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HOLA! It’s CNY again! I believe Chinese New Year is a pretty highly anticipated event of the year besides Christmas. It’s a time to dress up and look good; to gather and have small chats with your cousins whom you only meet this time of the year; to play blackjacks and mahjong with all your relatives; and all the small little things you do to usher in the hopefully prosperous new year.
It is also a tradition to wear everything new on the first 2 days of the Chinese New Year period. Seriously, what better reason to go shopping? This is no doubt one of the main reasons why we all love CNY!
In this post today, we will talk about the 5 trends to try this CNY period. 


Cheers to floral—forever and always. Who’s a fan of floral like us, hands up! I believe most of our NM’s supporters love floral as much as we do, right? ^^And so, to curb those insatiable style appetites of yours, our CNY collections have included countless floral pieces. *Pop champagne!
Floral is probably the easiest trend to pick up this festive season. Why, you ask? Well, it’s because the dress speaks for you! Due to all these lovely vibrant prints and colours, you can very simply play down on any accessories, which you wish to wear to make yourself more outstanding. YES. We are totally saying this, “Your floral dress is more than sufficient!”


Classic Solids is something that will never enter the extinction phase. It’s just like denim and white collared button-downs. And this is why one can never have too many classics in their wardrobe. With that being said, have you ever counted just how many classics you own? Perhaps it is the time to do it, while spring-cleaning your house. This is so that you are able to sort out the classics and the statement pieces, making sure you don’t go overboard with shopping (especially if you have a budget to adhere to! ;)
This CNY, we have prepared many classics in different colours, designs and patterns. This is so that each and everyone of you will find something that says “YOU”. Hopefully, you have already found the item that speaks to your soul.


Good old lace. Doesn’t lace remind you of the Victorian Era? Something so rare in closets in the past is omnipresent now. And this CNY, of course Lace is a guest that has come to stay. An epitome of elegance, Lace has this unique feature that enables someone to look all ethereal—a trend most ladies are more than willing to try.
 For a feminine presentation, we suggest minimalist accessories—necklaces, rings, shoes, and bags—as the focal point should still be on the lace dress.


Completely bowled over by this when we first saw it.
In the most luscious of metallic accents, and in the most impeccable cutting, this dress has come to life. If you would like something different this CNY, if you have a formal dinner to attend, we feel that this is the dress for you. Dress in opulence and charm everyone you meet. Clearly, this is yet another piece that doesn’t require you to be troubled over the accessories. We propose a pair of dignified little black heels, and a modish little black clutch!

Orient Liss Midi Dress in Maroon FoilOrient Liss Midi Dress in Gold Foil



Yes to the unexpected bonus! Crochet Overlay has been seen all around the globe for a while now; and at Neonmello, this beautiful combination is no exception too. It seems to be hiding a more exquisite piece on the inside. I guess we can assume it to be similar to showing, but not too much--just enough to entice. That will probably be most appropriate this season. Since this is a really mysterious piece, it would be good to accessorize simply. We suggest pumps and a cross body (casual outfit) or a structured clutch (formal events). 


And so, we have come to the end of our post. Do you have any other topics which you like us to cover? Latest trends and deets from fashion shows, or how to dress your body shapethings like that? Do write in so that we can always cover your topics of interests! ;)

Hugs and kisses, Team NM ♥


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