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We had the honour of collaborating with Nivea in celebration of the launch of their latest products, and my, were we glad to be able to enhance our skin condition with them! Customers who purchased from NEONMELLO are also given these beautiful samples to try, prior to their eventual purchases, we believe. 
As Christmas is drawing near, it is of utmost importance for every lady to be well-groomed. And this certainly includes the biggest organ of the human body -- the skin. ;) Our skin is very often neglected during grooming possibly because it covers a very large area and most of us are probably too exhausted from school/work to specially care for it. Other times, they are just not as significant as our face I guess? 
Yet, with Nivea's new launch, convenience has just become your best friend. Let's read on.


With the Nivea Deo Extra Whitening Serum Roll On, it seems that nothing stands in your way of getting rid of any unpleasant smell from your underarms. No matter who you are or whether your activities cause you to produce an exceptional amount of sweat and therefore unpleasant smell, it is vital to keep your underarms clean and fresh at all times. With the new Roll On, it is super lightweight which allows instant absorption, and there will be 10x Vitamin C for more brightening. This is definitely going to be a must-have item in our bags from now on! ;)



It is said that a human's body is made up of 70% water. So, YES! Feed your skin some water today! 
We have long heard about applying lotion after shower while your skin is still wet, and cleaning it up with a towel. This is so that before the water has dried up, they can be locked in with the moisturiser/lotion! Isn't it amazing? 
Now, Nivea has produced an item to do just that! In-Shower is a new format of moisturizing. It brought burdensome moisturising routine into the shower. Apply it after your shower gel, then rinse off. It gives you silky soft skin without the hassle of sticky leave-on body lotion for over 24H+. And if you are a busy working woman (like many of us), it is alright to just make this into your routine on alternate days! Just, remember to do it. Well, because your skin needs water as much as you do! :)


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