BTS: MARCH 2014 X LOOK BOOK April 11 2014, 0 Comments

March Look Book : Spring Series + Behind the scenes
Model: Janice Tee
Photography direction: Anson C 
Styling: Maybelle
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Almost a month backdated. Whenever we plan for an outdoor shoot, it's often massive and harder than indoor ones. From liaising rom the photographer to the model and then the outfits and directions, not an easy chore. & then all of us got to battle with the venue difficulties and weather uncertainties. On the other hand, NM is often blessed with cooperative and ever so nice crew! Had a great time working Janice & Anson that day, both of them are ever nice :') 
This is probably the umpteenth time working with Anson, NM feels comfortable working with him on every shoot and he never failed to impress me with his photography directions. Janice is so professional despite her young age, I'm really impressed. You will get to see Janice once in a while on NM & she's so nice a person to work with! 
Like I said, NM is really blessed with gorgeous and loving models. So yes, a shoutout to them, WE LOVE YOU JADE & JANICE <3 Not forgetting these models whom we once worked with and I'm still keeping in touch with them on friendship basis ;) Cherie, Mandy & Shannon. 
& here's some exclusive behind the scenes pictures to the look book scenes:
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