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NM X SONY SINGAPORE: Featuring the New ZV-1 Camera!

NM X SONY SINGAPORE: Featuring the New ZV-1 Camera!


We are beyond excited to share that Neonmello has partnered with Sony Singapore to give away their latest digital camera ZV-1! The ZV-1 Camera is designed for casual videography, and through this, we have also created a few video clips using the ZV-1 Camera (both IGTV Lookbooks, and short video clips) featuring our designs. It has almost been 2 months of using it during our shoots and we are glad to be sharing some insights and amazing camera features that you would be more than glad to have! 


Videos seem to matter so much more these days with Instagram Stories and Instagram TV (IGTV) being more accessible to every people like us. It appears that we can create amazing videos too at every other second! ZV-1 is for those of you who love creating videos and creating moments and memories that last in these videos. It's for the everyday people who can't manage handling a huge DSLR Camera, instead prefer a handy and compact camera like the ZV-1.


Besides the more common features like it being lightweight and compact, and that it is convenient to share your photos and videos directly to your phones, we have specially picked out the 4 main features that we absolutely adore about this camera! 



Eye Auto Focus

 Since this is designed to be a camera perfect for casual videography, it is of utmost importance that it should be able to focus quickly without much external assistance. The ZV-1 is able to lock onto your eye and focus on it without wandering to other subjects. When you would like to focus on other subjects, simply touch it on the screen and let the camera do the focusing


Soft Skin Effect

If you are a frequent user of Instagram Stories, you would have known how there are filters that could make your skin a million times smoother! Here in the ZV-1, there is also this "Soft Skin Effect" mode that allows you to enjoy a blurred skin effect! In this mode, you can choose from 3 different levels of soft skin: the low, the mid, and the high! The mid level is our favourite so far! 




Bokeh Background

Trying for a more professional looking photo? Well, we are more than happy to share that there is a "bokeh switch" button conveniently located at the top right hand corner of the camera which you can simply press on to switch the background bokeh on and off! We say that it is easy "blur out" the background while keeping the subject in focus! 


Clear Voice Recording

 One feature we really love about this camera is also the ability to record our voices clearly even in a rowdy or windy location! The camera’s unique directional 3-capsule mic gathers clear sound from in front of the camera, ideal for movie shooting. It also comes with a wind screen that reduces wind noise for worry-free outdoor shooting. No fret about videoing in noisy conditions now! ;)




 We hope you enjoyed reading this and that you are on your way to get your ZV-1 now! It is truly a camera a casual videographer can get comfortable with! For more information on the camera, please visit their official website here, and do head over to Neonmello Instagram account to join the giveaway!

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With love,

Team NM


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