New NM Line – Lounge Sets You’ll Want to be in All Day!

Shermaine Inez

Posted on September 21 2020

New NM Line – Lounge Sets You’ll Want to be in All Day!


If you don't already know, COZY has been our middle name recently! Be it comfy cotton tops, or casual denim shorts, it certainly seems like we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves and relishing in comfort -- happy to say that it is true! Being homebodies at heart, when our new line of lounge sets has launched, we kind of went crazy for a bit because this two-piece lounge set is so soft and comfortable. Besides, it comes in 5 different colours that we couldn't just pick one!





In 2020, it is apparent that the broad trend is comfort and casual. Yet, it definitely does not mean that we should forgo looking chic! It still is important to look effortlessly chic at the same time! As such, we have set out to create this new line in all entirety -- with two of the most important factors in mind: Comfort & Chic. We explored many different styles and also had feedback from you girls, and finally settled on a top and shorts two-piece lounge set. We also considered the functionality of this lounge set as we want it to be multi-functional, in a way that you girls can wear it many times, on different occasions, and for different purposes. 


Hence, we thought about something comfortable enough to lounge at home - whether it is for sleeping, or watching Netflix on the couch. We also thought about it being wearable outdoors, doing some light exercise, cycling, or hiking, or even running some errands at the supermarket. Finally, we want it to be relevant and updated in terms of colours and style, and for it to be almost all-inclusive. 




Nerida Lounge Set consists of a top and a pair of shorts. The Nerida Top comes with a round neckline, cuffed sleeves, and a boxy silhouette, meant for it to be loose-fitting, and the Nerida Shorts comes with elastic and drawstring waistband, with curved hems for a more flattering cut. We have also added side pockets for added functionality. With consideration for it to be suitable for light exercise, we have specially selected french terry cotton material that is moisture-absorbing.


 As for the colours, we hope to be able to provide more options so that you girls can have one for a different occasion! And this has resulted in a whooping 5 colours - both bright and dark. Also taking inspiration from you girls, we have added the ever-so-popular lavender colour and the vibrant pink to the sets. 


 We are happy to see that our first lounge line has been so well-received, and we will definitely be looking forward to expanding our lounge lines to accommodate more styles and designs! 


With love,

Team NM


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