and sophisticated designs for you ladies.
Well, let's get started!

Why am I not surprised this is one of your top 5 favourites? As the weather starts to warm and Spring/Summer comes around, it is without a doubt people tend to dress more casually. And, Spag or Tube tops have always been the preferred choice for tops. Here, we have two breezy and flouncy numbers that are both classy and simple. Most importantly, they beat the heat for ya! ;)


Dropwaist Dresses have been worn by modish females ever since the 1900s. It is a dress style with an extremely relaxed silhouette supposedly donned by girls rebelling against the social traditions. If you have watched The Great Gatsby, you probably would have seen flapper girls wearing dresses with non-existent waistline -- that is it. In our March Collections, we see a resemblance to this era with reference to both of our well-received dropwaist dresses.


No, we did not forget about you -- Office Ladies. If there's anything about working wardrobes, it should never leave out professional cuts and structures. A blazer vest is definitely an investment piece; something that can heighten your professionalism to the next level. Wear it for that "Oomph" effect, trust us. And if we are talking about working wardrobes, there is no way we be on our journey in the absence of a shirt dress. Now, we have both outfits with a waist-tie detailing, don't you love it more? ;)

If there are so many solids, you can be pretty sure there will be prints. Behold, gypsies in disguises. This is the dress with the most gorgeous of paisley prints, that will blow your mind away. That is the shirt top with the most retro of batik patterns, that can't help but bring you into the wild fields. So, run, you gypsy in disguise. Run with the wind and feel freedom in every pore of your being.

Only the best is produced for you. Our trapeze dresses have been in high demand ever since our first trapeze launch, and we are so glad you love this style as much as us. This kind of dress styles is flattering for majority of the body shapes, which we believe is why you prefer this style to others. For our most recent collection, we experimented with various colours & prints, resulting in the solid colours such as mustard, and prints like grids and paisley.
Love, NM Editors

Meet our NM Girl - Stephanie March 13 2016, 0 Comments

And finally, the time has come to introduce our next NM Girl: Stephanie Gunawan. A NM Girl who does not stem from our local community, but a friendly extension into the realms of a neighbouring country: Indonesia's Insta-Divas. I believe this is a very enlightening read for you readers out there, who really wishes to find out more about our Indonesian counterparts. 
Prior to meeting her, I guess many of us (strangers) have a misconception towards ladies from wealthy Chinese-Indonesian families, like Stephanie's. Haughty, proud, arrogant are attributes which probably came into mind. Yet, now that I have met her, I know that she is nothing like haughty, proud and arrogant. Let's get right into it!
Stepping into the cafe, I took a look around. Instinctively, I knew she's the one I should be looking for. I walked up to her and we met for the first time. She smiled and we talked and we laughed. So, we ordered our food and I started my stretch of questions. We ate, and went around to have a mini photo shoot. I'm amazed that the entire day went pretty smoothly. Read on for our interview with her! :)


Outfit Ideas for Your Sweet Valentine ♥ February 07 2016, 0 Comments

"I love you for all that you are, all that you've been, and all that you're yet to be"


Valentines Day is round the corner once again! Whether you are single, or attached, there's always happiness around to be shared. We believe that Valentines Day is a day of Love and Happiness. It's a BIG Love that can be shared among every living thing on earth, instead of just showering love to your other half. It's a kind of love that we share with family, friends, and sometimes, even strangers.
This VDAY, we have come up with these outfit ideas for your different activities. Through this, we hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day. :)

Since the time brunch started becoming popular, you seldom see empty cafes around. And, we simply have a gut feeling that on this Valentines Day, it is probably going to be on everyone's list. You may be going to brunch with your family, your friends, or your other half. It does not matter who you are out with really, because you are still going to dress up, no doubt! Besides, what better excuse for an OOTD shot other than a beautiful brunch location with natural lighting? ;)
So, if you are going for a casual brunch date at a pretty laid-back cafe, we advise a short dress like our Bella's Date Night Crochet Dress and Kella High Neck Trapeze. Both enable you to easily move around without diminishing the style factor of your outfit! Perhaps you can wear Kella Trapeze when out with friends, and Bella's Date Night Dress with your other half since it looks like it's already been coated with honey :P
Now, say if your other half decides to bring you to a posher cafe, think PS Cafe, a better option will be our Bondi Sweetheart Maxi! Its length had already made it suitable for such occasions. On top of it, the vibrant prints of the dress are bound to keep all eyes on you!

Oh hey, what if you decided for a romantic candlelight dinner at home, or you know, we are just going to have a cook-off session? We got you covered. Being indoors means you are able to wear clothes that are more comfortable that when you are actually going out. Sounds like pretty good news to us? Ha! Then again, you wouldn't want to wear too shabbily for a candlelight dinner. We, ladies, still need to show how serious and excited about the dinner! For this simple and heartwarming dinner, we have selected our Nessy Abstract Skater Dress and Nelly Shift Dress. For a cook-off session, Nelly Shift Dress will be a better choice though ;)

 < Nessy Abstract SkaterdressNelly Shift Dress >



 And, finally... An intimate evening affair just for two: SWEET!
We absolutely can't be too tattered and understated for such an event. He may be bringing you to a dinner at Equinox, or Sky-dining so on and forth. You have to be fully prepared to not let down his efforts. We doubt you will need a gown, but something more than presentable is a must. Florencia Valentine Flutters Shouder Maxi is the most optimum choice--sexy in all subtlety. If you prefer a short dress, you may opt for Dacey Crochet Dress for that curvy look in all elegance with all that lace bodice; or Be Mine Lace Tulle Dress for a really princessy look! It is nipped in at the waist and puffy at the bottom. We think you might be ready for a royal date night!
So with this, we have come to the end of the post. Do let us know if you require any assistance in selecting your outfits, and we will be glad to be there for you. Hope you have the most amazing Valentines this year ^^
NM Editorial team

Meet our NM Girl - Audrey February 02 2016, 0 Comments

Hello Readers! 
One beautiful sunny afternoon, our NM PR Girl (aka me) went to have tea with a familiar face which you probably recognise. And yes, it's Audrey Tiah! You can find her on her IG: @audreytiah. She is so pretty, and amiable, I find it quite surprising. In fact, one who does not know will probably think of us as best friends, laughs! So, we had our tummies filled at Arteastiq, and went on to have shoots at different spots! We had the interviews, but I probably know her more through our seemingly not constructive conversations. Nonetheless, NM has brought to you this series of NM Girl.
We hope you love her as much as we do. If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know by commenting on the blog post, or you can find us on Instagram/FB too. 
Bringing to you: Not your usual CITY GIRL: AUDREY TIAH



NM Marketing Team










5 TRENDS TO TRY THIS CNY ✮ January 24 2016, 0 Comments

HOLA! It’s CNY again! I believe Chinese New Year is a pretty highly anticipated event of the year besides Christmas. It’s a time to dress up and look good; to gather and have small chats with your cousins whom you only meet this time of the year; to play blackjacks and mahjong with all your relatives; and all the small little things you do to usher in the hopefully prosperous new year.
It is also a tradition to wear everything new on the first 2 days of the Chinese New Year period. Seriously, what better reason to go shopping? This is no doubt one of the main reasons why we all love CNY!
In this post today, we will talk about the 5 trends to try this CNY period. 


