Blazers - Look Professional Everywhere You Go!

Shermaine Inez

Posted on June 15 2020

Blazers - Look Professional Everywhere You Go!


The Office Lady Essential Item: The Blazer. 

 For most of us in the working in a formal office space, from the banking and finance sector, to education sector, to the creative sector and many more, blazers are something that probably 90% of us will own. It can be seen as a symbol of professionalism, and can also be regarded as an easy outerwear to throw on when you needed to look formal.

However, as time passes, blazers have evolved from something dull to something vibrant and amazing. Instead of the solid black/navy blazers of the olden days (of course they still exist), there are now many variations of the blazers and in many different colours at that! Besides wearing it to work as on office outfit, people now turn to blazers for a fashion statement - us included! 


In this post, let us share with you the 4 blazers that you need to look professional and chic wherever you go! :)



Brooke Blazer

 A classic blazer with lapels and buttons, Brooke comes in a neutral shade of camel brown that is suitable for both work events and casual outings. You can throw it over your work dress at the office, or over a striped tee and denim jeans combination on a lovely weekend afternoon! 


 Gayle Blazer

 A white blazer definitely belongs in your closet. Every woman should, in fact, own a white-coloured blazer. Putting aside how white is as classic a colour as black, it gives off an understated chic vibe. A white blazer seems to add to effortlessly chic look and is complimentary with many colours, making it perfect for almost any bottoms - think skirts, shorts, or pants!





Brianna Blazer

Your best co-ordinate to go with all your favourite tops. Brianna features a new and improved cut of our crowd's love: Brooke Blazer. Furthermore, this blazer comes in 3 new colours, of which two are pink and sage green making it an essential in every fashion girl's wardrobe. Whether it's for formal settings or semi-casual ones, this is the ideal one to go with!


 Skylar Blazer

 A blazer that exudes Coco Chanel vibes, Skylar features faux tweed material and is decorated with functional front buttons with an immaculate fit. This exquisite blazer is sure to instantly elevate your look and make it perfect for any formal settings from meetings to dinners. 




With love,

Team NM


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