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NM MUSE: Meet May G.

NM MUSE: Meet May G.


We recently had a very fun interview session (on our IGTV) with one of our muses - May Green! You may have seen her on our Instagram account, or on your Instagram Explore page, but she's almost everywhere now! Hailing from Bintan, Indonesia, she is now part of our community, living like a true blue Singaporean! Read on to get to know more of this hot mama!



1) Is May Green your real name?

No, my real name is Meilani, and my Chinese name is Liang Qing Qing. So, my husband came up with this name: May (from Mei-lani), and Green (from Qing Qing)!

2) Where are you from, and how old are you this year?

I'm from a small town of Indonesia (Bintan), and am 50-17= X years old this year!

3) How long have you lived in Singapore?

I've lived in Singapore for 7-8 years.

4) Are you looking forward to going back to Bintan to your family?

Of course! I miss my family and Bintan food!

5) How old is your cute Max?

He just turned 4 this year. I hope he won't grow up too fast!

6) Are you a full-time housewife?

Yes, I'm a full-time housewife!




7) Show us a photo of you without makeup!

*TADA* - see above!

8) What is your usual daily routine?

Usually, after sending Max to school, I will exercise, reply emails/DMs, sometimes I cook when I'm in the mood, play with Max, and create content!

9) What is your favourite food in Singapore?

Chicken rice!

10) What is your favourite place in Singapore?

Jewel / Marina Bay Sands

11) Your skin looks super good, can share some of you favourite skincare products?

 It's not really good, I got pimples also sometimes. I used Skin Inc for 2 years and now I'm using Ice Secret. Sometimes it's good to change your skincare products once every two years to maintain the efficacy of the skincare!




12) We see you work-out everyday! What motivates you to work out?

Actually I started working out during Circuit Breaker because there's nothing much to do at home. For now, I continue working out because I want to have a toned body :)

13) What is the one thing you like most about your husband?

I like everything about him, oh there's one thing I don't like about him... He likes to fart hahaha! 

14) What is the one thing your husband like most about you?

Wow, this is something I don't know. I will go back and ask him!

15) Which country would you like to head to first once we are able to travel again?

I would first like to go back to my own country (Bintan), and the second country I would like to travel to is Northern Italy!


If you would like to see May Green up and personal (with all the funny moments), check out our IGTV interview session with her here.


With love,

Team NM


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