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Flatlay Tutorial: NM X Lady Faustine

Flatlay Tutorial: NM X Lady Faustine



Today, we bring to you a tutorial on a topic that most readers have been trying to learn more about. And that is no other than, FLATLAYS. 

Flatlays have been one of the newest tool to showcase your favourite items at the moment in a pretty manner, be it your clothes, make-up, perfumes, or accessories. Some pro-flatlayers even adorn their backgrounds with flowers or confetti to abide by a certain theme in the photo, say fairy-tale. To be honest, some of the flatlays look extremely professional with all the perfect lighting and angles. 

With this in mind, we have collaborated with Lady of @ladyfaustine (Instagram) to produce this tutorial. A brief background on Lady (and yes, her name is indeed Lady - really unique). Essentially, Lady is an all-rounded stylist cum graphic designer. She dabbles in fashion, lifestyle and foods, design and branding, and photography. You can certainly see from her Instagram account that she takes some beautiful shots, and flatlays are one of her biggest passions. We are, and will forever be, in awe of her charming feed. If you haven't check it out, you totally should! ;)

Below are some of our interview questions with her, and also, her proudest flatlay moments.



1. What is considered the ultimate flatlay? Is there such a thing even?

Lady: I am using all the design principles that I learnt from University such as theory and composition, and I somehow just go with the flow and think out of the box. There's no such ultimate flatlay, somehow you just go out of the box, and think what type of arrangement will look good.

2. What is required to create a flatlay photo?

Lady: Natural light is the best lighting for flatlay. Second will be the properties that you have and finally, it will be the composition of the photo.

3. How can someone with no experience take a reasonably looking flatlay?

Lady: By looking at some references of good flatlay photos, and then get inspired from it.

4. Why will you go into flatlay creation?

Lady: For me, flatlay is an art of arranging stuff, to make it look nicer and organised.

5. Share with us some of your flatlays so far!

(See below images for the flatlays with credits to @ladyfaustine, find out more on her IG!)


Hope you have enjoyed our Flatlay Collab Post with Lady Faustine! 

With love,

Team NM <3

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