Cheers to floral—forever and always. Who’s a fan of floral like us, hands up! I believe most of our NM’s supporters love floral as much as we do, right? ^^And so, to curb those insatiable style appetites of yours, our CNY collections have included countless floral pieces. *Pop champagne!
Floral is probably the easiest trend to pick up this festive season. Why, you ask? Well, it’s because the dress speaks for you! Due to all these lovely vibrant prints and colours, you can very simply play down on any accessories, which you wish to wear to make yourself more outstanding. YES. We are totally saying this, “Your floral dress is more than sufficient!”


Classic Solids is something that will never enter the extinction phase. It’s just like denim and white collared button-downs. And this is why one can never have too many classics in their wardrobe. With that being said, have you ever counted just how many classics you own? Perhaps it is the time to do it, while spring-cleaning your house. This is so that you are able to sort out the classics and the statement pieces, making sure you don’t go overboard with shopping (especially if you have a budget to adhere to! ;)
This CNY, we have prepared many classics in different colours, designs and patterns. This is so that each and everyone of you will find something that says “YOU”. Hopefully, you have already found the item that speaks to your soul.


Good old lace. Doesn’t lace remind you of the Victorian Era? Something so rare in closets in the past is omnipresent now. And this CNY, of course Lace is a guest that has come to stay. An epitome of elegance, Lace has this unique feature that enables someone to look all ethereal—a trend most ladies are more than willing to try.
 For a feminine presentation, we suggest minimalist accessories—necklaces, rings, shoes, and bags—as the focal point should still be on the lace dress.


Completely bowled over by this when we first saw it.
In the most luscious of metallic accents, and in the most impeccable cutting, this dress has come to life. If you would like something different this CNY, if you have a formal dinner to attend, we feel that this is the dress for you. Dress in opulence and charm everyone you meet. Clearly, this is yet another piece that doesn’t require you to be troubled over the accessories. We propose a pair of dignified little black heels, and a modish little black clutch!

Orient Liss Midi Dress in Maroon FoilOrient Liss Midi Dress in Gold Foil



Yes to the unexpected bonus! Crochet Overlay has been seen all around the globe for a while now; and at Neonmello, this beautiful combination is no exception too. It seems to be hiding a more exquisite piece on the inside. I guess we can assume it to be similar to showing, but not too much--just enough to entice. That will probably be most appropriate this season. Since this is a really mysterious piece, it would be good to accessorize simply. We suggest pumps and a cross body (casual outfit) or a structured clutch (formal events). 


And so, we have come to the end of our post. Do you have any other topics which you like us to cover? Latest trends and deets from fashion shows, or how to dress your body shapethings like that? Do write in so that we can always cover your topics of interests! ;)

Hugs and kisses, Team NM ♥


Get dressed in #LunarwithNM! January 20 2016, 0 Comments

Probably the most exciting part about Lunar New Year, if most would agree with us, would be the pre-LNY atmosphere where we all camp behind our desktops and gadgets eyeing on all the clothes that we picture ourselves wearing for Lunar New Year and all the goodies we would stuff ourselves silly with!

This year, we present to you our #lunarwithNM - apparels to usher Lunar New Year in style! 
It's a floral infusion for this dress, an endearing piece to add in your wardrobe. For anyone looking for softer romantic looks look for the pastel hues pieces that a calmer and more relaxed vibe, have your outfit on point by adding a sling bag and a pair of heels to complete the look.  
Our Meadow Lacey Mesh Panel Dress is a specially crafted piece in delicate details and a hint of oriental vibe making it a fuss free dress, top it up with a pair of heels to go along with it and you are ready to go for your Lunar New Year visitings.  
 Turn from Plain Jane to Girly-Girl barbie with our Marcel Off Shoulder Dress. Whether it's for the upcoming Lunar New Year or Valentines' Day, wouldn't you agree that this piece would look good when you are out to a cafe for brunch and on your dates too?
If you are visiting your in-laws (or future ones) this CNY, here's the dress for you. With mandarin collars and an appropriate sleeve length, we think this will provide a prim and proper image towards those you'd like to impress
Don't worry about it being too red. Because the crochet details are out of this world, really. You will totally be radiating joy and luck this CNY in this dress!
Shop: (Launching 28th January, Thursday at 830pm)
Hold on! If you are not a dressy person but still very much would love to deck in auspicious red, then our upcoming lace top would fit the bill! Crafted with the right fabric and design, you will be sure to fill comfortable and fab all day. 
Not necessary to paint your wardrobe red for Lunar New Year, our Burst of Colour dress is sure to brighten up your look instantly. We would also say that it's the best piece to swirl in.
For those looking towards a sweet rather than bold look, then look no further, our Lorrie Crochet Tea party is also a timeless piece you need to get this year we must say. Guaranteed to delight and enchant, it could be your outfit-ready for any occasion!

If you haven't know, we have done up these woven bags just for you. Bring it to work, on your holiday trips, when you go visiting, grocery shopping trips, or maybe even when you are out shopping lest you carry lots of plastic bags!

The bags are crafted in 2 different colours and sizes, opt for Self Collection/Courier to get yourself one!  
This CNY, use #lunarwithNM hashtag on Instagram when you wear our apparels and we will reward you $8 Neonmello E-Credits! (Psst: Make sure that your account is public) 
Make sure to stay with us for our weekly launches on Thursday 8.30pm. We are pretty sure you will find the apparels that you would love (+ boyfriend approved worthy apparels + older generations' green light) this Lunar New Year. 
With Love,
NM marketing Team

Editorial Picks: Pre-spring with NM January 10 2016, 0 Comments

If you are the sweetest girl of your group of girlfriends, then yes, this Lorrie Crochet Dress is for you. Equipped with a crochet bodice and a skater bottom made of the softest fabric, it is without a doubt tailored to your very demure personality. We have especially brought it in in other pretty colours to satisfy the huge demands of you, sweet ladies. ;)
If you are wondering what is sexy, that is mesh. And if you are wondering what is demurely sexy, we have to say that it is definitely mesh in pastel hues. And the focus is very apparently on "demure". Turella Mest Maiden Dress has this virtue in it and it is the very "demure" that we ladies would love to have in us, whether it's a characteristic the society entrusted with us or a self-desired quality. Having an unique sweetheart neckline, it covers and seldom shows. It also allows for a twirl and swirl shot!
"I have a wedding dinner to attend and I've no idea what to wear!"
"My boyfriend is possibly proposing to me when we are going to the upcoming yacht party and I have nothing to wear!"
"My best friend is coming back with her fiancé and is hosting a brunch party, and my clothes are not up to the party's standard..."
Have you had all these concerns before? If so, we are here for you! Our Maiden Charm Crochet Maxi has just the right length befitting of a Lady. Not to mention that it scores with a sweetheart neckline and the best quality crochet that doesn't fray (no more last minute worries on that important occasion you've been preparing for)!

