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24/7 - Daily Outfits for the Week

Posted on 25 June 2016

If you are working at a 9/5 job, you will understand exactly the woes of an office lady - fashion woes we mean. This is especially so if you are working on the front-end, having to meet customers or to report to your direct bosses and superiors. It is always not very nice to wear shabbily, or even to repeat your outfits without any variation. Furthermore, what office ladies will really have the energy and effort to analyze and think through which outfits to wear every single day? "Spare us the additional work!" is probably what we will say after work every day :P

So for today's post, we will be bringing you through outfits for the week; from Monday through to Thursday, Friday, and the Weekends. This will cover both your work and off days then!

Every Monday must have been one of the more dreaded days of the week. Anyone? *Raise hands!* Yes, it is hardly possible to want to leave our relaxing weekends to face truckloads of work waiting for us at the office. Yet, it is so important for us to dress up to work, especially on the first day of the week. Why is this so, you might ask? Well, that is because having a great start makes the day feel good, and the week feel better!
To start off the week, we will need something prim and proper, professional-looking, and certainly something that can increase your confidence at work. You may not know of this. Yet, your outfits at work is related to your confidence, which in turn is related to your work productivity and efficiency. When you are confident, you will also take pride in your work, resulting in clear decisions made, and apparent appraisal from your managers, or team leaders. We have selected three outfits to ensure maximum confidence output. 
Choplin is a simple dress with that classic silhouette. Its box pleats and midi length make the dress look prim and classy. The neutral shade of grey gives a sense of modernity and minimalism. Megan and Maxe are the two tops that we have to have for that additional femininity, with reference to their off shoulders and toga shape. On usual days, throw on a cardigan to not look overly sassy. On Wednesdays, go ahead and enjoy your mid-week drinks! Finally, Metropolis is the go-to skirt for effortless dressing since it is already a one of a kind skirt with its own huge bow at the front. 

As with the most dreaded day of the week, there is always the most anticipated day. Do we even have to spell it out? If we have to, F R I D A Y is the word. We all love Friday, don't we? (An unanimous YES) After a whole week of slogging, it is only right for us anticipate time for our own and our family. Fridays, for most of us, are an informal dress-down day. We will wear, on this day, more vibrant colours in lighter textures. Well, we may be really prepping for that date to unwind ourselves. 
Natty and Gabe are most optimum for when you have a date coming by to pick you right after work, and he is bringing you to that restaurant which you love to bits. You have to look immaculately clean and good, yet you never want to look too over-the-top at work. These two are created with elegance and feminism, which will score you points both at work and on the date! If you are, however, meeting your friends at that local cafe place or timbre perhaps, we would undoubtedly recommend Kelly. Kelly is a non-stressful dress to be in. It is made for fun and adventure, almost a little bit of recklessness even. It is the plain dress that looks undeniably chic. 

Sundays, then, must be the most controversial day of the week; with it being an off day yet we have to start the week the next day again. This day should then be a day of lounge affairs, and/or family episodes. We should rest our mind and bodies on this very day to compose and strengthen ourselves for the new week ahead. 
Clearly, lounge affairs are our favourite of the lot. We swoon at the thought of lounging on the couch with our comfy cushions, loved ones, food, and a good movie to boot. Lilita is brought in here to make us look really comfortable and trendy at the same time, given that off shoulders are all the rage these days. Should you be going out with your family however, Alanta and Be Awe Denim will be a good match depending on the location. Alanta offers a classy perspective, which Be Awe Denim is another friend of adventure.
Having come to the end, we hope you have enjoyed our take on the week's outfits analysis. Needless to say, we wish that this will assist you in your daily outfits choice since we ourselves are usually victims of it too! :P
Team NM

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