September Look Book : Set Sail + Behind the scenes September 19 2013, 0 Comments

September Look Book : Set Sail X A September Escapade + Behind the scenes

Model: Cherie T 
Photography direction: Annie O
NM Pixies: Janelle & Janetta 
Styling: Maybelle
We are so excited to bring you this month's look book specially shot at a sail-able location, in fact, we were pretty down with the weather that morning. Glad that the photos turn out awesome with special thanks to our guest vip photographer, Annie! She's so professional, even with her on-going sick spell, she endured her discomfort and braved the rain, she's sucha dear I must say. She's a role model for me and many, her work load is so hectic yet she took up time to help me on a friend basis, so much love! We've been helping each other since a couple of months back, I'll help her at her shoots too, shoots are always full of enjoyment especially when both of our online stores have got different approach and style. I'm so thankful for this friendship more than you ever know, things/moments/epic jokes we share, I can never ask for more than to have such blessing. Good things come in pairs yes?
Another blessing would be to have met Cherie since half a year ago, we hit off pretty well, & through more shoots we eventually got closer & I became a fangirl of her reads. How great Cherie is as a model and a friend, she's never late for shoots, she ensures that her poses are swift and her face is fresh even after a long day of shoots; we have mini talks while shooting which make time tick really fast & the next moment we are done with our shoot like a breeze indeed. If you're interested in her writes, you may read her here.
Besides my fantastic photographer and model, I've my family to help me all these while; my Dad frequently fetches me back and fro, to the airport/running errands for my logistics/Singpost, my Sisters help me with packing & my Mum helping me with defects, steaming and packing of clothes. I often think that "I'm too blessed to be stressed." & that saying, I must strive even harder and not let down the faith my customers/friends & family have in me.
May NM soar to greater heights in days to come.
I wonder how many of you actually read these lengthy paragraphs, this is supposed to be a look book entry and I've side tracked a fair bit. So here's bringing to you the photos of September's look book:  
If you've already realise, this month is so unique because we will be releasing our self-manufactured goodness in every launch. Do look forward to them weekly! The first three designs have already been published:
We have already launched NM Wanderlust Ombre Tunic in our latest arrivals, you may shop via
Thank you for your support, you who are reading this :)
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