Simple Floral Overlay Prints is a different way of presenting your love for flora. On top of this, it also exudes an earnest vibe in all seriousness. And, all because of this graveness, our Carmella Peplum Top is a fitting piece for a working women. Impress your boss, and make your colleagues actually listen to what you say or think or feel. 
Immaculately cut lines and the peplum structure further enhanced your look, making people entrust you with trust and more responsibilities, believing in your capability. Isn't this what we all wish for in the workplace? Now, what better way to start your working year, if not more opportunities? ;)
Of all the reasons we love this top with such extremity, the most note-worthy one would be due to the effortless womanliness we feel from our Carrie Bustier Top. You can wear any bottoms, and you still will not be able to escape from how ladylike you will be when donned with this top. The vibrance of the colours, the bustier neckline and the peplum structure definitely level your outfit status. 
We adore this top with tailored shorts or pants, tight midi skirts coupled with stilettos. For a casual look, go for denim and a lace-up sandals!
You've probably heard us over a million times on our Instagram account: @neonmello, but this is still one of the best transitions from day to night! From the off-shoulders to the lace sweetheart neckline that ever so delicately seduces, and to the extent of the length that covers, all of which makes it an appropriate outfit to be worn to work and then to chill. If you do not want to bare too much during work, we suggest a blazer or cardigan (simultaneously creating some warmth lest the temperature drops)! 
To be honest, we seriously do feel that this dress which major in grids and tweed (obviously) does best for the unpretentious laid-back girl. This piece is ever so easy-going. It's almost as if it is up for any challenges at any time: spontaneity rules here. White sneakers seem to be a match-made in heaven. Yum. 
Alternatively, to switch just about instantaneously to that Upper East Side lifestyle (with references to the Gossip Girl Series), we recommend a pair of strappy heels with your favourite IT handbag at the moment.
Ha! If you have followed us on Instagram, you would have known how many countless times our Lacey Trapeze made its cameo there. Oops, can't blame how much we are besotted with this dress. The lace patterns: perfect, the trapeze shape: excellence, the colours befitting of royalty: magnificent! What more do I have to say? Get one for yourself, and you will forgive my fragility towards this.
Bodycon dresses with such abstract prints are often worn by two main categories of females. The first being the feminine women who are prepping for a night of dance-off with their friends; a night to chill with drinks and chats. And the second being girls who are sporty and up for a casual get-up with sneakers and a huge carry-all whereby they can simply "dump" all things in there! Our Sleigh Aztec Prints Bodycon is THAT dress for you. Whether you are going to be partying the night away, or running errand for your mom, this dress is very versatile and suitable for both occasions.
Vita Fleur is one of the most lady-like pieces of our collection. I dare say that it is the one dress effortlessly filled with womanliness, for the one who wears it need not trouble herself with any other accessories. Due to it being a trapeze dress shape, it very cleverly shows and hides just about all the right parts! And this is only a fraction of why we love this to bits.

DECEMBER CAMPAIGN - ALL DAZZLING January 06 2016, 0 Comments


Back to December (all the time heh!), we got together with Fiona from Smittenpixels Photography and our darling Francesca to shoot for our - All Dazling campaign just for you! (Click here to see our album if you haven't!)

We were so in love with the place by the way. Sucked into the Christmas atmosphere the moment we stepped in here. Do snuggle in an outerwear because it was brrrrr.... freezing inside! 

With absolutely no time to waste, we started the shoot.  Love Fiona and Francesca's professionalism as they gave their 101% best to take the best shoots for the campaign.


Dress: Premium Maiden Charm Crochet Maxi Wine Red
Premium Maiden Charm Crochet Maxi Champagne White
Premium Maiden Charm Crochet Maxi Midnight Navy

Heads turned while we were shooting this piece because it was a dress simply not to be missed! Available in Wine Red, Champagne White, Midnight Navy. Perfect Chinese New Year & your Valentines Day date! Did we mention that the quality is top notch too?

Top: Neonmello Premium Carmella Peplum Top In Sparkly Blue

 Dress: Neonmello Premium Vita Fleur Trapeze In Aurora 

Dress: Neonmello Premium Maxel Lacey Trapeze In White

Top: Neonmello Premium Carrie Bustier Top In Black Rhapsody
Neonmello Premium Carrie Bustier Top In White Aurora

Maybelle (Founder), Fiona and Francesca were really proud of the final outcomes of the images. Thus and so, we present you our Christmas campaign- All Dazling! We hope that you like the images as much as we do!

With so much in store in this new year, one thing for sure is that we will be bringing you even better apparels in 2016! So keep a lookout on our fresh drops every Thursday 8.30pm. ;) 

We wish you all a very happy new year! 
Lots and lots of love from,
NM Marketing Team.


6 Outfit Ideas To Usher In the New Year + Trend Analysis December 28 2015, 0 Comments

Christmas is over albeit the lingering jolly feels. We, now, look forward and prepare for ushering in the New Year. How have your 2015 been till date? Happiness, sadness, regrets, adventures so on and forth. Let's remember the past but never linger. And so, perhaps we should start planning our outfits to show how much we are looking forward to 2016!

We have contemplated many events and activities for kicking off the New Year, and it all boils down to these 3.

Cocktail Party, whether you have it at home or at the club or somewhere unique, is equivalent to counting down to the last second of 2015, and happily welcoming 2016. Two options have been chosen. Are you the Sparkly, Shimmery Glitz (In a Flash Glamour Tube Dress in Gold), or the Comfy-comes-above-all-else Prints (Sleigh Aztec Bodycon in Black)? No matter what your answer is, the ultimate answer will still be "Cocktail in one hand, friends in the other!". How apt is this!


Next, we considered a New Year Luncheon or Brunch, as with all ladies love. A hearty meal, a heart-to-heart chat with your girlfriends coupled with gentle giggles, and instagramming the utterly beautiful food at the perfect angle are only but the simple joys in life. For this heartwarming activity, we have chosen a dress where spring blooms (Vita Fleur Trapeze in Aurora) and a dress where the silhouette of the lady shows flawlessly (Macallan Organza Midi Dress in Cobalt Blue). Both of which exudes overwhelming femininity.

Finally, how can we forget about a dinner date with the love of your life, or the dashing hot guy who just asked you out? This is an important date no matter how much we say "Women should not dress for Men". Well, it is no excuse we all want to look good and impress! Hence, it is crucial to first find out the venue before deciding what to wear. For the love of your life, it may be a formal dinner in which case, go for the dress that tells about the epitome of elegance (Connie Front Slit Maxi in Navy Blue). On the other hand, for first dates, it would be wise to dress casually so that you will not be too tense and overly concerned about your outfit. In this situation, we will opt for an effortlessly chic outfit (Carrie Bustier Top in White Aurora: Launching 31st Dec). 


With all outfits equipped, now, go and kick off the New Year with your resolutions!


Grids have been everywhere in the runway, celebs' closets, editors' favourites (as to their counterpart--Stripes). This is one of the most versatile and classic pattern that will never go out of style. Wear it with a beige booties, some statement necklace, sealed with a bright red lippie! 

