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Last Month of Summer: 4 Dress Formulas ☼

Posted on 14 August 2016

Albeit Summer is almost all round in Singapore, it is officially going to end among seasonal countries. Next comes Fall and then Winter. Even though Singapore does not come with 4 seasons, we certainly feel like relishing in the seasonal outfits. And if you are travelling to seasonal countries, we hope you will enjoy our take on A/W fashion in the next couple months! 

So, what has this Summer got you hyped about? In terms of clothes, there have been many off shoulders and its variations. Yet, for this post, we will be sharing more on the summer dresses you ought to have for your summer breaks or summer vacations. Let's get into the breezy dresses first, then on to the fitted ones ;) 


First contender of the breezy dresses shall be our Blossom Embroidery Trapeze. Trapeze dresses have always been huge favourites because of their flattering shapes. If you are a beach-adventurous lady, then we do not see any reason not to add this into your summer wardrobes. The slim shoulder straps over the neckline explicitly bare your collar bones, inviting some sultriness into your outfit.

What we love most about Blossom: Its intricately embroidered floral patterns. This embroidered patterns instantly inject that bit of femininity, gentleness and bashfulness into this dress.

What to style it with: Colourful lace-up sandals embellished with pom poms and tassels; neutral-coloured accessories like a thinly-strapped choker and crossbody clutch with studded details.

Shop: Blossom Embroidery Trapeze


Our Bretta Crinkled Ombre Trapeze is next, yes. Simple tank design with a flowy bottom and that perfectly imperfect crinkled fabric material. It has this casual vibes that is ever so suitable for your wilder endeavours. A plain white canvas on which is splashed with water colour painting.

What we love most about Bretta: Its ombre. The colour gradient seems to be cascading down in a docile manner, and we love it!

What to style it with: Neutral coloured lace-up sandals, with tinted round sunglasses to match. Add some summer phone cases to rev up your outfit. Think pineapples, watermelons, coconuts!

Shop: Bretta Crinkled Ombre Trapeze


For more formal gatherings, we will look towards fitted pieces and more elegant accessories. Pinstripe Resort Dream Dress is our first option for a resort getaway or cruise affairs to add a tinge of posh and polished touch to your outfit. 

What we love about Pinstripe Resort Dream: The fitted silhouette that comes with it, and single-pleat skater bottom.

What to style it with: Blush accessories act as a pretty colour combination. Seek the vacation look in a pair of simple sneakers, and dress it up with a sleek structured bag. Tassel bracelets enhance the overall resort style. 

Shop: Pinstripe Resort Dream Dress


 Our final piece for the structured dresses. The most womanly piece of all, we believe. A midi dress inevitably radiates splendour and transmits ladylike feelings. The strategically placed darts create an appropriate cut for most body types, and the pleated bottom flares out just sufficiently to swirl. 

What we love about Camile: The square neckline. This neckline design resembles what was popular in the sixties, and therefore illustrates the rich culture that comes with it. Ladies in the sixties are generally more refined and graceful, and we can definitely lend a bit of that modesty from them.

What to style it with: Gold choker and leather semi-circular crossbody

Shop: Camile Herringbone Midi Dress


Henceforth, as we approach the end of Summer vacations and getaways and breaks, let's not miss any chance to immerse ourselves in the summer style. We can all use an excuse to dress up, after all.  


Team NM 

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