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Pinterest-Inspired Fashion: Discover How to Get the Look with Neonmello!

Pinterest-Inspired Fashion: Discover How to Get the Look with Neonmello!

Pinterest is every fashion lover's go-to for inspiration, but let's be honest - turning those picture-perfect outfits into a reality can feel daunting. That's where we come in! Our clothing collection is designed to help you achieve those must-have looks without having to spend a fortune. With a bit of creativity and our exclusive tips, you'll be surprised at just how easy it is to bring your favourite Pinterest outfits to life. Let's dive in and get inspired 🥰

1. Blazer Sets

Everytime I scroll through Pinterest, blazer sets will somehow catch my eye quite easily! If you're a fan of blazer sets and Korean fashion like me, you're definitely going to love the Paula Crop Blazer set. The padded shoulders and slim V-neck of the cropped blazer give it a trendy edge, while the trouser pants provide a flattering fit that will elongate your legs. To perfect that Pinterest look, wear a clean and neat white Zora top as inner-wear! Whether you're dressing up for a work event or a special occasion, the Paula Crop Blazer set is a versatile and chic option that you can easily recreate~ 

2. Black top + Denim 

A combination of simple black puff-sleeved top and denim bottoms is a staple on Pinterest! I’ve been an avid user of Pinterest since 2015 and this outfit combi has always come up in my feed for years. You can try recreating this with our Quinlivan Top and Amber Denim jeans! The Quinlivan Top is a charming piece that features a sweetheart neckline, sheer puffy sleeves, and all-over Swissdot details that adds uniqueness to the top. When paired with our Amber Denim jeans, the distressed details of the denim give off a vintage appeal that perfectly complements the sweet and charming vibe of the Quinlivan Top. So, if you're looking for a casual yet stylish Pinterest outfit, the combination of our Quinlivan Top and Amber Denim jeans is definitely worth trying out! 

3. Comfy Pullover

Are you in search of a fun and comfy Pinterest outfit that's suitable for everyday wear? Consider trying out our Happy Vibes pullover in combination with our Kelly Denim shorts! The Happy Vibes pullover comes in four lovely colors and is guaranteed to bring you joy. It is crafted from a soft and comfortable nylon polyester knit blend material, making it ideal for any casual occasion. For a versatile appeal, pair it with our Kelly Denim shorts that feature a frayed hem and distressed design. These shorts are a timeless classic that will never go out of fashion! Complete your look with any pair of sneakers, and you're all set✨

4. Floral Dress

Elevate your Pinterest outfit game with our Amaris Floral Maxi Dress! Designed with a pleated floral fabric, this dress exudes simplicity and elegance, perfect for any special occasion or a summer day out. Made with chiffon material and intricate floral details, this dress is a must-have in your wardrobe. Whether you're attending a wedding, garden party, or any other event, Amaris is the perfect and effortless choice. Recreate Pinterest floral dresses with Amaris and let the compliments come pouring in!

5. Tank Top and Shorts 

If you're scrolling through Pinterest and looking for a trendy yet effortless outfit, you'll love our Kylie Ribbed Tank Top and Freda Shorts combo! The Kylie Ribbed Tank Top is a must-have for any casual occasion, offering a comfortable and adaptable sleeveless top that can be worn in many ways. The Freda shorts are a basic staple that are both flattering and versatile, featuring a high-rise fit that's perfect for everyday wear. You can easily mix and match these shorts with other pieces in your wardrobe to create different looks. Make this comfy yet stylish combination part of your Pinterest-inspired wardrobe! 

Say goodbye to outfit struggles and hello to effortless style! 👋

Love from,

Team NM

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