Ever After Tweed Trapeze in DarkEver After Tweed Trapeze in Light

 Do you not have a romper in your wardrobe? If so, this is the time to get it! This style is undoubtedly for people with a lazy bone in their body, and still want/have to look good for an event! ;) Piccadilly Lace The Shoulder Romper is the one to go for a date, while Austin D-ring Romper really levels you up on work days. 

 Now, what about Culottes + Playsuits? For trendy minimalists, this is THE ONE. Structured piece illustrates your firmness. And to add a little playfulness in your ensemble, simply wear a hat-piece and perhaps a pair of sneakers. Opt for sky-high stilettos for formal events. Pinstripes or Tweed, your choice.

Manhattan Culottes Romper in White PinstripesManhattan Culottes Romper in Tweed Grey

Last but not least, for a glamorous look, try a lace number with a really luxurious clutch. We love Gold! To simplify things, we have our Mila Pleated Detailing Dress, coupled with your statement earrings through the night!




Meet our NM Girl - HUIYI December 16 2015, 0 Comments

Hello our lovely readers! Lately, we interviewed one of our favourite Muses -- Huiyi. You may have followed her, or even seen her on our Instagram feed. No matter which, Huiyi is a really down-to-earth lady: hardworking, sincere, and effortlessly stylish. Through this interview, we hope to give you an insight into this wonderful person. Should you be on a similar path as her, we wish that you will get inspired by her spirit, and still stick to your dreams regardless of the turbulent seas. :)


Do what is right, but also do what you LOVE ❤ 



Experiment with different styles, but also have a comfortable outfit to come back to :)



We are thankful to be able to meet Huiyi through both our passions. Inspired by her, we will also strive to reach our dreams. 

Her favourite quote is 'This too shall pass'. It serves as a timely reminder to stay strong during the bad times, while keeping her grounded when life gets too comfortable.


NM Marketing Team


Neonmello 12 days of Christmas Giveaway December 11 2015, 0 Comments

It's the most beautiful time of the year, lights fill the streets, spreadin' so much cheer.
Neonmello team wants to take this time to just thank everyone for making 2015 special for us, and for that, we collaborated with 11 different shops to do a special 12 days of Christmas Giveaway.

That's right! In this month of December, for 12 days straight, you would stand a chance to win something from 11 different shops + Neonmello 5 x $20 E-vouchers from us. 

Here's a sneak peek what is happening from 11th December all the way till 22nd December. Keep your eyes sealed on Neonmello Instagram page everyday at 8pm for all these giveaways!! Winners will be picked the next day and announced at the bottom of the comments. (except for Beauty Fresh giveaway**)

11th December
Carpenter and King
Carpenter and King sells specialty coffee and artisanal confectionery at pop up events. They believe that their hand-crafted foods and coffee will appeal to young adults and youths who are looking for visually exciting and delicious foods.

Mmmm don't they look great! We can't wait to sink our teeth on these chocolate pyramids already! Carpenter and King is giving a box of 12 chocolate pyramids of 11 different flavours worth $36! Their 11 different flavours include Watermelon, Cappuccino, Mocha, Pistachio and Rose, Almond and Caramel, Matcha, Strawberry and Dark Chocolate, Malt, Strawberry, Earl Grey, Cookies and Cream.

They come in sets of 6 or 12! You may order them from their website at $1.50 each. 


12th December
Hello Whiff
Whiff believes in bringing whimsical beauty to life's celebrations. From fleur to flour, Whiff churns out florals and bakes to put a smile on people's faces, to send sweet reminders to people that they are loved and everyone should and can be celebrated.

Whiff specialises in weddings, florals and dessert tables and is best in dreaming up something unique for you! They will be giving out a box of 7 Christmas macarons, 2x peppermint mocha, 2x salted gula melaka, 1x vanilla earl grey, 1x baileys chocolate, 1x white forest (kirsch cherry white chocolate) worth $24, we know you can't wait to have it now YUMZ. 

13th December
Typo Lane
The artist behind Typo Lane is this really creative individual, Elaine. Elaine aka Lane loves everything about Typography. She is finally taking in orders for her types, illustrations and stickers! 

Love receiving handwritten cards from your loved ones? Grab this giveaway to hint to them! Or take the chance pen down your thoughts and feelings to the ones you love. Isn't it sweet to snuggle in with a cup of hot Starbucks drink, play smoothing music in the foreground and pen those words down?

Typo.Lane will be giving out a total of 12 cards with 6 designs, so 3 lucky winners will stand to win 4 cards each! Yay hoo! You may wish to get it yourself at $4 for 1 card or simply get 3 cards for $10. Don't say we didn't warn you, but while stock last so fastest fingers first! ;) 

Email her at or drop her a message at 8484 7055 to make your purchase now! 


14th December
Polished Nail Boutique
Fancy a Christmas themed nail this Christmas? It's the season to get a freshly coated nails especially with cute Christmas designs on it. Kate and Piya graduate with certified Diploma in Professional Nail Technique course from The Pinkroom International Nail Academy.

The Gel polish used are specially brought in by Angel Pro Korea, Ace Gel Japan, etc. Nail polish are from OPI, China Glaze, Essie, and with Seche Vite top coat. Nail accessories and embellishments are hand picked and specially imported from Japan, gel services are supported by LED lamps only (as compared to UV) to ensure quick and even application. 

3 winners for this giveaway will receive free gelish manicure + nail art (nail art to be chosen from the monthly special only) worth $80 and up! Yay to freshly painted nails. Feel free to drop them a call or FB message them to make an appointment. 

Address: 21 Ghim Moh road #01-201 S(270021)
Opening Hours: 10am - 8pm daily

Contact number: 9712 6121

15th December
Oppa Chicken 
Omo Oppa~! 안녕하세요! Not sure about you but we are definitely fans of Korean Chicken, in fact anything Korean!

OPPA Chicken is a casual Korean street food joint in Singapore which specializes in serving awesome korean fried chicken. They cater to diners who seek a quick fix of other variety of popular Korean street food such as Korean rice cakes (Ttokpokki). Our exclusive taste of Oppa-topokki is said to be the best all over streets of Seoul and we are proud to be the first to bring into Singapore. Try to believe!~

One of the best thing about dinning at Oppa Chicken? NO GST and service charge! Yay to having a fuller stomach and pocket too. Also, Oppa Chicken is really generous and will be giving $50 vouchers to TEN lucky winners! That's right, 10! You could just be that one of the 10 to win $50 vouchers and have those awesome Korean Fried Chicken.

Address: 274 South Bridge Road, 5-10 mins walk from Chinatown/ Tanjong Pagar MRT. 
Opening hours 11am-10pm. Monday-Saturday.
You may also choose to order and pickup fast or make a reservation at 6221 5217.

16th December
Temptation Cake
The legacy homegrown cake shop Temptations traces its roots to 1985 when its founders identified a niche in the quality and availability of gourmet cakes in Singapore at that time. In they stepped to fill the niche and success came fast as its signature Etoile mousse cake, amongst other delicious offerings, won the hearts of many foodies, dessert lovers and those who enjoy the finer things in life.

