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What Summer Outfits are Made of?

Posted on 04 June 2017

That's right, it is certainly getting warmer in Summer, but it does not mean that your style has to take a tumble. Summer may not mean an extremely major change to the locals since we are living in a tropical country, yet, it is so much like an international summer celebration since the world is so interconnected by the digital age right now. Let us dive into the summer fun too! 

Injection of certain elements into your summer outfits is a must. This is perhaps the standard checklist of every summer outfit: breezy, flowy, lightweight. If possible, go for natural fibers too as natural fabrics trap less heat. 


In this post, we would like to talk about the different components which you can add to give your look a major fashion boost. They will be segmented into weekday and weekend wear, but of course, to wear the outfit instead of having the outfit wear you is a skill to learn ;)


 Light Colours

Summer is all about the sun. As you may have guessed it, it's all about the bright and light colours, which is inevitably a major contrast to the darker colours of Fall and Winter. Light colours tend towards a more positive outlook and makes a person naturally cheerier in general. Since summer mostly means basking in the sun, soaking in the warmth, and having the time of your life outdoors, light colours are almost indispensable.

Casey Shift Dress and Rafael Top meet the marks undeniably. One can probably go for a Casey weekday look at the office, and a Rafael weekend look at the beach. 


As a NM fan myself, ombre, is without a doubt, a fixture in our collections. Ombre is like a gentle progression of darker to lighter shades, and clearly, it is going to be incorporated into our Summer dresses as well. This element offers such femininity that it brings a pleasant vibe into your outfit overall.

Look polished in an ombre shift dress (Bailey Ombre Shift) for your weekdays and let loose in an ombre trapeze (Costa Trapeze) during your weekends!

 Statement Sleeves

If you have been one to catch up on the latest fashion reads, you will know that statement sleeves are all the rage, and it is such an easy addition to your outfit that enables you to look absolutely chic instantly. Besides, it doesn't seem to be slowing down hence, don't worry about being late to the family!

Bringing out the cold shoulder together with the flutter sleeves, Furstenburg Cold Shoulder Dress is the one you'd like to wear to work. On the other hand, the bouncy sleeves Tilia Sleeved Romper belongs to the weekend edition.



What is summer without summer stripes? Stripes especially in its lighter colours seemingly brings a burst of energy into the look. It is almost like a natural summer component that cannot be missed. 

Smitten Stripes Dress is a dress that can be worn to the workplace or to cafes, which is absolutely versatile. Its pleated hemline complements the stripes so very well that you will achieve a 10/10 look effortlessly. 


Summer is made of the sun, the beach, lightweighted pieces and cold drinks all in all. However, one can add to the party with these 4 components! We can't wait!


With love,

NM Team


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