Home Office? 5 Chic Looks for You! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Shermaine Inez

Posted on May 18 2020

Home Office? 5 Chic Looks for You! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ


Been feeling stuck at home and mentally stressed? Looking at your wardrobe and all knackered about what to wear for your next ZOOM meeting? Are you feeling disinterested and not motivated? Well, you are not alone! Many around the world have been feeling the same way, literally living in sweatpants and casual home clothes during stay-home / quarantine period. 

 While trying to break out of this and getting into a whole new, motivated self, we realise that outfits make a ton of difference to your motivational level. Read on for the 5 chic outfits we feel that will surely up your motivation and work efficiency!




Oleana Floral Two-Way Removable Sleeve Shift Dress

 Something beautiful always spark a happy feeling within your mind! Oleana Dress is a gorgeous number with genteel floral prints, featuring a shift silhouette and a gathered hemline at the bottom. The real reason, though, that we are absolutely in love with this dress and thought that it would be an amazing addition to our wardrobe is that it comes with REMOVABLE SLEEVES! How wonderful is that? Getting a dress that actually allows for 2 ways wearing is possibly one of the most functional ideas ever! Isn't it a beautifully chic outfit perfect for the home office?


Brianna Blazer + Charlton Shorts

 The sister of Brooke Blazer, Brianna Blazer is a new and improved version that comes with a better cut and fit! Featuring shoulder padding and a single-button design, this blazer matches perfectly with the Charlton Shorts that also comes in same colours. With that being said, don't you think it's about time to introduce a monotone blazer set into your wardrobe? A monotone blazer set makes the entire outfit more polished, and definitely adds to another level of chic! You surely mean business with a blazer on!





Roxie Polka Denim Shirt Dress

 Featuring an A-line cut, Roxie is the epitome of a girl-next-door dress! With a neckline that goes all the way to the top, this dress comes with a buttoned front and a drawstring waist-tie sash. We adore the mini polka dot details and the midi length of it that exudes an inexplicable vintage vibe. Donning on this dress with a modest neckline makes the mood of working from home way lighter!


Picasso Brush Strokes Sleeved Blouse

 An artsy number, Picasso, as the name suggests, features minimalist brush strokes designed in an artful manner. It comes with modest sleeves and a slight shift silhouette which makes it easy to pair. Whether it's worn with a pair of skinny jeans, or tucked into your silk pants, we feel that it is perfect for working from home, or in the office.Surely this is ideal even for after the circuit breaker period!


Urban Landscape Ombre Reversible Top + Outerwear

 Possibly one of our most demanded design and print, the Urban Landscape print features ombre design of a picturesque, mountainous landscape in beautiful colours! We love how it is reversible, making it wearable either sides - solid or prints! Donning on both the top and the outerwear together makes for a stunning and chic look. This is bound to make heads turn wherever you go, including your video-conferences! 




With love,

Team NM


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