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History of Belluna: The 5 Version of Belluna dresses

History of Belluna: The 5 Version of Belluna dresses
Are you a huge fan of our Belluna dresses? 🤩 Because I am!! Our Belluna dresses are super popular among the petites, and it is also one of our best sellers 🥰 Belluna is so well-loved by the NM Family, we have officially launched the 5th version of it! 👏🏼 Did you know that Belluna is actually a sister design of our Bellerose maxi dress? Founder of Neonmello, Maybelle, mentioned that Belluna is also a dress that Xan (our team shortie) pushes her to design! Now, Belluna has become one of our best sellers and the 5th version had just launched, so shall we dive into the revolution of the Belluna dresses? 🙆🏻‍♀️

Belluna Babydoll V1 Dress

Our first ever launch for Belluna V1 was on the September 2022. This was the first version of the Belluna dress and it comes in 4 different solid colours (Cream, Black, Meringue Yellow and Pale Avocado) 🤩 The first Belluna dress is designed to be simple and minimalistic, it is so easy and versatile for a casual day out or date 💘 As mentioned, Belluna is a remake of Bellerose in a mini dress silhouette which is so perfect for the petites! Belluna V1 features two functional side pockets, adjustable straps and concealed back zip. Crafted from cotton polyester blend, it is fully lined so you don’t have to worry about exposing yourself! 🥰 This dress can be paired with a white pair of sneakers for a casual look or a simple heels to elevate the girly-ness of the dress 🌸✨


 Belluna Babydoll V2 Dress

Moving forward to Belluna V2 dress, it is very similar to Belluna V1 except that the fabric is slightly more crease-free 💫 Belluna V2 dress also comes in 4 very adorable and sweet colours (Blue, Periwinkle, Pink and White) 🌈 The only difference compared to Belluna V1 is that it has stripes detailing, giving it a more casual and cuter look~ It also features two side pockets, adjustable straps and concealed back zip giving it a clean and simple vibe. Crafted from the same polyester-blend material as Belluna V1, it is also non-sheer even though they come in light colours~ Maybelle mentioned that working with lighter colours can be a little challenging because we have to make sure that the pockets outline are not visible from the outside, so we definitely put in a lot of effort in making these adorable and fuss-free dresses 🙆🏻‍♀️ ~This dress is definitely more girly with its colour selections (so pastel!!) so a pair of white heels and a small little sling bag will definitely elevate the look 🎀🧸


Belluna V3 Satin Dress

We have come to our Belluna V3 Satin Dress~ According to Maybelle, the cutting of this dress is exactly the same for all the versions except that we made it in satin🙆🏻‍♀️ For Belluna V3, the satin polyester blend gives it a very elegant and simple look ✨ Belluna V3 comes in 3 beautiful colours (teal, peach pink and lilac) and because it is fully lined, it is not sheer at all!! 😆 With this elegant looking satin dress, you can once again dress it up or spice it up a little by pairing with a pair of black boots (looking edgy 🖤)!! This is such a classy and fuss-free dress to wear daily, so don’t forget to check these dresses out! 💖

Belluna Floral Eyelet V4 Dress

Meet Belluna V4 Floral eyelet dress - Maybelle’s favourite version of the Belluna series 🫶🏻 she mentioned that the fabric for this dress is very unique and premium! 🤩  Fun fact: Maybelle did the fabric sourcing herself in China (lady boss power💪🏼~), so you can definitely rest assured that this dress is very well-made!! With this floral eyelet design, it definitely gives off a cuter and girly vibe, so you can dress it a little more casual with a pair of sneakers and a small cute fluffy bag ~ This dress is so adorable and is definitely a cute piece to add into your wardrobe! 💘  Xan also said that Belluna floral eyelet is her favourite so you can trust her on that because she actually owns 12 Belluna dresses😱 (talk about love, this is what we meant 💗 HAHA)  


Belluna Floral Embroidery V5 Dess

Last but not the least, the newly launched Belluna Floral Embroidery V5 dress~ Similar to V4 dress, except the floral are embroidered onto the dress! 😆 This dress is super adorable and summery so you can definitely wear this to a picnic date or to the beach! 🌸 As you can tell, all of the Belluna series have the same cutting and they all come with 2 functional side pockets with a concealed back zip. This version of Belluna is crafted from embroidery chiffon polyester blend and is fully lined! 💫 It comes in 4 adorable pastel colours (White, Nude Pink, Lilac Pink and Periwinkle) so it is easy to pair with anything and still look effortlessly cute~ So hurry and get your V5 dress right now 💖 !!


Love from, 

Neonmello Team

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