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Being females, it often means we spend more time on beautifying ourselves, be it fashion outfits, makeup in all forms, or essential skincare products. Therefore when we got introduced to L’Occitane’s Peony Collection, we were really exhilarated. This line of skincare is said to perfect complexion such that we can all be #SelfieReady anytime, anywhere – and this sounds absolutely attractive especially to the digital generation, us inclusive.


We are honoured this time round to be able to collaborate with L’Occitane Singapore’s team to do this giveaway of the Peony Collection Set. But first, let us get right down to the beauty of this range of skincare products, and how your outfits can be as sweet as your skin!


The Petal Cleansing Oil embodies Provençal heritage and conceals some of nature’s best-kept secrets.

Containing real peony petals within, they are dried using a method, which ensures that each flower retains its natural qualities. This infusion of pink petals and golden oil is a beauty treat, which promises to bestow a silky, radiant complexion upon your skin. Being non-comedogenic, it cleanses your skin effectively and delicately removing all traces of impurities. The best thing is, it does not clog pores!


A radiant complexion suits this elegant and minimalistic dress (Zonia Trapeze) with micro-pleats design. It is extraordinary classy and is something that goes really well for a dinner date after your cleansed your face with this cleansing oil.


If you don’t already know, facial masks are easy-breezy items to add to your skincare regime, for they contain within them the goodness of the stated nutrients and are simply simple to adopt! The Purifying Minute Mask is a melt-in mask which is extremely easy to apply. It also helps to tighten pores and reduce excess facial sebum for a clear, glowing complexion with much thanks to the combination of peony and lemon extracts. Plus, we are sure it smells good! Enjoy a book while waiting for the mask to be done. :)


A to-go outfit with this Purifying Minute Mask is perfect. For someone always on-the-go, dressing up comfortably is always a must. Cosabelle Trapeze comes designed with the most feminine of floral prints and girly shades and is definitely suited for everyday errands. Therefore, a quick fix like this Purifying Minute Mask is great to go with it.



Anything hydrating? Please hand it over.


Yes, we love masks that are rich and creamy, just like this Flash Moisture Mask from the Peony Skincare Range. Especially helpful for those with dry skin, this mask immediately provides your skin with the moisture it requires, almost like watering a plant. The skin feels more and more exceedingly nourished, plumped and supple with every use. Since it also consists of Peony Extract and Glycerin, be confident that your skin will feel significantly smoother and more refined.


This dropwaist lace dress (Marrison Dress) is designed with cap sleeves and is truly fitted for meetings or luncheons where you have to look your best! Don this gorgeous dress on after using the Flash Moisture Mask for enhanced moisture levels in your skin so that your confidence levels will be equally high.


You should totally adopt the Overnight Mask if it hasn’t already been added into your night-time skincare routine. This applies for all, but we shall emphasise when you sleep in an air-conditioned room every night. Sleeping in an AC room will cause your skin to be dry even after you apply your usual moisturiser. Hence, it is important to apply an overnight mask before you go to bed. No worries about the mask touching your pillow case so on and forth, for the Overnight Perfecting Mask from the Peony Skincare Range is a non-oily, light-textured gel mask which works the best while you sleep since your skin is most receptive to skincare when your body is resting. This particular mask contains the Peony Extract and Myristic Acid, which helps reduce dullness and dehydration in the skin. You will also wake up to luminous, soft skin in the morning.


Our Colette Dress is something you like to wear out during the weekends where we gather with our family and friends for all sorts of activities such as brunch or dinners. To head out from morning to night really means your skin needs to be hydrated up down left right. This brings us to your night-time routine. Using the Overnight Perfecting Mask is vital for amazingly supple skin when you wake up, and is quintessential for make-up to slide on flawlessly.



Finally, let's head right in to the highlight of this post! 

It's G I V E A W A Y time! :) 

On 14th August 2017 (Monday at 9pm), we will be giving away Two Sets of the Peony Skincare Range on Instagram and Facebook each.

Will YOU be one of the two lucky winners? 

Well, here's what you have to do to participate in our Giveaway:

On Instagram platform:
o Participants to like the photo
o Participants to follow both @neonmello & @loccitane
o Participants to tag two of their friends and share with us their skincare routine (comment in a simplified manner), and how the L’Occitane giveaway items will be beneficial to you

On Facebook platform:
o Participants to like the photo
o Participants to follow both @neonmello & @loccitane
o Participants to tag two of their friends and share with us their skincare routine (comment in a simplified manner), and how the L’Occitane giveaway items will be beneficial to you


Last but not least, we will be inserting L'Occitane shopping vouchers in all customers' packages (while stocks last). 

Happy Participating! :)


With love,
NM Team


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