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Get Breezy This Summer - In 5 Ways

Posted on 22 May 2016

Every time we talk about Summer Lovin, it naturally gets me to the Musical: Grease. Olivia Newton and John Travolta seriously got me summer loving! If you haven't watched it, you probably can, and at the same time get some major inspiration from the 1950s! 

So, June is on its way, and we should be on our way to welcome it too! For the love of summer parties and beach events, we have come up with 5 items that can transform your wardrobe this S U M M E R!


 There's so many favourites in our latest collection, and no prizes for guessing that this Ombre piece is one of our favourites as well! In the most exotic and sprightly colours, you can be sure to dazzle at any parties you attend. Breezy and light as a feather, this dress appears to be weightless on your body. If you are going to beach parties, go ahead and wear this with a earth-coloured sandal, over your bikinis even. 


 This romper just brought us to Saint Tropez in France, where the warm weather greets its guests in sunshine. With a V-neckline, pleated bodice and a complementing waist sash to accentuate a lady's silhouette, this is the epitome of classy, instead of trashy.

Be at your most comfortable in this romper without fearing that the heat might burn you out. Be at your most stylish without fearing that pinstripes belongs to the past, for pinstripes is widely loved right now.

Tell us, if this is not your ultimate piece for casual summer parties, what is? ;) 

<Caesar Pinstripes Sunshine Romper (light)Caesar Pinstripes Sunshine Romper (dark)>


 Ha! Brides-to-be, rejoice! We got your bridesmaid dresses covered here! In the daintiest and most delicate lace fabric, this seems to match a fairy-tale wedding! Don't we all want a dreamy wedding to remember till when we grow old?

Nonetheless, you can re-wear this for a formal occasion, on your anniversary date, or even to a classy brunch place with your loved ones. With versatility like this, I think we all know that we need at least one of these at our beck and call!

<Edelweiss Lace Panelling Midi (rose)Edelweiss Lace Panelling Midi (mint)Edelweiss Lace Panelling Midi (sky blue)>


 O.K. Major love, full stop. 

Wow, might this be the piece that throws us off our feet the moment we laid eyes on it? The vibrant colours, the immaculate cutting, the modish grid prints make everything about this dress feel so right! The skater structure adds that girly touch to any accessory you might want to match with. We think this may be genuinely suitable for wedding brunches, or or or, Bridesmaid dresses like Edelweiss (above)! 

<Bethworth Dainty Frock (roast tanga)Bethworth Dainty Frock (nude pink)Bethworth Dainty Frock (classy white)>


We all need some breezy summer tops with that right flare. Think we might have found it with the prettiest prints and lightweight fabric! Maya is a simple top with the most delectable patterns that can amplify any simple shorts or pants or skirts, even. And, you will feel undoubtedly happy when you wear this for it doesn't weigh or increase your body's temperature, making it really comfortable. Even for errands, we ought to dress up nicely since you never really know who you might meet! ^^

<Maya Flare Top (almond)Maya Flare Top (black)>


Have fun summer loving! ♥♥

NM Team

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