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Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Missed the weekend to shop for Christmas gifts? Afraid that you have little time on your hands to think of gifts to buy? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! This list of gifts we’ve compiled promises to relieve some of your stress this season, and we hope that you’ll have a wonderful time spent with your loved ones this Christmas! 

1. MADEBYNM Basic Nicole Comfy 2-Piece Lounge Set

Firstly, this Basic Nicole Comfy 2-Piece Lounge Set is a must-have in every girls’ wardrobes! So if you’re thinking of getting gifts for your girl friends and know that they love lounging at home, or prioritise comfort in their dressing, this will definitely be a fashionable yet practical gift for them! This lounge set also comes in multiple colours, so be sure to get your friends’ favourite. 

2. Card Games

Next, how can we miss out on the bonding with friends and family when we enter Christmas? If your circle is affected by the current COVID-19 regulations and want to celebrate Christmas at home, gifting these Card Games to your friends to play will surely bring added excitement and joy to you all! These trendy (and maybe even, relatable) card games will also be sustainable in the long run and be useful for future gatherings.

3. MADEBYNM Lesley Jogger Pants

Thirdly, these Lesley Joggers make good Christmas gifts if you have friends who are either into working out or love dressing in sportswear! Decked in a myriad of colours, you can also get these joggers in a bundle of 4 that will be sure to delight your friends. Extremely fashionable and versatile, this fashion piece promises to not go out of style and you will definitely see your friends wearing these joggers for a long time!

4. Hush Candle (Candle & Sanitiser Gift Set)

And of course, we’re starting to move into the classic (and safe) Christmas gifts! We present this Candle & Sanitizer Gift Set from Hush Candle that is definitely within your budget! Additionally, you get to choose the scents of the candle and sanitiser, so it will be perfect if you wish to add a personal touch to this gift. Designed and packaged sleekly, this will be an aesthetically pleasing yet pragmatic gift to give to your friends!

5. Somersby Ciders 

Next, we suggest gifting different sets of Somersby Ciders if you’re celebrating this season at your friends’ homes or know of friends who love ciders. Somersby offers different flavours such as its classic Apple, Watermelon and Sparkling Rose which will all be suitable for consumption either by itself or be useful for making cocktails. Allow this gift to add a little sparkle to your celebrations this year. 

6. Disney+ Digital Subscription

If time is running out for you to shop for physical gifts, getting something digital is definitely also possible! We bring you the idea of gifting your friends a Disney+ Digital Subscription, if you often hear your friends (myself included) lamenting that they’ve run out of shows to watch on other streaming platforms. Disney+ also offers a plethora of unique movies and dramas that will definitely get your friends excited and hooked for the next year if they are followers of trendy shows and new releases.

7. NM Everyday Bags

Our NM Everyday Bags, like its name suggests, are suited to carry on a daily basis and will make a good Christmas gift with its minimalistic design and functionality. Its gold details on the bags add a luxe feel to it and are versatile in matching different types of clothing. Hence, this will be a quality gift which is apt for your friends who love dressing up and accessorising!

8. T2 Tea Advent Calendar

Advent calendars shall not be limited to the days before Christmas, but can also serve as a gift in itself! This is because T2 Tea’s advent calendar consists of 24 different tea bags that will definitely excite your friends who happen to be tea lovers. It promises a great selection of different flavours with an added emphasis on its colourful and intricate packaging which will definitely brighten this season for your friends.

9. Shutter Up Film Camera (Christmas Edition)

If there’s one particular item that is trending in 2021, it would be the reintroduction of vintage film cameras in a modern world we live in today. Shutter-Up Film has their very own line of film cameras included in their Christmas Edition Gift Sets which is not only suited as a gift for this season, but also appropriate if your friends are interested in film photography or simply love capturing precious moments!

10. Neonmello Digital Gift Card

Last but not least, if you’re still at a loss of what to purchase for your beloved friends, Neonmello offers our very own digital gift cards which come in $30, $50 and $100. So if your girl friends love shopping or love Neonmello, this is the perfect gift for them, which will definitely come in handy as we expect more collections to drop this Lunar New Year! So surprise your friends with our gift card and let them shop to their hearts' content!


With love, 

Team NM



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