✨ 5 Ways to Recharge at Home ✨

Shermaine Inez

Posted on March 30 2020

✨ 5 Ways to Recharge at Home ✨


In view of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, there have been more stay home notices and work from home orders. This results in people finding out that they actually have more time than they realise on hand. Besides the daily Skype meetings, and basic work to be done, what other productive things can you do during this period?

Let's go through some of the things that we can do at home this period (that isn't actually going to bore us to death, or making us into sloths :P)!




Reading Up

Because of work and household chores, a regular office (or 9-5) employee may find it hard to take time out for an activity that used to be habitual (when we were younger). Reading, to some, acts like a therapy and soothes the soul, educating the readers, broadening their minds, and even bringing them into a whole new world within the story itself. It allows the reader to "escape" reality for a little bit, thereby relaxing their minds and resting their inner-being. It is difficult to explain the benefits of reading, or even putting them into words. Hence, one should totally try it now that they have more time on hand! :)

Here are some book recommendations from us: 

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho - this is a philosophical book that fills positivity in reader and teaches us to follows our dreams, disregarding external influences of the society, and that only those who find life, find treasures. 

Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions - this is a psychology book that explains how we make our decisions. Ariely explains, "My goal, by the end of this book, is to help you fundamentally rethink what makes you and the people around you tick. I hope to lead you there by presenting a wide range of scientific experiments, findings, and anecdotes that are in many cases quite amusing. Once you see how systematic certain mistakes are—how we repeat them again and again—I think you will begin to learn how to avoid some of them". 

The Fault in Our Stars - this is a romance novel that has taken the world quite by storm especially since the film was released. It is about surviving the death of a loved one and learning that you should not give up even if something is preventing you from enjoying a happy life.

Get Cooking!

It's back to being a domesticated housewife after years of slogging hard at work! Cook up your family’s favourite dishes whether it’s Chinese, Western, Korean or Japanese cuisines! And even if you are just an average cook, take some time to enjoy cooking! Some even call it therapy! If you find it boring and tiresome, start your cook-off or bake-off session with your friends to make it more interesting and fun! We think clearing that chilli-crab recipe off your list may be a good idea! Or, try some healthy recipes with quinoa!






    What's your Hobby!

    It is most often that people lost touch with their hobbies after joining the workforce. We hear reasons such as no time, work is overwhelming, so on and forth. Now, with this much amount of time on hand, it is the best time to get back in touch with your hobby! You can be drawing, painting, cooking, reading, exercising etc. If you would like to strengthen your immune system especially during this period, we suggest keeping to a fitness routine or regime. Lay down that yoga mat and do some deep breathing and stretching exercises. We also see a lot of "See 10 Do 10" Challenge on Instagram, where people do 10 push-ups and tag as many friends as you can, challenging them to do the same! It's a great idea of connecting with your gym mates and keeping healthy at the same time!


    Family is always in trend

    Family time is undeniably valuable since modern parents tend to be out for work from morning till night, and children have their own plans with their friends and school. There is hardly any time for family bonding. Taking advantage of the Stay-Home situation now, one should thoroughly enjoy family time and catch up on what one another have been up to lately! Set out popcorn and nachos on the coffee table, and put the family's favourite movie running on the TV screen and get everyone out to enjoy a good movie together!

    Organise/Declutter the home

    We sometimes only do Spring Cleaning where we did a major overhaul and clean up! And oftentimes, it is because of work that we hardly have extra time for organising and decluttering of the home. Take this time to clean up your home and sort out your belongings, donating/removing things that you no longer need. Start off by creating a minimalism list for the main spaces at home such as living area, kitchen, and then delving deeper into the bedrooms and study. Tick off those items that you truly need and throw out all the things that have been unused and unnoticed for years! Wardrobe-cleaning might be a good idea too! ;)



      Hope you enjoyed the ideas we have provided up there, and stay safe this period, everyone! :)


      With love,

      Team NM

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