NM In-house Print: Artist’s Expression ❖

Shermaine Inez

Posted on February 01 2021

NM In-house Print: Artist’s Expression ❖


Artist's words: 

"Drawing inspiration from the work of abstract expressionist artists, this playful print celebrates the beauty of freedom. Each painterly stroke in Artist’s Expression is designed to represent a burst of liberation that speaks to the creative soul in all of us. Carefully curated and developed, the vibrant colour schemes reflect the artistic nature of the print as well as the taste of the Neonmello customer, but most importantly, I hope these vivid hues inject much-needed optimism into our wardrobes and lives, ushering in brighter days to come."


 As mentioned in the above paragraph, this print - Artist's Expression - is designed with freedom and happiness in mind. This can further be seen in the way the strokes have been inserted into the mix, and also the choice of brush strokes used. The colours have also been carefully selected to create a genteel balance in the overall palette! We'd say it's a pleasing and happy print to add to your wardrobe! ;)




We have made 3 different silhouettes, namely the jumpsuit, the babydoll dress, and the A-line top, all of which we believe to be fundamentals for every wardrobe! The jumpsuit may be worn for semi-formal events or even for work luncheons in the case of navy. The babydoll dress would be perfect for a casual day out, think picnics or gathering with friends. Last but not least, the A-line top is ideal for both casual and formal settings. Pair the top with denim shorts for running of errands and pair it with jeans or classic pants for a more dressy get-up!

 We love how the jumpsuit comes with detachable waist sash so that it can provide a cinched waist look for a more defined hourglass figure! The non-functional buttons at the side also add an interesting detail to the overall outfit. It would be a great outfit to wear during the Chinese New Year period, even to office!




Of the 3 silhouettes, the babydoll silhouette has got to be our favourite because it is such a dainty and feminine piece! Anything babydoll places first on our list for it adds that burst of youth into our outfit effortlessly. Besides, it allows us to snack comfortably and without limits this CNY. ;) We are also fond of the vibrant colour schemes used in this silhouette, particularly the soft jade colour that looks exceptionally refreshing! It is undoubtedly a casual chic piece perfect for brunches and cafe-hops, made complete with either sneakers or espadrilles! 

One plus point is how perfect it would be for pregnant ladies to cover their baby bumps! ♥ 




The final silhouette is the one that is most versatile in our opinion! The A-line top comes with a pleat design in the middle and a modish square neckline! With it being an A-line silhouette and that it comes with a decent length, it is definitely considered a tummy / bump-friendly piece! We would also pair it with either skinny pants, jeans, or shorts for a different look! Since it comes with 3 classic colours, we are sure each of you would find something your heart desires! The navy one would be a flattering and formal colour, the pink would be the feminine and soft colour, while the white would be the classic and colour that matches most bottoms! Which is your favourite?!




 With love,

Team NM


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