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All about that L A C E~

It's all about that lace, bout that lace all season~! 

Lace is such a romantic fabric that most women will get to wear it at least once in their lifetime! For long-time NM girls, you would know that lace has been a favourite in many of our collections because that is how a NM girl roll! Elegance and Classy always leave an impression in others as it stems from the Old English Teachings, and escalated during the Victorian Era.

Neonmello wishes to bring this Elegance and Class to our lovely girls and therefore, in our recent collection, Lorrie Crochet Tea Party Dress was borne! Pair this with a crossbody for a youthful look, or a handbag for a mature look! We are loving strappy heels too! 


Salmon represents the spirit resonating within us. It is the freedom and flight of our inner spirit. It serves to remind us that to be who we are is enough. YOU are ENOUGH! Wear Salmon to feel sweet for the day! Perfect for a friend's wedding lunch!


White is about purity, innocence, illumination, release. It is the culmination of all 7 colours of the rainbow. Wear white to feel youthful and pure and light. To unload all baggage and worries, and just be HAPPY!


Navy Blue is mysterious yet calming. It translates clarity through the mind. Wear navy blue to feel clear-headed the entire day, at the same time looking posh and classy! 

Every lady has to have at least one piece of lace dress, top, bottom in her wardrobe! No matter which style you are going for, whether it is maximalism or minimalism, whether you are someone who are concerned about clean lines of colors. And why is that so, you may ask? Because lace is such a happy fabric! It makes us feel pretty, and when we feel pretty and confident, naturally, we become happy!

Furthermore, L A C E is stylish ;)


NM ♥

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NM Team's Recent Favs ・┆✦ʚ♡ɞ✦ ┆・



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