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Posted on May 20 2018

With summer coming around, we are excited to incorporate lightweight, dainty dresses in the most comfortable materials into our wardrobes. Summer is always the hotter season, even though Singapore is a tropical country. Hence, it is even more so crucial for us to dress the part - think crochet, structured laces, lightweight polyester, chiffon and so on! 

Look 1: Crochet, Wide-Legged Jumpsuit (upcoming)


Our first look for the Garden Series is this upcoming piece, an elegant sleeveless, wide-legged jumpsuit. This jumpsuit features a rounded neckline which is extremely modest, and also crochet lace bodice that adds to the femininity of the entire outfit. Due to the pants being of a flare silhouette, it provides a graceful and generous look - befitting of a lady! In addition, if you are not blessed with endless legs, your bottoms options should either be really short, or immeasurably long. To perfect this jumpsuit look, we would pair it with a pair of heels to best make use of the length! Flats would probably do the trick, but will not exude a sense of elegance as well as a pair of heels always does! :)


Look 2: Merra High-Low Drape Midi Dress


We certainly require a suitable number for formal events such as company luncheons or even wedding events!
Wedding bells seem to be ringing more during this period as well - it might perhaps be due to the upcoming month-long holiday? Then, we shall not relax. As wedding guests, we should always dress our best as a form of respect for the couple. 
Merra is a dress that is exceedingly apt for formal events such as weddings. Since it is of a floral print, it would definitely suit a luncheon or day setting. We are in love with how the drapes of this dress seem to fall naturally and smoothly, and flaunting our silhouette in the most decorous manner. It is no doubt the first choice we would go for, for formal luncheons :)


Look 3: Isadora Eyelet Midi Dress

 Eyelet packs a bunch of summer feelings in it, and is exceptional for summer. Isadora illustrates a modern lady channeling victorian vibes in the fit and flare midi silhouette, moderately-wide shoulder straps, and crochet paneling details in all the right places. 

Refined. Dignified. Sophisticated. 

The three words to describe this dress. 

Where would we wear this to? Basically anywhere from breakfasts to gatherings, cafe hopping to semi-formal luncheons! This dress can be formal or casual depending on the accessories you pair it with, for example with high heels, it would be an undeniably classic look. However, if you pair it with sneakers, it would then have an athleisure component in it.

With love,
Team NM 

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