In a Print Euphoria – Meet Wisteria

Shermaine Inez

Posted on December 16 2019

In a Print Euphoria – Meet Wisteria


Indeed, we are in a print euphoria! It is almost like a season of prints where our designers get inspired by all that surround, and start doodling on their artsy drawing pad, coming up with these prints - breathtaking beyond words.

This time, it is Wisteria that took our breath away. The crisp strokes of the fronds (leaf and/or leaf-like part of a fern plant), and the lush colours that hold everything together in a perfect mix is just about a botanist dream come true.




Drawing inspiration from art and nature, graphical abstracts and botanical existences, Wisteria is created first with pencil sketches, next with technological developments. It is then printed on drafts and samples for alterations and minor edits before it eventually proceeded to mass-manufacturing. Pastel colours have been used in the palette with bursts of periwinkle and violet, and magnolia yellow that offers a touch of sunshine. It is almost as if this jolly print is equipped with the ability to bring youth and fun and happiness to the one wearing it! 





Raelynn Wisteria Abstract Sleeved Buttoned Babydoll Dress 

Raelynn features a babydoll silhouette and modest sleeves. It is decorated with colourful buttons and ruched detailing at the bodice that further enhances the dress, making it much more feminine and dainty number to have! It is surely a go-to piece for afternoon dates, think brunches or picnics!


Hailey Wisteria Abstract Trapeze Dress

A seemingly simple trapeze number, Hailey is more than that. This trapeze is adorned with wide shoulder straps that offers a hint of modesty and vintage feels, instead of the more common slim shoulder straps. This certainly makes for the weekend dress.


Louette Wisteria Abstract Removable Hem Midi Dress

Putting a spin to the shift dress, Louette comes with a two-way removable hems function, for a different look. One may wear it either as a classic shift, or drop-waist dress, how convenient is that! We'd go with the classic shift for a semi-formal event, and the drop-waist dress for a casual one ;)




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Team NM




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