Temptations continues to be guided by its original founders - skilfully bridging the old and the new so that the company is now perfectly poised to reclaim its premier positioning amongst cake connoisseurs while preserving the cherished memories of yesteryear that made Temptations' cakes so unique and well-loved.

Do you want to have a specially designed customized cake for your special event? Temptations has impressed many from far and near. It's your turn to delight, your turn to enchant and tempt your guest with a piece of artisan moist, juicy cake from Temptations. Temptations would be giving away a Gingerbread Man cake worth $38, you can't miss this out!

Address: 42 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore 427766


17th December
Skin Secrets
Skin Secrets shop is no stranger to us, Isabelle from our team personally goes there for her eyelash perms and she loves it! Curls that will make your eyes brighter and cheery. Lady Boss of Skin Secrets, Frannie has been in the business for 33 years and she has recently opened a new branch at Cuppage Plaza! (CONGRATS!)

Skin Secrets will be giving out free eyelash perm worth $35 and free facial worth $88 to 2 lucky winners. Raise your hand up if you know you need to get your face pampered for a Christmas date! 

Address: 5 Koek Road #B1-02 Cuppage Plaza Singapore (228796)
Ring her up or Whatsapp her at 62359168 to make an appointment.

18th December
Neonmello special giveaway! 

Lace are always a good idea, especially so for a Christmas date! Our Maiden Charm Crochet Maxi would be a perfect piece this Christmas and Year End Party. Oh wait, Chinese New Year too! You know you need this piece because it's so apt for all these occasions and weddings that you may need to attend the coming year too. 

Wine Red, Navy and White, we honestly couldn't decide which piece to keep! Now it's your turn to tell us which piece you like and why! ;) 

19th December
Homerun Baseball
Have you read the article about the 23 things you could do in West Singapore? Homerun Baseball is the first in the list of your place to be in the West! Neonmello had a recent collaboration with them to take our Lookbook images. (Click here if you missed out!)

Up all night and no where that you could hang out at on a Saturday? Homerun Baseball is opened till 3am on Saturdays! Now you know you can have a hot date at ;) 

They are giving away $20 credits to 5 lucky winners to swing by their home ground now!
Address: 200 Pandan Gardens #01-01/02/03/04, Singapore 609336
Opening Hours: Mon - Thu: 1:00pm - 11:00pm,  Fri: 1:00pm - 1:00am,  Sat: 9:00am - 3:00am,  Sun: 9:00am - 12:00am


20th December
Whisk Away
The superwoman behind Whisk Away, Lay Chin self bakes macarons are the best we ever had! She has kindly gave the team samples of her macarons last week and boy we were so thankful and touched! It was so yummy! She crafted the macarons into shades of Neonmello and we couldn't take our eyes off them. *screams*


21st December
Buck Tile St.Cafe
Located in West Coast of Singapore and they have coffee, tea, cakes, ice-cream, waffles & tiramisu and some side dishes & sandwiches. They welcome students (as well as non-students!) to do some studying or spend your day reading a book at the cafe! 

They are currently having some C’mas edition items and that includes the blue velvet waffle, with a scoop of Cookie Butter Speculoos ice-cream, drizzled with blue velvet white cocoa sauce at $11.90. C’mas edition beverages: Cranberry Soda, Salted Toffee Nut Latte, Cocoa Speculoos Cookie Milkshake, Apple Pie Cinnamon Latte & Salted Caramel Latte.

Buck Tile St. Cafe will be giving out 5 vouchers which you can use to have 50% off the total bill with minimum $25 spending for each voucher. Time for desserts! ;) 

22nd December
Neonmello is all about being chic and preppy effortless! You can always be sure to get apparels that you would fall in love with at pocket friendly prices. Neonmello does weekly launches every Thursday and a Facebook preview every Wednesday, so keep your eyes peeled on our pages. 

We've received tremendous love from you guys and we want to gift 5 lucky winners $20 E-vouchers. Now you know where you can do your pre-CNY shopping at too! (Psst: we've great collections coming up ;)) 

So, take note of the dates of when your favourite brands are giving out their giveaway! 12 Giveaways that you do not want to miss out this December! Follow Neonmello's instagram now to find out how you could be a part of this giveaway. We hope you have yourself a merry little Christmas this year. <3

With lots of love,
Neonmello Marketing Team 

COLLABORATION: NEONMELLO X NIVEA SG December 06 2015, 0 Comments


We had the honour of collaborating with Nivea in celebration of the launch of their latest products, and my, were we glad to be able to enhance our skin condition with them! Customers who purchased from NEONMELLO are also given these beautiful samples to try, prior to their eventual purchases, we believe. 
As Christmas is drawing near, it is of utmost importance for every lady to be well-groomed. And this certainly includes the biggest organ of the human body -- the skin. ;) Our skin is very often neglected during grooming possibly because it covers a very large area and most of us are probably too exhausted from school/work to specially care for it. Other times, they are just not as significant as our face I guess? 
Yet, with Nivea's new launch, convenience has just become your best friend. Let's read on.


With the Nivea Deo Extra Whitening Serum Roll On, it seems that nothing stands in your way of getting rid of any unpleasant smell from your underarms. No matter who you are or whether your activities cause you to produce an exceptional amount of sweat and therefore unpleasant smell, it is vital to keep your underarms clean and fresh at all times. With the new Roll On, it is super lightweight which allows instant absorption, and there will be 10x Vitamin C for more brightening. This is definitely going to be a must-have item in our bags from now on! ;)



It is said that a human's body is made up of 70% water. So, YES! Feed your skin some water today! 
We have long heard about applying lotion after shower while your skin is still wet, and cleaning it up with a towel. This is so that before the water has dried up, they can be locked in with the moisturiser/lotion! Isn't it amazing? 
Now, Nivea has produced an item to do just that! In-Shower is a new format of moisturizing. It brought burdensome moisturising routine into the shower. Apply it after your shower gel, then rinse off. It gives you silky soft skin without the hassle of sticky leave-on body lotion for over 24H+. And if you are a busy working woman (like many of us), it is alright to just make this into your routine on alternate days! Just, remember to do it. Well, because your skin needs water as much as you do! :)


NM NOVEMBER CAMPAIGN - GAME DAY CHIC December 02 2015, 0 Comments


We created these amazing shots at this pretty amazing location if I may say so myself. ;) Homerun Baseball is the place to go for healthy recreational activities, namely baseball and softball. If you are a sport enthusiast, definitely, try this place out! 

In any case, let's get back to our November Campaign. As this month is coming to an end, we thought it'd be appropriate to end with our monthly campaign photos. This series features styles which Singaporeans would love to wear in our rather humid and warm weather. You may just be running an errand, meeting your girlfriends, or having brunch/dinner at a classy restaurant. Yet, we are certain you'd be able to find an outfit in this series which will be able to bring you places, without sacrificing your style points. 

