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Holiday Gift Guide – What to buy for the ladies in your life!

Holiday Gift Guide – What to buy for the ladies in your life!



Don't you feel an urge to go Christmas shopping and to find exclusive gifts for your friends and loved ones this period? Or even to pamper yourselves with presents that you would not usually have done so! Guess most people are feeling it, if not all! 

We are definitely feeling the urge, and the joy of gifting this time of the year and we have come up with a Holiday Gift Guide List that you may consider as gifts for your girlfriends, or the ladies in your life! 




Life isn't perfect, but your hair can be!

Some of you may not believe it, but having good hair days are one of those subtle things that can significantly lift your mood and increase your self-confidence. This Christmas, it is time to make some healthy changes to your hair, and whilst doing so, treat Mother Earth with a little tender loving care that she so deserves.

Lately, we are loving the premium and sustainable hair care series: Diane BonheurBonheurwhich refers to "Happiness" in French, is an artisanal craft haircare brand that advocates the "Farm to Hair" philosophy. Diane Bonheur works with trusted farmers worldwide and uses carefully selected single-origin, organic and cold-pressed oils in its products to care for your tresses. Formulated with 100% plant-derived cleansing ingredients, you’re in for a luxurious hair wash every time you step into the shower!

Furthermore, all Diane Bonheur products are infused with fine fragrances from Grasse – the capital of perfume in France. The 
Grasse Rose range uses the rare fragrance of Rose de Mai that is iconic to Chanel No. 5 and Dior’s Miss Cherie perfumesIn terms of benefits, we find that it does a great job in revitalising dry and damaged hair and gives us nourished locks that feel absolutely soft to touch.

Apart from helping you to achieve chic tresses, Diane Bonheur is undoubtedly the perfect gift for the modern lady who is leaning towards mindful and conscious choices through more sustainable and Earth-friendly options. Did we also mention that Diane Bonheur's bottles are recyclable too? Kudos to them!
 Get it here.





It is a joy to be able to make and build a home, and for the home-makers, surely they would love to receive something that can either be used to make their household chores easier, or allow them to relax for a long day of chores. For this, we have short-listed two products that wouldn't break your banks! And they are Laundrin TOKYO - a premium fabric softener brand, and Oak and Sand - a luxurious bedding company that brings hotel-living to your home.

 Laundrin's softeners are one of the best that we have tried and the scent of just one small cap of the softener is sufficient to perfume the entire house! Using carefully-selected organic extracts, Laundrin's softeners can be used for baby clothes, controls dust and pollen collection, and is micro plastic free! One very important factor to also consider when buying a softener is definitely the possibility of drying clothes indoors. And there are indeed what Laundrin's softeners are capable of! 

And for a relaxing night after a day of chores, nothing is better than sinking into clean, crisp white sheets and soft, cushy pillows! Oak and Sand provides quality bedding, pillows and towels that allow for one to truly enjoy one's night as if one is staying at a hotel. We certainly can't say no to that!

 Laundrin | Oak and Sand




 The word "fanatic" may have a negative connotation to it, but I would most certainly like to take it positively in a skincare situation...because skincare is everything to a skincare fanatic. From pore woes, to acne worries, and even to sensitive skin, people who are suffering from skin issues usually experience a huge dent to their confidence level. Hence, skincare products that may offer them even a teeny weeny hope of better skin, be assured that skincare fanatics will grab it nonetheless. After researching and even trying it out ourselves, we have curated two skincare brands: Fresh and Dr. Jart+ Skincare.

 Having heard many positive reviews on Fresh, both from websites and word-of-mouth, it is safe to say that the products are generally amazing and safe to use on the skin! Their rose and black tea series seem to be two of the more popular ones! But, it is still important to read about the functions of the respective products prior to making your purchase just so that you don't make the wrong purchase! Otherwise, a gift set sounds like a great idea!

 For Dr.Jart+, it is definitely a widely popular and effective skincare brand that spearheads many skincare technologies. For people with sensitive skin, they have come up with a special Cicapair series that offers to sooth sensitised skin resulting from external environmental stressors. One of their more popular and creative products is the Shake and Shot Hydro Mask. For the adventurous one who loves creative products, perhaps this may be just be the ideal gift for them!

 Fresh | Dr.Jart+




Do you have that one friend in your circle who knows all about make-up? The one that always comes to gatherings with a perfect face complete with the latest make-up products on? How about the one who keeps bringing you to Sephora and kept going on about the next beauty trend? We believe most of us know one friend who's just like that - a makeup lover

 For those who dabble in makeup, Tarte Cosmetics and Benefit Cosmetics seem to be household names. A trip to Sephora probably wouldn't be complete without Tarte's Shape Tape Concealer, and Benefit's Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil. And, we are only touching upon the tip of the iceberg. *gasps*

 This Christmas, we thought it would be an amazing idea to gift your friends some pretty eyeshadow colours that they will actually use, think browns, corals, chocolates - both matt and shimmery. Or, a bronze and blush palette for the one who never leaves home without contouring her face. We can't decide which is our favourite - can we get both!

 Benefit Cosmetics | Tarte Cosmetics





Every Christmas Season, after shopping loved ones and friends, it is almost certain that the one person we neglected the most is ourselves. In the spirit of gifting, perhaps your girlfriend will truly appreciate you getting them a pampering kit of some sorts just so that they can finally remember to pamper themselves! With age, too, wrinkles start to appear and our skin inevitably grows old. It is therefore important for us to start to care for our skin at a young age, to delay the ageing process, wherever possible! If you are someone who has yet to start caring for your skin, you can perhaps start now too!

 Pamper your girlfriends and yourselves with a sweet-smelling kit of shower gel, body lotion and fragrance mist from Bath and Body Works, or even an aromatic set of hand wash, hand balm, body cleanser and body balm from Aesop

 Bath & Body Works | Aesop




 Last but not least, what better presents than new clothes?! We are pretty sure a good 80-90% of the females out there would not say no to new clothes! Get a NM gift-voucher for your girlfriend who loves loves loves clothes! No expiry date and no minimum spending - no better deal! ;) With the festive season coming, girls should totally dress themselves up!



 With love,

Team NM




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