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Fall Favourites

Fall Favourites
Which time of year do you prefer most? My favourite is definitely fall - think warm, autumnal hues where trees start to put on an orangey brown shade. The time of year when the weather begins to cool off and new trends emerge, such as sweaters and jackets, which are both more fun to wear and more appealing than shorts.  


Debby, a basic pair of loose-fitting boyfriend jeans, would contrast with our feminine appearances and give us a more masculine vibe. It is the ideal piece to simply coordinate with your boyfriend's clothing ꒡ꆚ꒡ In other words, you may pair with any casual top and you are all set! In this look, we paired it with our upcoming white quotes tee! You may also pair it with our ever-so-popular Zora Top or Alondra Top :) 


Next, we have a simple yet cosy knit cardigan! The furry texture of the Melody Knit Cardigan seems to transport us to a chilly and serene place like Nami Island in Korea. Wearing it totally brings our holiday feelings to the maximum! Besides, it comes in 5 different colours, with gold trimmed buttons, and is most certainly fun to match with! A basic outfit would be to pair with our Zora Top and Kylea Denim Shorts!


Alondra, one of our go-to designs for knit tops. Simple, yet ideal for the fall! With its soft knitted texture along with its sleeveless design, it is perfect for the local weather. Add some vibrant hues and striped clothing to a pair of basic shorts or jeans to enhance your whole look⸜(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝ 


Our latest basic top, also known to the team as “sleeved Zora”, since the inspiration for this top came from you girls’ favourite Zora Top! This top comes with a squarish neckline and cropped length. It is slightly stretchy and is indeed the new basic sleeved top that you ought to add to your wardrobe! Plus, Celestine comes in 5 colours making it the staple piece that adds colours to your outfits! It is comfortable, breathable and perfect for the fall season! Stay tune (˵ •̀ ᴗ - ˵ ) ✧


Aura Blazer Set is a classic set that accentuates your appearance and exudes the power of a lady boss (૭ 。•̀ ᵕ •́。 )૭ It is unquestionably a staple for meetings and formal occasions! We love the detachable waist sash that comes with it since you can wear it with or without the sash for contrasting styles! There are 3 different shades of the set - black, latte, and sage - each of which gives off a different vibe.


The ideal wide-leg pants for fall is definitely the Alvie Pants. It is functional with its belt loops and side pockets. We also adore the wide-legged silhouette that gives the illusion of longer legs. You can easily pair it with different tops for a variety of looks! For example, you can pair it with Aurelia Puff Sleeve Top for a dainty look, Genesis Ruffles Top for an elegant look, and Alondra Knit Top for a basic look. The versatility of this pants can’t be beat and we are intending to have them in all colours! 
(✿ ͡◕ ᴗ◕)つ━━✫・*
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With love,
Team NM

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