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This is a game like our childhood game: Monopoly! Basically, in the NM XMASPOLY, you have to collect coupons to redeem the prize for that particular coupon. This game will be ongoing for the whole month of December until all prizes are redeemed / when December ends (whichever is earlier). 


What coupons are there?

There are the normal coloured coupons with our product names. These coloured coupons are the ones people tend to collect in order to stand a chance of winning a big prize. There are also “Instant Win” coupons where you instantly win a discount value, and “Community Chest” coupons where you get to win random items such as tote bags etc. 




How to collect coupons?

The coupons will be randomly given in your parcels. The more items your order consists of, the more coupons you will receive within your parcel! *Coupons insertion will solely be up to our team's discretion; coupons are limited hence first come first served*


How to win the big prizes?

You will have to collect the coloured coupons with our product names printed on it. There will be instructions on how to redeem it. For example, you can win yourself a pair of premium pillowcases, if you collect 3 of the blue coloured coupons - zona drive, naya drive, and kylea drive. And, you can win an Anessa Sunscreen by collecting 3 of the green coloured coupons - oppa lane, nicole lane, and keira lane. (see below images)



What happens if I collected all the coupons?

Well, then we are looking at the biggest winner of them all! If you have collected all the 14 coupons (12 of the coloured property coupons, 1 instant win coupon, and 1 community chest coupon), you will win a gift hamper worth $300! We shall keep hush about the contents of the hamper for now, but rest assured that you will definitely love it! There will only be 1 gift hamper - so first come first served! ^^


How do I redeem my prize after collecting the coupons?

If you have collected the necessary coupons, you may write in to with an image of all the coupons, and we will respond to you within 1 working day (✿◠‿◠)  Do also take note that you will be required to drop by with your coupons in exchange for your prize! You may collect back the coupons if you wish to, but we will have to leave a marking on it to prevent second usage ٩◔‿◔۶