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Desktop/Mobile Notifications

How to receive notifications when there are New-ins, flash sales and other important events!

*We do not spam notifications.

When entering, you should see a prompt near your URL/Search bar in your browser


neonmello new in and sales notification

Simply click on "allow" and you will be able to receive them.


Neonmello notification


Mini - notifications will appear automatically when there are special events happening!





If you do not see the prompt above, or you've accidentally click on "block"

No fret ;) Start by going to your settings of your browser.

Browser settings > advanced > content settings > notifications 

Under the subheading "block", click on & select "allow" to enable.



Easy step-by-step guide (For allowing & removing)

*In this demonstration we're using google chrome. If you are using a different type of browser, you should head into your Browser settings and search for "Notifications" control. 


1. Click on the "3 dots" and select "settings"

neonmello online clothing store notification instructions 1


2. Scroll down and select "Advanced".

notification instructions 2


3. Select "content settings"

4. Select Notifications

instructions 4

5. Under the "Block" tab, you should see Select the "3 dots" on the right and click on "Allow".

neonmello allow notifications

allow notifications

You're all set!



Removing notifications

Although we're sad to see you go :(, you may follow the steps below for removal of notifications.

1. Follow the pictorial steps above to reach the "notification settings' tab.

2. Scroll down and find "", select remove to disable.