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🎉Toss! Bring more luck to your wardrobe with colours 🧧🧧

🎉Toss! Bring more luck to your wardrobe with colours 🧧🧧
Everyone loves Chinese New Year - the food, staying up all night playing mahjong, getting all dolled up for visiting! 
For me, my favourite part of Chinese New Year has always been Lo Hei! There’s something oddly satisfying about this ritual, especially when tossing the colourful ingredients while chanting blessings into the air. It feels like a celebration of the happy and good things that will come our way this year. Someone told me that each ingredient symbolises different types of luck - the more colour there is, the more luck you will get.  This year, get ready to bring more luck into your wardrobe with us!

Look #1 - Lola Sleeveless Ruched Romper Dress 

Bring in good luck into your life with our orange coloured Lola, our sweet and vibrant sleeveless romper dress! She is the perfect shade of orange - soft, distinctive but not overly striking. Simplicity and comfort best describe our Lola and when worn, you’ll fall in love with her smooth, flowy polyester blend material and delicate ruched bust design! Her low back design has a hint of sexiness, making you feel even more confident. Throw on any shoes with Lola and you are all set for Chinese New Year! 😀

Look #2 - Lucida Sweetheart Romper Dress

I’ve always wondered what the green radish in Lo Hei stood for and I’ve finally found my answer - eternal youth! There’s nothing more fitting for eternal youth than our Lucida romper dress. Her everlasting, sage colour really goes perfectly with everything and anything! This romper dress is incredibly soft to touch and goes perfectly with any outerwear like a cropped cardigan. Her sophisticated ruched sweetheart bust details also adds a touch of sweetness, making sure you look young forever~

Look #3 - Blossom Embossed Two Piece Set

Chinese New Year is all about red, which means bringing in good fortune and prosperity. My top pick, the Blossom two-piece set including a delicate puff-sleeved top and bottom will surely delight you! Her signature wine red colour promises to bring life and joy into your life. Her jacquard material and the slide slit remind me so much of the Chinese traditional dress and she will definitely make you look classy during this festive season! 


Look #4  - Cecil Offsie Tier Set

Did you know that the white radish in Lo Hei symbolises good job prospects in the coming year? Get your dream job or school by wearing our Cecil, which comes in a set of a gorgeous 3-tier midi skirt and an off shoulder top! Her perfect, white colour will make you feel alive, like a fresh start to a new year. Our Cecil is also versatile and can be worn in any way you want and whenever you want - CNY, a date, picnic…anything! The lovely off-shoulder details add sweetness to the piece, completing your desired girl-next-door look :)

Look #5 - Bonjour Sleeve Lace Dress

Purple cabbage has always been my favourite ingredient in Lo Hei and it stands for wealth and prosperity! This year, our Bonjour sleeve lace dress will bring wealth to your wardrobe with its lovely, lilac colour. Just look at her adorable sweetheart neckline :D With her detailed floral and crochet trimming details, our Bonjour dress is really the perfect dress to wear on a sunny day filled with hope! No wonder she promises to bring happiness and wealth to us~





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