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Just few days back, we got up close with one of our favourite people! You should already know her, or have at least seen her face once in the social media sphere; she is none other than Audrey Lim from @audreyxaudrey! If you are shopaholics like us, you will surely be stalking her Instagram account (@audrexaudrey), admiring her beautifully taken photos, and salivating over her amazing fashion sense. We are surely fans of all her outfits combination, occasionally spotting Chanel bags in her outfit posts, and recently went head over heels with a photo of her and her stunning, matt Mercedes-Benz, in the shade: Rose Gold

Alright, time to get into the juices! 



1) How and when did you start on this “Influencing” Journey?
    • I started to share my outfit photos on Instagram about 5 years back. Like-minded girls who love dressing up started to follow me and it gave me the confidence boost I required. After which, I posted more photos regularly, and people noticed me. Slowly, brands started reaching out to me for sponsorships and that’s how it all started!


    2) What are some of your current fashion obsessions?
      • I'm consistently on the look-out for the latest fashion trends so I guess I am obsessed with many! :P If I were to decide my current favourites, it would certainly be layered necklaces, cowl necks, anything cropped, THAT @neonmello upcoming Polka Dot Dress(see below for photo) with belt in black kind of dresses (upcoming!), and JUMPSUITS!


      3) Coffee or Tea?
        • I can’t choose - Iced Latte (for the caffeine boost) but Milk Tea from KOI (MY FAVE BBT BRAND!)


        4) Heels or Flats?
          • Heels! I feel more womanly in heels and it helps to enhance my posture too. Yet, I would prefer mid-heels to high-heels! Comfort comes first, for sure :p


          5) Favourite lipstick colour?
            • Anything Coral and Pink! I love colours that make me look more feminine and elegant at the same time.
            • Current favourites - Benefit Lip Tint - Cha Cha and MoonShot Cream Paint - Love Drunk



            6. Favourite food that you will never get sick of ever

            • Anything potatoes! (CARBS) French fries, baked potatoes, anything you name it!


            7. Favourite quote till now
            • Tough times don’t last, Tough people do – it really helps me get by! Another one I’d like to share with you girls is... “The number 1 way to feel miserable is to compare yourself to others.” I guess social media really does gets people down at times. However, the most important thing is to believe that you are enough, you are unique, and you are who you are! Just do your own thing, and be happy, the right people will come and will stay :)


            8. When are you getting married?
            • Next year! Our BTO will be ready by end 2020, fingers crossed! And instead of an extravagant, fanciful wedding ceremony, I am hoping for a beach wedding! :P I do wish to shoot our Pre-Wed photos overseas! Perhaps somewhere like New Zealand! I love New Zealand for her picturesque views and breathtaking Mother Earth, both of which provide spectacular backgrounds for our wedding photos!


            9. What is one thing our readers will be surprised to know about you?
            • I am actually quite shy and quiet.. hehe but of course once you know me I can blabber alllllllll day long (the girls at NM can vouch for that! Haha). Oh! And I do have Vitiligo if you all don’t already know... it is a skin condition where my skin loses melanin so it will turn white. It just affects the aesthetics of my skin, but not on my health... so it is okay for me. Initially, I was quite upset about it but not anymore!


            10. How did you and your boyfriend meet?
              • We met in Secondary School! We were classmates from Sec 1 to Sec 5 and we “stead” for a month back in Sec 1 but we broke up (haha cuz I don’t like him!) It’s actually quite funny because we do go out as friends during secondary school, but sometimes we will just have a “cold-war”/”ignore each other” season. Anyway, we did not keep in contact after secondary school but we met again in 2015 because he “jio-ed” my friend to Zouk and my friend “jio-ed” me. Tadah it’s been 4 years already! How time flies! ♥



            11. Are you a Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn kind of girl?
            • Audrey Hepburn!


            12. Who takes and edits your photos?

            • My boyfriend takes picture for me! I do the styling and editing. I think we make a great team. We shoot in the morning when the light is sufficient and when the sun is more forgiving! 


            13. Favourite travel destination

            • Anywhere beachy, although I don’t know how to swim, I like to listen to the sound of the waves - it’s really therapeutic! Takes the stress off me most of the times!


            14. What camera you use to take your photos?

            • Sony A7II, lens 55mm f1.8


            15. If you are not on this “influencer” journey, what would you be up to right now?
            • I will probably be working for a fashion brand as a stylist/photographer!




            16. What’s your biggest pet peeve?
            • People who are very KAN CHIONG (uptight)


            17. Which country would you like to visit?

            • When we have the time, I’d like to visit the US - California! I watched this sitcom called “Two and a half men” and it’s one of my favourite sitcom, the main lead has a Malibu Beach House so I have always wanted to visit that area and stay there for a few nights. Haha, ridiculous I know.


            18. What’s your go-to outfit/style/look?
            • Anything comfortable/laid-back such as an oversized Pinstripe Shirt x Denim Shorts x loafers x tote bag


            19. Who is your inspiration?

            • Maybelle (Founder of Neonmello) hahaha!!! xD 


            20. What do you like to do in your spare time?
            • Watch HK drama – I am currently watching this TVB drama called The Defected, nice!



            21. Do people go up to you in public and say “I’m your follower!”? Or I love your photos kind of thing.
            • Actually yes, but not many! Maybe a handful? To girls reading this, say “hi!” next time! (hahaha!)


            22. What is your favourite bag?

            • The Chanel Classic Medium Flap in Black, a really classic bag that will stay with me even when I am fifty or sixty years old!


            23. You look like you lead a carefree life, is there anything that you are actually worried about right now?
            • I actually have a “happy-go-lucky” mindset, like what I have said, tough times don’t last, tough people do. But anyway, I legit have nothing worrying going on right now (thankfully), but sometimes I do get worried about my health because… Health is Wealth!


            24. We can see from Instagram that you are a pet lover, how many dogs do you have? 

            • I have one dog and she is PENNY! But I live with 3 dogs, two of which belongs to my boyfriend and his family - Coco and Maxi! Tell you a secret, I'm thinking of getting another Shetland!


            25. Seems like you're into movies; Are you a MARVEL fan? Which hero do you like best?

            • Yes of course! I like HULK the most because Angry HULK is cute and stupid! xD



            Check out the fun shots here! 


            (click on the next arrow > to view the slide show above) 


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