🧨 CNY Lookbook – Oriental looks that are, oh, so eastern! 🍊

Shermaine Inez

Posted on January 18 2021

🧨 CNY Lookbook – Oriental looks that are, oh, so eastern! 🍊


It's a Chinese tradition to don on traditional costumes especially on the Lunar New Year. In our multi-racial society, it is also an endearing sight to see each other dress up in one another's traditional costumes! Cheongsams are the Chinese's go-to costumes and since Lunar New Year is truly a huge event, it is vital that everyone dresses up nicely for it, resulting in an almost-fashion-show! ;) Besides cheongsams, of course, there are the more contemporary designs making use of lace and eyelet fabrics.

Read on for our oriental selections to make heads turn this Lunar New Year!



This first cheongsam is probably also one of our favourites thus far! The Fortune Florals Mandarin Slit Cheongsam features a gathered halter neckline with mandarin collars, and a fitted silhouette with a very appealing slit up your thigh. We absolutely adore how this slit is able to provide an illusion of longer and slimmer legs (remember to complete your look with heels that doesn't have straps for an enhanced effect). Besides the overall shape of the dress, the huge floral patterns in festive colours easily exude lunar vibes. We'd say this is one of the dresses that will get you compliments even from your most "difficult" relative ;) 

 *This cheongsam is launching on Thursday, 21 Jan 2021*





Our second oriental look is a cheongsam that glistens! Made of textured brocade blend, the Ji Xing Cheongsam features intricate peony floral patterns that gives off a prosperous vibe and actually shimmers under certain lighted conditions! One feature that makes it all the more oriental is the mandarin collars and modest sleeves! On the other hand, the pleated skater skirting offers a touch of modernity and also provides a great hiding place for our snacking tummy! :P It's the perfect outfit to visit your older relatives who may be more traditional!





 We can't wait to share more about this third piece we have up our alley! This dainty piece is definitely not your average dress! We major love how the eyelet fabric is printed with floral patterns in the most vibrant, and eye-catching colours. It is also decorated with ruffles at the shoulder area and non-functional buttons that line up at the front. This dress comes with a slight A-line silhouette and is ideal with dainty, strappy heels, complete with your festive clutch! Besides being a LNY dress, it can also be worn for your dates!

 *This dress is launching on Sunday, 24 Jan 2021*




 Last but not least, we have this favourite that is highly-popular with you girls! The Ying Yue Dress features an alluring, fitted mermaid silhouette that flaunts all your curves in just the right places! Its floral lace patterns is the focal point of the dress and the crochet panel inserts results in the dress being even more flattering. The high neckline makes it a classy and modest piece that is perfect for visiting of your older relatives as a form of respect! We also can't get over the sultry, sheer lace portion of the hemline. It is overall a super-loved piece that you can also wear on Valentines Day for your luncheon or dinner with your date!


View our full lookbook here 


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