5 different styles to carry on each date!

Shermaine Inez

Posted on June 09 2016

5 different styles to carry on each date!

As the name suggests, we will be discussing the 5 different styles you can carry on each date, be it a casual outing, a movie date, a picnic getaway, a romantic night out, or arguably one of the most important dates of your life - your anniversary. We found out that you, you and you, have really amazing other halves (who will wait for you when you are trying out clothes, or who will come up to our office and pick up your clothes for you). And so, we wish to make all your dates as memorably chic as ever. 



First and foremost, what's more important than casual since everyday is a date when two loved ones are together? As cliche as it may sound, we believe it is true. :) As time passes and when days become years, and when you and your other half may have already gotten used to one another, your outfits perhaps get lazier at the same time. Do you feel this too? Don't worry about it. Kelly Tee Dress is the perfect off-days dress for your dates! Being the loose fitting dress that it is, it comes in a Tee shape which makes it all the more comfortable for casual dates. We suggest white sneakers, or loafers, to add to your style points! 

<Kelly Tee Dress (navy)Kelly Tee Dress (forest green)>


Going for a movie date? Denim is always a good idea! You can't go wrong with this shift dress with its unique denim blocks. The myriad of denim hues in a single piece is sure to make you stand out from the rest, and yet not overly extravagant. If you like some accessories, go for the colour grey to add depth to the entire outfit. 
However, if you are going for a movie date after work, you probably have no time to get home and head out again. The best way will be to wear something that is suitable for date to work! It will have to be something professional and mature looking, and never looking too dull. Oxford Layered Midi Skirt will be the optimum choice for both occasions: work and movie. 


For the third date, we have gotten you prepped for picnics! Doesn't every girl like picnic dates on the green green grassland with dainty little baskets and delicious snacks? Imagine the cool breeze that hit softly on your skin, and you flashed the sweetest smile. :) 
What to complement your sweetest smile besides the sweetest dress? Oasis Ombre comes in the gentlest gradient and the most vibrant colours. There's nothing like letting your dress flow with the wind. If you are more active, you may consider Caesar Romper - an elegant number which undeniably increases your grace.

Romantic nights out are not to be missed, without doubts. Maxis are forever one of our top choices. It somehow seems to make the ensemble more formal. In two delicate colours, this dress will delight your date as much as you wanted it to! The colourblocks and the cascading layers of it will take you to the next level of poise. Wear it with and without the sash, depending on the style you are trying to achieve! :)

<Cuscaden High Low Colourblocking Maxi (nude)Cuscaden High Low Colourblocking Maxi (sweet)>



As mentioned earlier, anniversaries are easily the most important events in your life. They celebrate your attachment, your union, and your promise to your other half. Henceforth, there is no need to dress down for this date. In fact, go for a lace or crochet overlay option for that additional exquisiteness. Be it a playsuit, or a dress, you can go ahead and take your pick! You can perhaps go for a playsuit on a work day, and a dress on an off day! ^^
With this, our team likes to wish all of you ladies out there, to have the best dates of your life! And, thank you for being a part of our journey, and giving us the opportunity to be a part of yours. 
With Love,
NM Team :)




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