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It’s national girlfriend day! Whether in a relationship, dating or staying an independent queen, it’s always a good idea to head out for a date! Instead of the typical movie or cafe dates, here are some date activities you can do with them and of course corresponding outfit inspiration for those activities! If you are looking for a sign to go out with your partners this is it! 


In the comfort of being air-conditioned indoors, you can never go wrong with these activities. Activities like bowling, pool or darts can ignite your competitive self! Who knows, a little friendly competition may even ignite some spark between you and your date (enemies to lovers arc ) >< Not forgetting, activities such as ice-skating and rollerskating are great icebreakers especially if you are on a first date! For dates like these, I would propose wearing denim jeans such as the Damaris Cuffed Denim Culottes! It doesn’t restrict movement and is a timeless basic that can be paired with any top. Pairing them with our newly launched, Whitney Sleeved Furry Crop Top will give you a lovely feminine and chic look. An outfit that is incredibly comfortable yet fashionable. Do remember to bring outerwear in case it gets too chilly. Impress your date by topping off your outfit with the classy and sophisticated Solene Buttons Tweed Knit Crop Cardigan. Outerwear is a great way to elevate your whole look so don’t dismiss it too fast!


Enjoy the sun and get some vitamin D with outdoor date activities ;) Don’t be so quick to dismiss outdoor activities in Singapore as there are so many beautiful landscapes I’m sure you have yet to fully explore. If you are tired of going to the usual Zoo or Bird Park, how about visiting Singapore’s local farms? Not only do they have a cheaper entrance fee but you get a closer and more authentic experience with the floral and fauna! Save more expenses by going without a tour and just enjoy them at your own pace. For the more active loving people, go cycling at the newly open Changi Bay Park Connector or hike along the newly revamped Bukit Timah Railway Station! For such adventurous activities, I recommend wearing sleeveless tops to combat the hot weather and avoid harsh tan lines. I recommend paring the Helena Sweetheart Crop Top and a pair of shorts. Throw on some comfy sneakers and you will have a sweet and feminine look perfect for an outdoor date.


Singapore’s art scene has never been more boisterous, with multiple free exhibitions for Singapore Citizens such as the Off/On exhibition at the National Museum and Singapore Art Museum at Tanjong Pager District Park. Not only are they educational, but also very interactive and have many Instagram-worthy spots to take pictures! For a classy and elegant outfit to the museum, the Tiana Ruched Chiffon Sleeve Top and upcoming Tallula Satin Midi Skirt would be perfect! 


Picnics are another great way to bond with your partners. It gives you plenty of opportunities to have heart-to-heart talks with them as well as a chance to show off your cooking or baking skills. Prepping and going on grocery shopping trips together may seem like a chore but who says you can’t turn those mundane tasks into fun date ideas. You can even purchase a disposable BBQ pit or artsy materials to do together! For such a lovely date I would love to wear a flowy maxi dress. The upcoming Primrose Ruched Spag Floral Dress is a beautiful and dainty piece with a sexy slit at the side just perfect for such an occasion.


Lastly, if you have a love for crafting things, there are plenty of workshops you can attend! From pottery to candle making to tufting. Design and make your own home furniture that would sure be a conversational piece when your friends come over. Do explore the various activities and you may just find your next favourite hobby! For such activities, the Alondra Basic Knit Top is just perfect! Pair it with any bottom or the Paige A-line Shorts for the cute soft academia look. 
Enjoy your date~
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With love, 
Team NM

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