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Editorial Picks: Pre-spring with NM

If you are the sweetest girl of your group of girlfriends, then yes, this Lorrie Crochet Dress is for you. Equipped with a crochet bodice and a skater bottom made of the softest fabric, it is without a doubt tailored to your very demure personality. We have especially brought it in in other pretty colours to satisfy the huge demands of you, sweet ladies. ;)
If you are wondering what is sexy, that is mesh. And if you are wondering what is demurely sexy, we have to say that it is definitely mesh in pastel hues. And the focus is very apparently on "demure". Turella Mest Maiden Dress has this virtue in it and it is the very "demure" that we ladies would love to have in us, whether it's a characteristic the society entrusted with us or a self-desired quality. Having an unique sweetheart neckline, it covers and seldom shows. It also allows for a twirl and swirl shot!
"I have a wedding dinner to attend and I've no idea what to wear!"
"My boyfriend is possibly proposing to me when we are going to the upcoming yacht party and I have nothing to wear!"
"My best friend is coming back with her fiancé and is hosting a brunch party, and my clothes are not up to the party's standard..."
Have you had all these concerns before? If so, we are here for you! Our Maiden Charm Crochet Maxi has just the right length befitting of a Lady. Not to mention that it scores with a sweetheart neckline and the best quality crochet that doesn't fray (no more last minute worries on that important occasion you've been preparing for)!

Simple Floral Overlay Prints is a different way of presenting your love for flora. On top of this, it also exudes an earnest vibe in all seriousness. And, all because of this graveness, our Carmella Peplum Top is a fitting piece for a working women. Impress your boss, and make your colleagues actually listen to what you say or think or feel. 
Immaculately cut lines and the peplum structure further enhanced your look, making people entrust you with trust and more responsibilities, believing in your capability. Isn't this what we all wish for in the workplace? Now, what better way to start your working year, if not more opportunities? ;)
Of all the reasons we love this top with such extremity, the most note-worthy one would be due to the effortless womanliness we feel from our Carrie Bustier Top. You can wear any bottoms, and you still will not be able to escape from how ladylike you will be when donned with this top. The vibrance of the colours, the bustier neckline and the peplum structure definitely level your outfit status. 
We adore this top with tailored shorts or pants, tight midi skirts coupled with stilettos. For a casual look, go for denim and a lace-up sandals!
You've probably heard us over a million times on our Instagram account: @neonmello, but this is still one of the best transitions from day to night! From the off-shoulders to the lace sweetheart neckline that ever so delicately seduces, and to the extent of the length that covers, all of which makes it an appropriate outfit to be worn to work and then to chill. If you do not want to bare too much during work, we suggest a blazer or cardigan (simultaneously creating some warmth lest the temperature drops)! 
To be honest, we seriously do feel that this dress which major in grids and tweed (obviously) does best for the unpretentious laid-back girl. This piece is ever so easy-going. It's almost as if it is up for any challenges at any time: spontaneity rules here. White sneakers seem to be a match-made in heaven. Yum. 
Alternatively, to switch just about instantaneously to that Upper East Side lifestyle (with references to the Gossip Girl Series), we recommend a pair of strappy heels with your favourite IT handbag at the moment.
Ha! If you have followed us on Instagram, you would have known how many countless times our Lacey Trapeze made its cameo there. Oops, can't blame how much we are besotted with this dress. The lace patterns: perfect, the trapeze shape: excellence, the colours befitting of royalty: magnificent! What more do I have to say? Get one for yourself, and you will forgive my fragility towards this.
Bodycon dresses with such abstract prints are often worn by two main categories of females. The first being the feminine women who are prepping for a night of dance-off with their friends; a night to chill with drinks and chats. And the second being girls who are sporty and up for a casual get-up with sneakers and a huge carry-all whereby they can simply "dump" all things in there! Our Sleigh Aztec Prints Bodycon is THAT dress for you. Whether you are going to be partying the night away, or running errand for your mom, this dress is very versatile and suitable for both occasions.
Vita Fleur is one of the most lady-like pieces of our collection. I dare say that it is the one dress effortlessly filled with womanliness, for the one who wears it need not trouble herself with any other accessories. Due to it being a trapeze dress shape, it very cleverly shows and hides just about all the right parts! And this is only a fraction of why we love this to bits.

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The Power of Matching Sets: Elevate Your Style Game 💌🧚‍♀️💗🌨

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