2019 is coming to an end - here's a roundup of our year!

Shermaine Inez

Posted on December 30 2019

2019 is coming to an end - here's a roundup of our year!


As the year is coming to an end, we would like to do a round up of 2019 - our milestones, the things we have done, and to end off 2019 on a good note! Whilst talking about our closure to the year, we are even more excited to think about the NEW YEAR! What will 2020 bring? What are the new things that can be done in the new year? What are our goals, and resolutions for the coming year? 

And a very amazing question to ask yourself is: What can you do today that you were not capable of 12 months ago? 

I think that to have something to answer to the above question is a pretty incredible feat in itself. That is because it is proof of growth, no matter how small or insignificant it may be! 

In this post, we would like to share our milestones - big or small - with you guys, our readers and our customers, so that you could be updated with our progress! :)



 For Neonmello, one of the biggest moves of the year is the move of our office. With every growth, and with the addition of more members to the team, to create more better content and to provide you guys with better service and more designs to choose from, a move in the office location to a bigger space is inevitable. And, we consider this to be a big milestone of its own! 

 We are also playing with the idea of an official office showroom so that customers are able to book appointments with us to drop by for trying of sizes! Give us some ideas!




 Kimono Outerwears. If you have been an avid shopper at Neonmello, you would certainly have known that we are huge lovers of Kimono Outerwears, and so do many of our customers! Many renditions of the outerwear have been created and that includes reversible ones, duster cardigans, and many more! Our more popular ones definitely include Kagura and Yukiko

 Shop Kimono Outerwear here!






 We also delved into Kids Collection after receiving feedback from some customers, who are also mothers, that we should start doing clothes so that they can shop for their kids, and how hard it is to find suitable and reasonably-prices clothes at departmental stores these days. 

 We took your suggestion, and never looked back! We love doing Kids Collection and having shoots with these innocent little ones! They bring so much joy to the office, and we are happy to be able to provide a place for Mothers to shop for their kids, and to twin with them in the same clothes! We honestly thought that it is such a cute sight. 

Some of you also wrote in to ask for Daddy's clothes and we have incorporated it into our Kids Collection as well! If you are new here, and looking for some outfits for your family this Chinese New Year, you are at the right place!

Click here for the entire Kids + Family Collection! 





 We have been in a prints frenzy later part of this year that we also created 3 in-house prints, designed and manufactured by our team! Sierra, being the first, was exceptionally significant as it is our first jump into manufacturing our own prints!  Inspired by the beauty of nature, and featuring mountains, rock formations, tidal waves in the boundless ocean, and inserts of majestic floral blooms, Sierra print was borne in three colour palettes: Autumn Sonata, Pastel Sorbet, and Rouge Oceania.  

 Check our our Sierra Collection if you haven't!




 Our second print, Under The Sea, was borne not long after, and we manufactured this print in two of our most popular dresses - Jodina and Mayford! As the name suggests, this printed was inspired by all things under the sea. It features the glorious seaweed, sea anemone, and spectacular coral all in a single canvas. 

Check our our Under the Sea Collection here.



 And our last print of the year, Wisteria, got into the spotlight with its beautiful botanical prints inspired by the nature that surrounds. - the crisp strokes of the fronds and the lush colours of the forest. Wisteria can be seen in an ever-popular babydoll number, a removable hem dress, and a casual trapeze! To top it off, we also created a tote bag in this print, and loved it to bits!

Check out the Wisteria Collection if you haven't!





 It's the little acts of love that truly matter in our daily lives. We have decided to give back to the society and agreed at once to work with Guide Dogs Singapore in a collaborative effort to support the visually impaired after recognising the limited guide dogs teams in Singapore. In this collaboration, a series of tote bags exclusively printed will be produced for sale and 50% of the proceeds goes straight to GDS. Any relevant information will be updated on an exclusive GDS page on our website, you may click here for more details.

You may also buy a tote bag here in support of GDS :)





Last but not least, we have come up with a series of new Instagram content to add value to you, our dearest customers! From new Instagram Stories Content, to new IGTV videos, we try to be creative with them to provide a better experience for you! 

Monday: Instagram Poll (to gather your feedback on certain designs)

Tuesday: Zoom In (Zoom in videos on the past week's collection so that you will be able to see the details more clearly!

Wednesday: Neonmello Motion Display (aka NMD). It is a series of "catwalk" videos, to showcase the model wearing the dress. This is to allow you to have a better idea of how it looks in action!

Thursday: New Collection Launch (a series of IG stories to show you sneaks of what is going to be launched later in the night!)

Friday: NM Let's Try (try-on videos by some of our team members so that customers can gauge their size from this!) Also, on this day, we have our "Ask Us Anything" Story to get any feedback if you may have any! 




 To end off this post, we have here with us a quote that you may have heard of before, but we are still going to share it simply because of how good it is, honestly.

 Nobody can go back in time to change what had happened, so work on your present to create a wonderful future. In your new book with 365 pages, what are you going to write in it each day? 



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