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The 9 Destinations Our Wanderlust is Taking Us

The 9 Destinations Our Wanderlust is Taking Us

Hello dear readers! Our team has taken some time off our work to think of the three places we love to go the most! Talk about travel-lusting, and wander-lusting. We are totally that. Read on to find out more about us through the places we like to go! :)

First and foremost, we have our beloved Lao Ban Niang, or so we love to call her! 

#1: Cairo

M: Oh, great Egypt! I have always loved the mystical stories that surround this country older than ours. With the huge pyramids and pharoahs and ther brethren, I am certain I will be able to learn a ton of rich history here. What of mummies and horror fiction that arises from this place? Simply can't wait to immerse myself in the pyramid situation and the jewels and gold accessories that the pharoahs of old loved so badly.

S: Makes me think of Night at the Musuem 2!  If there's a chance, I will also jump on Egypt and take a selfie with the pyramids!

#2: Santorini

M: Surely many of you love Santorini as much as me! I've been dreaming of this surreal place ever since I've known of its existence. I marvel in the thought of being there one day to enjoy the relaxed lifestyle there, feasting on their local cuisines and iced cold beers! Having a weakness for its captivating white buildings with pops of colours, I can't wait to take the many beautiful outfit photos in this picturesque setting. Perhaps a new collection fitting of this relaxed country will be borne. ^^

S: Gosh! Greece is such a pretty place; brings me back to Mama Mia with Amanda Seyfried! If you guys haven't watched this movie, go and have a friday night with your girlfriends! 


#3: Seoul

M: KOREA! This is by far my favourite place on Earth besides our home country ofcourse. Korea is probably a mainstream destination to many of you, but to me, it is a country I wish to visit over and over again! The place, it's fashion, culture, dramas, entertainment and FOOD is alluring enough. I'm not a fanatic K-pop lover, the greatest part of my K-craze would be the korean make-up and their street/fashion wears; it got all over me and yes I even made a business trip to Korea last February, NM can expect our NMXSEOUL curated collection coming up in August ;) There's just so much one could love Korea for, & I'm betting for a snow-skiing itinerary in my next trip! For now, I'll continue dreaming about it's good through dramas and variety shows...... SARANG-HAE-YO 

S: Haha! Seoul. All my k-pop dramas and kim jong kook's shyness around girls = LOVE 

Next up, we have our Graphic Designer: Jolaine Chua! With all her creative juices spewing out, we sure must keep our eyes peeled for her destinations wishlist ;) 

#1: Dubrovnik, Croatia

J: Game of Thrones fans would be with me on this one. The scenes shot for the 6-series long medival drama has always been dreamy and beautiful. Dubrovnik is, in fact, one of the locations used the film the series, think the vast Red Keep and the majestic Mereen. Being there on their soils to behold the sights and sounds for myself would be an amazing experience, especially for the GOT fangirl in me.

S: Got your back for Game of Thrones! Love their outfits and hairstyles as well, can't forget Emilia Clarke as Daenerys from House of Targaryen <3


#2: Istanbul

J: I always have a thing for grand castles and breathtaking architecture, which makes Istanbul's cityscape a must-visit for me. Besides the view, I believe tha the food is something that would be interesting to try as well. Case in point: sweet desserts like baklava, kunefe, and savoury treats like kebabs and menemen. They might be a farcry from the cuisines we usually indulge in in Singapore, but I'm sure that they would make for an interesting experience!

S: Istanbul is a place I never thought of going! But it sure sounds like a whole lot of interesting stuff going around there :P I only remember seeing Istanbul in movies, I should probably revisit those movies...


#3: Japan

J: Whenever someone asked me where I would like to travel most to, my answer has always been Japan. Its rich culture, impeccable scenery, and food selection is just some of the reasons why the land of sushi is the ultimate destination for myself, and I'm glad that I finally have my plane tickets booked to visit the land of the rising sun this end-of-year. Besides that, being able to immerse myself in Japanese culture is a dream come true. I can't wait to see the streets, castles, and indulge in copious amounts of ramen and sashimi.

S: Wow Jo, am I envious!! For our readers who love to visit or are intending to visit Japan, don't forget to try on their kimono outfits, and travel to Harajuku for an entirely different fashion experience. Perhaps you may be able to chance upon Naruto in disguise too! ;)


Hello dearies, it's my turn! Well, 3 places on my wanderlust list is a really tough one. I have a long list of places I like to go, things I like to see, food I like to try, and cultures I like to immerse myself in. But one thing for sure, the places I love to go most cannot bind me. They have to make me feel happy and free, and let me be free enough to do what I like, wear what I want, and eat what I desire. 

#1: California

S: First off, it has to be Cali. All hail the beach. There are undoubtedly many popular beaches around the world and even in Asia too. Yet, no matter how common America is, I just have to go there one day. It is, afterall, the land of the Free. I certainly would love to see for myself their ways of expressions, and learn how to be more open-minded to more things. Being open-minded really help in so many aspects of life, I can't even explain in words. Ultimately, the draw is in tasting the salty air, frolicking in the sandy beach, and feeling the dopamine kicking in while you swim under the sea!


#2: Milan

S: One of the top reasons Milan made it to my list is because it is one of the four major fashion capitals of the world, and I have always wanted to visit them to dip myself in an entire couture city. It was a fight between Milan and Paris, really. Here's why. Other that the apparent reason of extremely gorgeously beautiful architectural structures and buildings that dated hundreds of years back, the other magnetic force that is attracting me there has to be their Opera Houses. I visited Europe once many years ago, namely Bratislava, Czech Republic, and Slovakia, and I fell in love with their theatrics. I went there to watch an opera and their voices are simply heaven. I knew, then, that I had to go back to these Opera Houses again. 


#3: New Zealand

S: Belle asked why I chose New Zealand because it was intended for retirees! Ha! Sure it is. But, I am so enthralled by this place, so much so that mere pictures are not able to satisfy me anymore. One of the reasons I chose NZ stems from my adoration for Lord of The Rings, and The Hobbit. I can't wait to visit Hobbiton and the places where they filmed LOTR. I can't wait to breathe in the picturesque scenery, the mountain view, the village life, and all the wonders Mother Nature has to offer, and all the wonders that surround. In addition, if you asked me if I prefer a city life or a country life, I would choose country life any time. A life of peace, and adventures, loved ones, and the Earth. A place where everything you see makes you feel like you are only but a tiny human being on the face of Earth. A land that allows you to be without any worry or care in the world, all because you are almost too small to be significant in the first place.


We have come to the end of our Travel Post. Hope you enjoyed reading our thoughts and our Wanderlust places. Please, share with us where you like to go, or if you have the same travel destinations as us! We could do some sharing of interesting places ^^

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