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✧ NM X Coocaça ✧ - Super Food for a Super You ;)

✧ NM X Coocaça ✧ - Super Food for a Super You ;)

 Hola to all our readers! If you have been following us on Instagram, you would have seen our Instagram stories the day we went down to Coocaça ;) My, were we in for a super healthy treat that day! 

Pronounced as "coo-ka-sa", this health food joint is new on the block, only having started just last year. Yet, they already have two outlets in Orchard, which we think is a pretty incredible feat! We went over to the one at Liat Towers which definitely is the one we intend to head to because of the gorgeously painted mural. If you ever walk past it, be sure to grab an Açai Bowl, or a refreshing smoothie, and snap a shot with this mural ;)

 Welcomed with not only their signature Açai Bowls and Smoothies, we also had a taste of their handmade, all natural foods such as the Granola Balls, Almond Butter, Almond Butter Cookie, and Granola which you can definitely purchase off their shelves. 

 The almond butter tastes exceedingly rich, and thick! *inserts shocked but satisfied face* 

It is not always you get to taste such jam with thick consistency throughout, and this unquestionably illustrates that it is made with all the real ingredients! This almond butter, spread across our bread, is going to make a tasty breakfast or tea treat for all. Furthermore, it does not taste super sweet which is a plus for the health-conscious! 

We also finished a granola ball almost immediately and as small as it looks, it actually is able to fill us up, making it a really convenient mid-day snack!

Okay, let us just admit it. We were really there for their Açai Bowls! (This is pronounced as Ah-Sa-Ee, we bet majority of you can't pronounced it! :P) It was especially hot that day, and we were all smiles when we were greeted with these refreshingly, icy cold treats.

We had Pura Vida for the Açai Bowl, which includes all the good stuff, think berries, bananas, açai, and pumpkin seeds (additional topping)!

As for the drink, we had the Tropicana Smoothie. This. This was a lifesaver that day since the sun was mercilessly beating down on us. We can't describe how tasty this drink is, you really have to try it for yourself :)

 More visuals of what went on that day right below!
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So... We will be holding an Instagram Giveaway with @coocacasg! To participate, please head over to our Instagram account @neonmello, and look for the giveaway post.

There will be three lucky winners, and each of them will win 3x $5 Gift-cards from Coocaça.

More instructions will be provide on the Instagram Post, which will be up on 11th March 2018 (Sunday).

Have fun! 

With love,
NM Team

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