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The Cosy Edition - 5 Items You Need for Cuddly Days

The Cosy Edition - 5 Items You Need for Cuddly Days


Comfort days call for comfort clothes! And with the weather getting all cold and icy lately, we can't help but get into our warm, comfy outfits perfect for snuggles! Here's a whole new line of comfort-wear that we believe is perfect for cuddly days, stay-cays, or even just to head out for gatherings with friends and New Year's countdown - the 5 items you need!




Rayne Relax Shoulder Knit Top

 First on our list is for sure this hot favourite among you girls! The Rayne Knit Top is a comeback in new, gorgeous shades of daffodil, nude, quartz purple and sky blue! This simple yet chic top comes with a relaxed neckline allowing you to wear it off the shoulder or on the shoulder - solely up to your personal preference! You can wear it at home or even just slip it over a pair of denim jeans if you are intending to head out! What we adore about this top is the fact that it is seemingly so soft and casual, yet gives off a polished and alluring vibe!


Odette Ribbed Soft Knit Cardigan

 This has got to be our next favourite cropped cardigan! This cardigan comes in a shorter length, hence making it perfect for petites! In a ribbed knit texture, Odette Cardigan comes with similar-coloured buttons and is of the ultimate soft and comfy texture that you will be glad to don on! We would wear it with anything, really, if the weather calls for it simply because it is so versatile. Think cropped top + denim shorts, or even slipping this cardigan over a fitted casual dress will score you some style points!





Nolene 2-Pc Set 

YES to another new lounge set, after the Nerida Set! It is always around this time of the year where the weather turns a little colder, giving room to warm coffees, heart-warming snuggles, and cosy outfits! Whether you’re chilling at home or just out running errands, the Nolene 2-Piece Set will be the perfect outfit you should have to cosy up for the relaxing weekends. Complete your outfit with sneakers if you are heading to town, or if you are just heading to the nearest 7-11, sliders will do! ;)


Deanna Halter Top

 Deanna is definitely something so so familiar with you girls! Because it is so extremely comfortable and easy to wear, we have brought it back in new colours yet again! In a classic halter silhouette, this top is made with soft knit material that allows for layering under cardigans or even wearing it in a humid condition. With it being fitting, you can pair it with A-line shorts, or even wide-legged pants!


Ambree Mid-Length Knit Cardigan

 We certainly do have a thing for cardigans lately with the freezing spell all over Singapore. Ambree is one with a longer length that can act as a mid-length knit coat. It also comes with a reasonable thickness that makes it ideal if you are heading out in the cold or if you need to keep warm in your air-conditioned office. We love how it comes with bat-wing sleeves and pockets at the side! For weekends, we would wear it over a cropped top and denim shorts!



With love,

Team NM


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