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How You Can Twin With Your Mom?

Posted on 08 May 2016

Hey you lovely readers! 
It's Mother's Day today, and we are happy to be here to wish all Mothers in the world, a Happy Mother's Day! :)) Mothers are said to be the most noble, and greatest human in the world, for they protected you in their wombs for nine months, bearing the immense pain of childbirth, and safely bring you into this world.
So, no matter what conflicts you may have with your mom, or if they do not understand you as much as you would like them to, remember that you are here because of her, and of course, your dad ;) If they happen to misunderstood your choices or actions, explain to them clearly. Words can be one of the most powerful tools on this Earth, depending on how you use them, so use them wisely yep! 
Alright, we shall spare the granny's tale, and get right into the post for today! Since we are totally in the mood of Mother's Day celebration, our team has compiled 4 different outfits that you can wear with your lady - we call it Twinning! 


These 2 outfits above (Covent Runched TopBordebury Palazzo PantsTuxedo Jumpsuit) are definitely what you can wear for a meal with your mom on a weekday in between work, perhaps for lunch, or dinner? Available in different colours, each of you can choose one, and you are ready for a twinning session! How cute is that? Of course, choose one with the right maturity level for your mom, instead of having her wear some cutesy girly item ha! :P


For a non-work day, probably a weekend brunch at a cafe, or dinner at a restuarant, with the family, dress up respectively in Jossa Tie Knot Shirt Dress, and Alonis Glamour Maxi Dress. Jossa is suitable for a stress-free and laid back event, and doubtlessly for a sunny weather. Alonis, being the maxi that it is, seems perfect for a night event at a more formal setting. 
So we've got you covered for both weekdays and weekends! How about extending your own Mother's Day celebration and have some with some Twinning session with your mom? (✿ ♥‿♥)
With love,
NM Team


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