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6 Outfit Ideas To Usher In the New Year + Trend Analysis

Christmas is over albeit the lingering jolly feels. We, now, look forward and prepare for ushering in the New Year. How have your 2015 been till date? Happiness, sadness, regrets, adventures so on and forth. Let's remember the past but never linger. And so, perhaps we should start planning our outfits to show how much we are looking forward to 2016!

We have contemplated many events and activities for kicking off the New Year, and it all boils down to these 3.

Cocktail Party, whether you have it at home or at the club or somewhere unique, is equivalent to counting down to the last second of 2015, and happily welcoming 2016. Two options have been chosen. Are you the Sparkly, Shimmery Glitz (In a Flash Glamour Tube Dress in Gold), or the Comfy-comes-above-all-else Prints (Sleigh Aztec Bodycon in Black)? No matter what your answer is, the ultimate answer will still be "Cocktail in one hand, friends in the other!". How apt is this!


Next, we considered a New Year Luncheon or Brunch, as with all ladies love. A hearty meal, a heart-to-heart chat with your girlfriends coupled with gentle giggles, and instagramming the utterly beautiful food at the perfect angle are only but the simple joys in life. For this heartwarming activity, we have chosen a dress where spring blooms (Vita Fleur Trapeze in Aurora) and a dress where the silhouette of the lady shows flawlessly (Macallan Organza Midi Dress in Cobalt Blue). Both of which exudes overwhelming femininity.

Finally, how can we forget about a dinner date with the love of your life, or the dashing hot guy who just asked you out? This is an important date no matter how much we say "Women should not dress for Men". Well, it is no excuse we all want to look good and impress! Hence, it is crucial to first find out the venue before deciding what to wear. For the love of your life, it may be a formal dinner in which case, go for the dress that tells about the epitome of elegance (Connie Front Slit Maxi in Navy Blue). On the other hand, for first dates, it would be wise to dress casually so that you will not be too tense and overly concerned about your outfit. In this situation, we will opt for an effortlessly chic outfit (Carrie Bustier Top in White Aurora: Launching 31st Dec). 


With all outfits equipped, now, go and kick off the New Year with your resolutions!


Grids have been everywhere in the runway, celebs' closets, editors' favourites (as to their counterpart--Stripes). This is one of the most versatile and classic pattern that will never go out of style. Wear it with a beige booties, some statement necklace, sealed with a bright red lippie! 

Ever After Tweed Trapeze in DarkEver After Tweed Trapeze in Light

 Do you not have a romper in your wardrobe? If so, this is the time to get it! This style is undoubtedly for people with a lazy bone in their body, and still want/have to look good for an event! ;) Piccadilly Lace The Shoulder Romper is the one to go for a date, while Austin D-ring Romper really levels you up on work days. 

 Now, what about Culottes + Playsuits? For trendy minimalists, this is THE ONE. Structured piece illustrates your firmness. And to add a little playfulness in your ensemble, simply wear a hat-piece and perhaps a pair of sneakers. Opt for sky-high stilettos for formal events. Pinstripes or Tweed, your choice.

Manhattan Culottes Romper in White PinstripesManhattan Culottes Romper in Tweed Grey

Last but not least, for a glamorous look, try a lace number with a really luxurious clutch. We love Gold! To simplify things, we have our Mila Pleated Detailing Dress, coupled with your statement earrings through the night!




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