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NM X Moist Diane Perfect Beauty: Perfect Hair Beauty Wardrobe!

NM X Moist Diane Perfect Beauty: Perfect Hair Beauty Wardrobe!
"If your hair is done properly,
and you have on good shoes clothes,
you can get away with anything."


As quoted from Iris Apfel, a globally revered fashion icon.

We second that, without questions. Good hair days definitely has the capability of making you feel like a million bucks. Similarly, confidence can come naturally with fashionably, polished outfits. 

Here in this post, we will be sharing with you our Perfect Hair Beauty Wardrobe in collaboration with Moist Diane. Through this, you will learn about the outfit-and-shampoo combination our stylist has paired. The new Moist Diane's Perfect Beauty series has 6 range of customised, salon-inspired hair care to address the common hair concerns faced by Asian ladies.


Do read on till the very last part for a surprise! ;)

First up, Moist Diane's Extra Damage Repair range matches perfectly with the Periville Buttoned A-line Midi Dress! Made for the adventurous soul whom we imagined to be running wild and free across prairies, with the wind blowing through her untamed hair, and donning on Periville Dress made of natural fabric (cotton linen), it is very likely she will require the additional shot of damage repair booster to restore her wild manes. This shampoo + treatment set prevents split ends and hair breakages, repairs damage caused by chemical treatment, and prevents colour fading.
For someone who's loving all the fun, the Moist Diane's Extra Smooth & Straight range may be the best bet! She who loves no hassle and trouble would enjoy and appreciate smooth, manageable straight hair that detangles like a breeze. During warmer days, she can very easily tie up her straight hair in a simple top knot, and be on her way to her daily affairs. Eliza Off Shoulder Smocked Top makes for a no-fret outfit choice, and can be effortlessly chic whether paired with shorts or denim jeans. 
For an exceedingly feminine outfit such as Ardelle Frilly Polka Dot Sundress, we would think that it suits the stylishly demure lady out there who would look impeccable every single time she steps out of the house and who has weekly brunch appointments scheduled. Since it is a must to look flawless, Moist Diane's Extra Vital range would be ideal. With an irresistible Cherry Blossom scent, the Extra Vital set is made to strengthen the hair, reduce breakage, and provide deep conditioning to dry scalp. As such, she will be rest assured that no fray hair will be falling out of place! 
For the glamourous her, Elsa Runche Neck Maxi Dress would undoubtedly fit like a glove! She who loves loud places and being the center of attention would very much prefer a show-stopping dress like the Elsa Dress with its blooming colours and vibrant prints. With this, an equally flamboyant hairstyle would be a pleasant match. Moist Diane's Extra Volume & Scalp is what we have recommended in this case as it adds volume to flat hair, restores the hair's bounce and resilience. Further, healthy scalp is also an added bonus if you like your hairdo to adhere. This haircare set reduces itching and flaking of the scalp. 

Extra Moist & Shine Shampoo + Treatment is made for the dainty lady out there, whose hair requires an additional radiance boost and hydration when she's out socialising at family gatherings and such. At these events, Smithtown Fluted Hem Lace Dress, being a delicate and sweet number, is an unparalleled match. This haircare range hydrates hair without weighing it down, enhances hair colour, and most importantly, repairs damage caused by UV rays and heat!


Finally, Lori Top will suit someone who's constantly outdoors and prefers comfortable outfits. For her who loves the sun and outdoor adventures, it is very likely she will require the Extra Fresh & Hydrate Shampoo + Treatment to treat hair caused by prolonged sun exposure. The Extra Fresh & Hydrate range deeply cleanses oily scalp, eliminates scalp sebum odour, and provides 48 hours of hair and scalp freshness.



Here we are at the final stage - our Instagram Giveaway with Moist Diane Singapore. 
Keep a look out for more details on our Instagram Account, @neonmello, on the 13th October Weekend! :)




Receive a free Wet Brush Professional Mini Pop Fold worth $15.90 with purchase of Moist Diane Perfect Hair Beauty Kit* (which includes Shampoo + Treatment + Wet Brush) at $29.90 (U.P. $49.70), while stocks last.

*This promotion is available for Extra Fresh & Hydrate, Extra Moist & Shine, Extra Damage Repair, and Extra Volume & Scalp ranges only. Available in selected Watsons outlets from Oct 11 to Nov 7, 2018, and at selected NTUC Fairprice outlets from Nov 1-31, 2018. For more info, refer to Moist Diane FB page!

With love,
Team NM ♥ 

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The Workwear Edit

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