Shop our self-manufactured collection here:









Our team is undoubtedly proud about this series as, once again, we have made sure the quality of the fabric and texture chosen meets NM's Standards. We hope you love them as much as we do! In the event that you have any comments or ideas to share with us, please feel free to do so! 

With love, 

Marketing Team at Neonmello



Neutrals have always been a part of every wardrobe in different parts of the world. You just can't live without it, can you? Colour staples--they are called. And ever since MINIMALISM officially kicked in, fashion insiders like editors, designers, celebrities so on and forth have been embracing them a lot. In Singapore, we wear neutrals so much more since, we are only but a budding fashion city, people are taking slowly in their experimentation of colours, textures and clothes in general. 

Henceforth, I have picked out a few essentials from this end of the colour palette to share with you guys our picks of the season. And you know what I love most about Neonmello's collection? It's the fact that they can be worn interchangeably between formal and casual events with the assistance of a few accessories. 

First off, our Canopy Multi-tie Midi Dress. 

I don't know about you, but the moment I laid eyes on this piece, I had my heart taken. It's like instantaneously. What can I say about this piece?

The colour is a cool shade of grey which I adore so so much. There is a mammoth-sized ribbon tied at the waist that is simply captivating (perhaps it can even hide the countless meals which I've eaten earlier on). It has this huge flare at the bottom making it effortlessly feminine without us having to play Marilyn Monroe since it is a MIDI dress so it is definitely not that easy for us to actually have that up-skirt moment. I think this is the dress to wear if you do not want to worry about any unexpected fashion mishaps!  




THIS IS THE ONE THAT SPEAKS PARISIAN. I believe we have much to thank towards Hubert de Givenchy who designed the Shift Dress for Audrey Hepburn in the ever-so-popular film: Breakfast at Tiffany's. The original black shift dress which Hepburn wore has since evolved into many designs and patterns, and is worn by many IT girls of the industry.

Our NM Mona Shift Dress comes with a side buckle that ups the Chic factor. You even get to show off your endless legs in this! If you are blessed with heights, you may dress it with a pair of ladylike flats. If, unfortunately, you are not (like me), go with a pair of nude heels! Stilettos, lace-ups, pumps, mary janes, you name it! 




Talk about snuggling up during the cool autumn and winter seasons. Even though Singapore does not come with 4 seasons, it undoubtedly gets colder in the last few months of the year towards the new year. And a sweater is the simplest thing to just slip on and keep warm and still look good! ;)

Our Collins Knit Sweater in Grid is THAT cool sweater with grid prints which you can wear with your jeans or pants or shorts or skirts. This is how versatile it is. Not to forget, we are talking about a white sweater (easiest to pair!).



Totally living it up to its name, this dress is Glamour Reincarnate. Someone please tell me how do you NOT turn heads with this charming dress? Also, the ZigZag prints look minimalistic in their own sense. Time to shop for all the countless Christmas nights and parties! You can wear this to a lunch date too! Go for a structured outerwear and look as professional as ever. 



Now, we are open to the many ideas you may have in your head, or any posts or news which you like us to cover on our blog! Please feel free to just comment below, and let us know what other interesting things or trends we should analyse for you!

Hope you enjoyed reading this! 

X, NM Marketing Team

(Credits: x, x, x, x, x)

All about that L A C E~ October 25 2015, 0 Comments

It's all about that lace, bout that lace all season~! 

Lace is such a romantic fabric that most women will get to wear it at least once in their lifetime! For long-time NM girls, you would know that lace has been a favourite in many of our collections because that is how a NM girl roll! Elegance and Classy always leave an impression in others as it stems from the Old English Teachings, and escalated during the Victorian Era.

Neonmello wishes to bring this Elegance and Class to our lovely girls and therefore, in our recent collection, Lorrie Crochet Tea Party Dress was borne! Pair this with a crossbody for a youthful look, or a handbag for a mature look! We are loving strappy heels too! 


Salmon represents the spirit resonating within us. It is the freedom and flight of our inner spirit. It serves to remind us that to be who we are is enough. YOU are ENOUGH! Wear Salmon to feel sweet for the day! Perfect for a friend's wedding lunch!


White is about purity, innocence, illumination, release. It is the culmination of all 7 colours of the rainbow. Wear white to feel youthful and pure and light. To unload all baggage and worries, and just be HAPPY!


Navy Blue is mysterious yet calming. It translates clarity through the mind. Wear navy blue to feel clear-headed the entire day, at the same time looking posh and classy! 

Every lady has to have at least one piece of lace dress, top, bottom in her wardrobe! No matter which style you are going for, whether it is maximalism or minimalism, whether you are someone who are concerned about clean lines of colors. And why is that so, you may ask? Because lace is such a happy fabric! It makes us feel pretty, and when we feel pretty and confident, naturally, we become happy!

Furthermore, L A C E is stylish ;)


NM ♥

Meet our NM Girl - Andrea October 18 2015, 0 Comments

Good day ladies! Few weeks back, we had the fortune to grab some time with TNP New Face 2013 finalist, Andrea Soh, for a really interesting chat! And even though she is one of the finalists for such a big profile competition, she doesn't have any airs around her!
She is down-to-earth and seems pretty much like your girl-next-door! Andrea's style tends towards the more feminine and youthful side as you can see from her Instagram image-roll. In this interview, we have dressed her up in 3 of our pieces and, my oh my, did I say she rocked them all?
Of course, we also talked about her events jobs, her daily style and her plans for the future! Such a simple and kind lady, what's there not to love about her?! 
Ok, you can now stalk her at @andreaxsoh on Instagram! ;)

NM OCTOBER CAMPAIGN - INTO THE GRAY October 08 2015, 0 Comments

This series features a cool colour palette as we transition into Fall. Incorporate these daily wearables into your wardrobe this season! Work or play, we've got you covered for all occasions ;)

Shop our self-manufactured collection here:














Every design in this self-manufactured collection is once again, specially crafted with a lot of love. We are extremely particular about the quality of our designs and will only sell them if we can guarantee that. Thank you for all the support you've shown us thus far, we will continue to do better! ♥

With much love,
Marketing Team at Neonmello

Meet our NM girl - JUDITH September 29 2015, 0 Comments

Classy, confident and stylish - Judith represents our brand so well! Extremely honoured to have this chance to sit down and chat with her as her time in SG is very precious. We mostly discussed about a huge part of her life; flying as a job. Read on to find out more!





Follow us closely on Facebook/Instagram for the latest updates as well as to find out

 who our next NM Girl is ;)

With much love,
Marketing Team at Neonmello

Editor's Seasonal Picks September 09 2015, 0 Comments

Denim is so hot this season! We're seeing denim threads everywhere in all sorts of designs and tones and WE LOVE IT!

Shop our favourite denim looks:

1) PREMIUM BEYOND THE FIELDS DENIM SKIRT IN DARK - This piece easily tops our list of favourites as it is super versatile and pairs well with any top. An a-line denim skirt is definitely a must-have in your wardrobe this season!

2) PREMIUM LOLLA DENIM SHIFT DRESS IN LIGHT - A dress with pockets, what more can we say? Recently restocked because it was such a popular choice amongst our shoppers! Last chance to get your hands on it, don't say we didn't warn you...

