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Posted on January 20 2020


Lunar New Year is in 5 days time!! Are your homes already filled with LNY goodies, decorated with red lanterns, and cherry blossom plants? All amidst the Lunar New Year decoration, what interest us the most are undoubtedly the yummylicious goodies! Think spicy prawn rolls that are crisp to each bite, pineapple tarts that taste like the better version of the pineapple fruit, bak kwa that leaves you wanting more, and all other sweets, cookies and cakes (kueh bahulu!)...

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Pineapple Tarts


"Ong lai, Ong lai"; you must have heard this many times in your life! In the Hokkien dialect, "Ong lai" (also known as fortune come in direct translation) refers to Pineapple. They often mean wealth and prosperity and the Chinese loves to include pineapples in their prayers, festive seasons and even have incorporated this yummy fruit in their goodies!! Pineapple tart has been a delight and a main-stay in most homes during the Lunar period! The rich and delectable taste of the pineapple that matches so well with the tart base and pastry.

Kele | Lisse Cakes




Cookies // Kueh Bahulu


What's LNY without flavourful cookies of all sorts?? Snacks-lovers are bound to be happily trapped in the cookie paradise this Lunar period with the numerous offerings of cookies! From honeyed cornflakes to nut cookies, and from rice crackers to lychee cookies, we are more than thrilled to have them all! Lychee cookies, especially, have been making their way into the hearts of many lately! Food-tasting at LNY food fairs will surely include this uniquely delicious cookie!

Let's also not forget a childhood favourite - Kueh Bahulu!! Think the perfect combination of a crispy exterior and the softest interior! This mini sponge cake, also known as the Asian Madeleines, is especially popular in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. This year, we found out that manufacturers have incorporated the White Rabbit Creamy Candy (Da Bai Tu Nai Tang) into the Kueh Bahulu, making for a distinctive taste. It is, honestly, the best of both worlds.

Bakerzin | Homes Favourite | Gin Thye


Bak Kwa // Prawn Rolls



BAK KWA. There's so much to say about this luscious snack that is widely loved and enjoyed by many locals. Also known as rougan, this mouth-watering snack is made by meat preservation and preparation technique, and is grilled to its flavoursome taste! Originally made from pork, many brands have started to include different kinds of meat into this snack! There's beef, chicken, prawn and even fish! 

 Prawn rolls (Hae Bee Hiam, in other terms) have also been a huge favourite with the locals this festive period! These mini snacks are generously filled with spicy dried shrimps and beautifully wrapped in crispy crust. Appetisingly aromatic, the first bite will break its exterior crust and sink your teeth into the delightful fried shrimps. Trust us, this is soooo addictive! 🤤

Lim Chee Guan | NTUC Fairprice



We hope you have enjoyed a round-up of some of our favourite CNY goodies!

Here's wishing all our readers and customers a

Happy Lunar New Year, and a Happy Holiday! 


With love,
Team NM

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