5 Cute Outfits: What to wear to IMPRESS your DATE?

Shermaine Inez

Posted on October 14 2019

5 Cute Outfits: What to wear to IMPRESS your DATE?


WE GET YOU! Sometimes, we can get tired of dressing up all the time. But, in order to let that initial spark stay lit, we really need to keep up with first impressions! Most people tend to dress their best on the first few dates, and after many years of being together, a couple may find that it is alright to dress down or dress more comfortably with each other.

Now, that is a mistake. Sure, it is perfectly fine to dress down at home or in private. However, when you plan for dates - any dates at all, it is important to know that you have to dress your part! You do need to let your date/partner know that you are still in demand (* ̄∇ ̄*) Even going to your neighbourhood shopping mall, dress decently!! This is to ensure that your other halves' eyes will not flicker away from you. Even if they did, dressing well will ensure that their eyes will still come back to you eventually (they need to keep an eye on their belongings after all) ★~(◠‿◕✿)

 In this post, let us explore 5 cute outfits to impress your dates!





Something dainty is always a good idea. It may not be so, but there's this thing called the Man's Ego, of which we believe many of you know! :P Adding a dainty touch to your outfit portrays a more feminine vibe and allows for you to look younger and more often than not, cuter! As a result, your dates may feel more comfortable to be themselves around you! Wild Bellis features a v-neckline and a faux-wrapped silhouette decorated with ruffles detailing. Floral prints adorn the dress and provides all the femininity you need. ✿◡‿◡


Wild Bellis Floral Ruffled Wrap Dress 




A modest dress in a classic A-line silhouette, Trixiebelle is our next recommendation for a date outfit! The addition of abstract prints in vibrant colours makes your entire being a lot more youthful, happy and exciting! And, having that bit of excitement is undoubtedly necessary, be it in your wardrobe or in your relationship! This dress features a midi length, coupled with a straight-cut neckline. It also comes with a detachable waist sash to complete your look with a sweet waist-tie detail. We think this might be perfect for a cafe date!


Trixiebelle A-line Abstract Button Midi Dress






 We all need a lightweight, breezy dress in a comfortable silhouette for dates that may need wider movement! Think picnics, set in the Botanic Gardens by the lake. Amidst the lush greenery and natural elements, and under the warm sunshine, it would definitely be wise to dress in a loose-fit, trapeze silhouette made of lightweight material. Fruity Tropica Slip makes the mark for such dates! Featuring abstract tropical prints, this slip dress provides a comfortably chic look, at the same time creating a comfortable atmosphere for both!


Fruity Tropica Abstract Slip Trapeze 






A playsuit can make for the perfect brunch date outfit out at town when worn with the right accessories! Furthermore, a playsuit/jumpsuit can sometimes also portray a self-assured and confident woman, thereby taking the load off your date! He would not be worried about whether you will dislike any arrangement he made for you will surely make yourself comfortable, and your opinions known. Queenie features a kimono silhouette with batwing sleeves, and a v-neckline. On top of that, the genteel floral prints also add to the femininity of this number. A pair of comfortable, short and sleek heels will take you far. ≖‿≖


Queenie Floral Kimono Playsuit 






 A casual-chic evening number for dinner dates is almost a necessity, and hence, we found ourselves falling in love with this romantic dress: Brooklyn. Featuring floral prints with a vintage feel, this classic wrapped midi dress offers an indescribable sense of sophistication. Impress your date with this beautiful dress, coupled with your unparalleled grace. Unquestionably, your date partner will keep his eyes on you all night long. <(▰˘◡˘▰)>


 Brooklyn Garden Floral Tie-Wrap Midi Dress




Let your dates/partners choose which is their favourite outfit of you and you will briefly get a rough idea of the type of girl they like! ┑( ̄▽ ̄)┍



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