3) PREMIUM JAYNE FIT POCKET DENIM DRESS IN MID WASH - Who said denim could only be worn casually? We beg to differ - this structured dress is perfect for work when paired with the right kind of heels and accessories. Own your style girls, nobody can tell you what or what not to wear.

Our ASMINE TRAPEZE DRESS comes in so many colours and textures you'll be spoilt for choice! We love this cut for so many reasons - It's easy to slip in and out of, it's extremely flattering while hiding that belly if you've had too much to eat and it's the perfect length for most girls. We love it so much that everyone in the team kept at least a piece each!

Grids & Lines are taking over the fashion industry! We can't seem to get enough of them, these lines have got us obsessed! How would you style your patterned piece? Show us by tagging us on Instagram to stand a chance to be featured and get a little treat from us :)

Shop our top picks:

1) PREMIUM TANIA GRID N LINES SHIFT DRESS IN DUKE BLUE - A pop of colour that stands out from the usual monochrome grids & lines, this piece is perfect for you if you love this print but want something a little more different!

2) PREMIUM GRAB A GRID PAPERBAG SHORTS IN WHITE - Go preppy pairing this with a collared shirt or go casual chic by pairing it with a cami, you can get so many looks out of this pair of shorts!

3) GRID LOVIN' CAMI TOP - Made of a soft polyester and chiffon material, this piece is extremely comfortable against the skin, perfect for the scorching weather we face everyday. 

A new collection launches every Thursday at 8:30PM with fresh designs of guaranteed quality and workmanship, do follow us on Instagram for daily updates! 

With much love,
Marketing Team at Neonmello

Meet our NM Girl - ELLEN August 27 2015, 0 Comments

Sunshine girl Ellen came into our studio awhile back for a mini shoot + interview and we had so much fun! Her presence really brightens up any room and we can see that translated into her happy Instagram posts. We'd love for you girls to get to know her on a more personal level, do read more below and enjoy the visuals!





Follow us closely on Facebook/Instagram for the latest updates as well as to find out who our next NM Girl is ;)

With much love,
Marketing Team at Neonmello

NM AUGUST CAMPAIGN - CHASING LIGHTS August 11 2015, 0 Comments

This series was shot at The Clueless Goat:

A cosy and unpretentious specialty coffee house located in the Novena neighbourhood that serves coffee from Common Man Coffee Roasters and affordable brunch.Their prices are extremely wallet-friendly and they pride themselves in good service as well as comfort food. Highlights on the menu would be the Ranchers Eggs, Panko Chicken-Paprika & Parmesan Crumbled Fried Chicken Sandwich and Homemade Buttermilk Waffles (pictured below).







Truffle Tater Tots









Sweet Waffle Topped with Caramel Sauce and Toasted Marshmallow Ice-cream



Every design in this self-manufactured collection is specially crafted with love from us to you. We will strive to bring you girls bigger and better designs every month, to thank you for all the support you've shown us thus far ♥

With much love,
Marketing Team at Neonmello

Meet our NM Girl - SHENNY July 14 2015, 0 Comments

Blogging since 2009 and being one of Nuffnang's talents, Shenny is definitely not a new face to the industry. Travel, Fashion, Food - She's got it all covered! Get to know Shenny a little better as she answers questions about starting a blog, her style and upcoming plans.





PS: Follow us closely on Facebook/Instagram to find out who our next NM Girl is ;)

With much love,
Marketing Team at Neonmello

NM SPRING'15 April 28 2015, 0 Comments

Welcoming the thread of March-June 2015. Here's what we have in store for you.










WELCOMING THREADS OF LUNAR 2015 January 05 2015, 0 Comments


Let's welcome the new year in a fashion forward manner. We will be bringing you more spring festive clothings in the next few series. & our team will be working extra hard to fulfill the orders as well as bringing you two launches a week. Thank you so much for your kind support for our threads all these while. We are loved and the only way to show you our love is through our clothings and customer service. Welcoming 2015 in bliss! 







We are proud to be collaborating with Aloha Dola that specialises in premium 925 sterling charms. 
All bracelets are handmade. They have inspired charms, bracelets, rings and earrings. 
Email for purchases/enquiries purpose.
1. Hamsa (Blue) SGD $34
2. Childhood SGD $36
3. Paris with Love SGD $28
Email for purchases/enquiries purpose.


Here's to our August/September's collaboration with TARTELETT SG. Our team was pampered with various flavoured tarts that afternoon. Thank you Tartelett!
From savoury sweetness to fruity healthy tarts, freshly baked to order. 
Some of the flavours available:
  • Rainbow Tarts
  • Gula Melaka Salted Caramel
  • Choco Oreo
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Vanilla Fruit Tart
  • Salted Horlicks Malt
For more information, visit

SPONSORSHIP AUGUST: HADA LABO August 17 2014, 0 Comments

For the month of August, we are very excited to kick start our sponsorship campaign with Hada Labo Singapore, on their Arbutin Whitening Lotion. 
This No.1 whitening lotion in Singapore and Japan contains the 3 best ingredients for beautiful skin - Arbutin, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid. With a single powerful drop of Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion, your skin can become fair, bright, smooth and bouncy.
This amazing product can be used as:
  1. whitening lotion - reduce dark spots, awaken dull skin and hydrates skin
  2. essence booster - to boost skin’s ability to absorb subsequent skincare products
  3. or for double cleansing - remove dirt and make-up remnants after face wash
Perfect skin has never been simpler.
1 sample will be inserted into every parcel and it will be on it's way to your mailbox!
We have launched an Instagram giveaway, do follow us at @neonmello and @hadalabosg and we will teach you how to win a full sized product :) 
Cheers to the new week ahead!
Shop new-in here

WHAT'S BREWING: NEONMELLO SUMMER 2014 July 13 2014, 0 Comments



What can we say about having neoprene fabric alongside with the overwhelming tropics florals? Yes, summer is right here! Give us every reason to step up on having floral-ish apparels. Self-manufactured shift dress, rest assured quality is of premium. We love this! Available in sizes S/M/L.































We have two new faces for Neonmello! Welcoming Rae & Ee Xuan to our NM Family <3





SPONSORSHIP JUNE - JULY : BLINK Mints; Party in your Pocket! July 02 2014, 0 Comments

Cartons of BLINK mints sponsorship came in last month & it got us really excited to share the samples with our shoppers! Thank you BLINK Mints for the generous samples giveaway. Here's some behind the scenes when the cartons arrive at our office:
Product information:
  • High Quality Mints, Made in Germany
  • Sugar free; Low Calorie; Healthy.
  • No Artificial Colouring.
  • Fruity Flavoured Mints.
  • Highly Visual and Attractive Packaging
  • 5 Exciting Flavours: Cola, PeachBerry, MangoPassion, Greenapple and Blackcurrant.
  • 4 Tin Designs Per Flavour.

Where To Find? 

