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Find The Perfect Dress For Your Body Type!

Find The Perfect Dress For Your Body Type!
Have you sometimes felt that the clothes that you wear somehow look different from your friend wearing it? That’s because of the difference in body types! Learning about our own body types is important because it helps us to understand our own body, its strengths, weaknesses and eventually helps us in styling in a way that flatters us. 
Apple 🍎
You may have an apple body type if you have an undefined waist area and shoulders and bust that are larger than the hips. This body type is also often characterised for its ‘top-heavy’ trait and slim legs. Some examples of celebrities who share this body type with you is Adele and aespa’s Ningning! 
How do I dress an apple body?
If you have an apple body type, it is important to dress in a way that adds fullness to your bottom without drawing too much attention to the waist. Hence, the perfect dress for you will be a flowy dress with loose waist definitions such as the classy Marx Lantern dress and comfy Viva romper dress! Both dresses draw attention to the slimmest parts of your body like your arms and legs and gently flare out at the bottom, giving your lower body an illusion of balance with your upper body. Sweet-heart necklines of these dresses also help to embrace and highlight your bust area, which is the key trait that an apple body has over other body types
Pear 🍐
You may have a pear body type if you have defined waist, and hips that are wider than your narrow shoulders and bust. This body type is known for being ‘bottom-heavy’ in contrast to the Apple body type. Fun fact, my favourite celebrities, Mamamoo's Hwasa and Beyonce have the same body type as you!
How do I dress a pear body?
If you have a pear body type, it is important to draw attention towards the upper body and away from the lower body. Some ways to do this is to accentuate the shoulders with puff sleeves or off-shoulder details. The dresses that will definitely flatter you will be Parisa Puff Sleeve dress and Bella Babydoll Maxi dress! With its princess-like puff sleeve and drop hem details at the bottom, Parisa will help you to emphasise your slender shoulders, bringing out the feminine and delicate side that you have! Similarly, Bella will also let you flaunt your feminine and slim neck and shoulders while covering the legs comfortably. 
Inverted triangle 🔻
You will most likely be an inverted triangle body type  if you have a broad shoulder and chest that is wider than your hips and bottom. This sounds very similar to the Apple body type but there is a difference between these two types - apple carries weight at mid section (bust & stomach) while Inverted triangle tends to have slim, defined waist and carry weight at top section (shoulders). Some notable celebrities with this body type are Blackpink's Jennie and Lisa!
How to dress an inverted triangle?
If you have an inverted triangle body type, add volume to the bottom while emphasising your defined waist! The perfect dresses for you will be those that have A-line cutting and little to no details on the top half of the dress. Perfect dresses for you will be Gazania textured dress and Aimee romper dress 😍Gazania is perfect for a formal evening party while Aimee is the cute and casual dress that you can wear for any occasions. 
Hourglass ⏳
As mentioned in the previous blog, the hourglass body type has been long celebrated by women for being the ‘ideal’ body type. If you have this body type, it means that your bust and hips are nearly equal. Celebrities with this body type are Marilyn Monroe and Twice’s Tzeyu!
How to dress an hourglass?
If you have an hourglass body type, you should focus on showing off your body as it is, meaning that the best dresses are those that easily hug your body. Some dresses that best show your figure will be mermaid dresses and bodycon designs such as the minimal Kirsten back-knot dress and sweet Oscar chain ruched dress. With their comfortable material, these dresses are the perfect fit for your hourglass body. You can even elevate your look with interesting details such as the back-knot detail of the Kirsten dress and beaded chain straps on the Oscar dress! 
Rectangle ◻️
Last but not least, you may identify yourself with a rectangle body type if you have a straight silhouette, shoulders and hips of similar width, little to no waist definition and very long legs. This body type tends to be common among athletes as well. Famous celebrities with this body type are Natalie Portman and Yoona from SNSD. 
How to dress a rectangle? 
If you have a rectangle body type, style yourself in a way that creates imbalance and curves in unexpected ways. This can be done through asymmetrical patterns and details on dresses, and can even be done with colours as well. Dresses that will best flatter you if you have this body type will be Brooklyn asymmetrical blazer dress and Stellar bustier midi dress. With the unique cutting and designs on these dresses, it will surely help you to stand out while flaunting your figure at the same time~
Wear your confidence and spread the positivity✨
Love from,
Team NM

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