  • NTUC FairPrice Stores
  • Selected Watson's Stores
  • Guardian Stores
  • SPC Service Stations
Average Retail Price is $2.80
Thanks to BLINK Mints generosity, every parcel is entitled to a box of BLINK mints sample.
From June to July, start shopping away!

PSSSSST. What's brewing for Summer loving' at Neonmello! 


We have tropica printzz/ flora lovin' upcoming for our self manufactured series and also for the upcoming month of August, we have an exclusibe feature with Mentholatum Singapore for Hada Labo! More details will be released in the later part of the month, our marketing team is working hard to bring you all the best deals with extensive freebies/sampling!
Once again, we thank BLINK Mints for the exclusive invitation for sampling and we are pleased to enclose the samples to our shoppers!
With much love,
Marketing Team at Neonmello 


Be charmed by Mad Hatter's Tea Party, & swing into the much awaited summer with Neonmello! 

Blogger/Model: Shenny Yang

Venue: Hatter Street 
Blk 212 Hougang Street 21 #01-333 (S)530212

Photography: Maybelle Adela
About a month ago, the team was brought to Hatter Street for our pre-summer look book shoot together with Blogger Model, Shenny!
The whimsical and fairy-like decors charmed upon us and revealed an 'Alice in the Wonderland' feel, alongside with good beverages and sweet treats. 
& so, the happy faces after the shoot ;) 
For the warm hospitality and usage of their premises. 
Neonmello had a great time there!
Blogger/Model: Shenny Yang

Venue: Hatter Street 
Blk 212 Hougang Street 21 #01-333 (S)530212

Photography: Maybelle Adela






With much excitement from the editorial team of NEONMELLO :]

WHAT'S NEW: Why do our plastic carrier matters? April 11 2014, 0 Comments

Moving on from our self designed paper envelopes, we welcome our brand new designed plastic carriers! It has already been in use as of this week. At Neonmello, we take every detail of your purchasing experience into serious thought, that includes our carriers! The parcel is the first-hand brand exposure to you customers therefore, we take effort in ensuring that our plastic envelopes are manufactured in quality. At Neonmello, apart from trying our best to have assured quality in our apparels, we put every part of customers' purchasing experience into careful consideration, therefore, do feedback, we are trying our best, do be patient with us should we disappoint and do feedback to us if we ever fall short of your expectation.




WHAT'S BREWING: March/April April 11 2014, 0 Comments

















BTS: MARCH 2014 X LOOK BOOK April 11 2014, 0 Comments

March Look Book : Spring Series + Behind the scenes
Model: Janice Tee
Photography direction: Anson C 
Styling: Maybelle
For full look book: visit our facebook for the full series! 
Almost a month backdated. Whenever we plan for an outdoor shoot, it's often massive and harder than indoor ones. From liaising rom the photographer to the model and then the outfits and directions, not an easy chore. & then all of us got to battle with the venue difficulties and weather uncertainties. On the other hand, NM is often blessed with cooperative and ever so nice crew! Had a great time working Janice & Anson that day, both of them are ever nice :') 
This is probably the umpteenth time working with Anson, NM feels comfortable working with him on every shoot and he never failed to impress me with his photography directions. Janice is so professional despite her young age, I'm really impressed. You will get to see Janice once in a while on NM & she's so nice a person to work with! 
Like I said, NM is really blessed with gorgeous and loving models. So yes, a shoutout to them, WE LOVE YOU JADE & JANICE <3 Not forgetting these models whom we once worked with and I'm still keeping in touch with them on friendship basis ;) Cherie, Mandy & Shannon. 
& here's some exclusive behind the scenes pictures to the look book scenes:
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Self collection locations December 18 2013, 0 Comments

Dear Shoppers,
We have catered to your festive season delivery needs, to ensure that your purchase/s reach you on time and safely, kindly opt for registered postage or self-collection option during check out. Below are our self-collection locations:
1) Sengkang Station (North East Line 16)
#04-228 SINGAPORE 389729 
Directions: Paya Lebar Station (East West Line 8 / Circle Line 9), EXIT C (Map as attached)
3) Dhoby Ghaut Station (North East Line 6, Circle Line 1, North South Line 24)
Kindly email us at with your invoice number, self collection/meet ups will be valid when you receive a confirmation email from us, alternatively, if you have other convenient locations, let us know to, we will try our best to cater to both our convenience, thank you so much!
We will revert within 12 hours. 

September Look Book : Set Sail + Behind the scenes September 19 2013, 0 Comments

September Look Book : Set Sail X A September Escapade + Behind the scenes

Model: Cherie T 
Photography direction: Annie O
NM Pixies: Janelle & Janetta 
Styling: Maybelle
We are so excited to bring you this month's look book specially shot at a sail-able location, in fact, we were pretty down with the weather that morning. Glad that the photos turn out awesome with special thanks to our guest vip photographer, Annie! She's so professional, even with her on-going sick spell, she endured her discomfort and braved the rain, she's sucha dear I must say. She's a role model for me and many, her work load is so hectic yet she took up time to help me on a friend basis, so much love! We've been helping each other since a couple of months back, I'll help her at her shoots too, shoots are always full of enjoyment especially when both of our online stores have got different approach and style. I'm so thankful for this friendship more than you ever know, things/moments/epic jokes we share, I can never ask for more than to have such blessing. Good things come in pairs yes?
Another blessing would be to have met Cherie since half a year ago, we hit off pretty well, & through more shoots we eventually got closer & I became a fangirl of her reads. How great Cherie is as a model and a friend, she's never late for shoots, she ensures that her poses are swift and her face is fresh even after a long day of shoots; we have mini talks while shooting which make time tick really fast & the next moment we are done with our shoot like a breeze indeed. If you're interested in her writes, you may read her here.
Besides my fantastic photographer and model, I've my family to help me all these while; my Dad frequently fetches me back and fro, to the airport/running errands for my logistics/Singpost, my Sisters help me with packing & my Mum helping me with defects, steaming and packing of clothes. I often think that "I'm too blessed to be stressed." & that saying, I must strive even harder and not let down the faith my customers/friends & family have in me.
May NM soar to greater heights in days to come.
I wonder how many of you actually read these lengthy paragraphs, this is supposed to be a look book entry and I've side tracked a fair bit. So here's bringing to you the photos of September's look book:  
If you've already realise, this month is so unique because we will be releasing our self-manufactured goodness in every launch. Do look forward to them weekly! The first three designs have already been published:
We have already launched NM Wanderlust Ombre Tunic in our latest arrivals, you may shop via
Thank you for your support, you who are reading this :)
Catch this space again for our next update! 
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August Look Book II : Beauty of Colours Regimen August 30 2013, 0 Comments

August Look Book II : Beauty of Colours Regimen

Look Book credits as below:

Model: Veena McCoole at Seven Inch Stilettos 
Photography direction: Gabriel Aiden
NM Pixies: Kiat & Annie 
Styling: Maybelle

For full lookbook, visit our facebook page

Head on to Gardens By the Bay to capture the greens over there, our first time working with Veena & her professionalism is well commendable. She's currently residing in UK and we hope to work with her again when she's back for visits. Here's what we have in stored for the part two of our August look book series.