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Wedding Events Dress Guide 101

Posted on 30 October 2016

"I cherish who you are as a person, and I promise to love this person all our lives."


Weddings have always been some of the most special and important occasions to everyone of us, whether you are attending it as the bride, the groom, the bridesmaid, the parent, the relative, the best friend. They are events where blissful wishes are gathered and presented to the couple of the event. They are ceremonies that will bind two loving ones together, forever.

When you are preparing for your wedding, or when you are the lucky bridesmaid and your best friend is getting married to the love of her life, it is always natural to want to dress up for the event for dressing up appropriately only goes to show the amount of respect you have for the event. 

What we will be discussing in a bit will give you the insight of what to wear to a wedding event, whether you are just a guest or the bridesmaid.


Solid colours are simple ways of dressing up to a wedding event. This is especially so when minimalism has kicked in and is still not done doing so. Draperies and ruffles are the few aspects to enhance your solid coloured outfits without much effort. For the first and third options, they have combined drapery with mesh or lace. With the maxi length, both of these options are for the more mature and classy look. For the second option, it is  a design of layering and tiers. Given the flirty and ruffly structure of this dress, it certainly suits the graceful, younger generation for a wedding dinner or lunch.

Quincy Mesh Drape Maxy in Navy BluePowder BlueWhite

Charley Lacey Drape Midi Dress in Dusty PinkNavy BlueWhite


This dress made of the sweetest tulle dreams is first and foremost more suitable for a bridesmaid dress. Tulle often resembles the princess in every girl and every woman, so it is never a better choice to add tulle to your dress when you are attending such a cherished event. The tulle overlay provides an even more fluffy and happy feeling that it naturally gives you the energy required to get you through the day.

Bella Tulle Dress in Rose BlushSkyLilacBlackForest Green


It is time for crochet and lace, possibly two of the most associated-with-royalty-and-princesses fabrics. With such a rich history surrounding princesses, it is instinctive for these two materials to be some of the hottest trends for wedding events. Since wedding lunches have been pretty popular choices for the young adults nowadays, shorter dresses that suit day-weddings are prevalent sights. With options 1 and 3, these are seemingly the more casual pieces for wedding lunches. Furthermore, the raw crochet hems make them even more desirable! A longer length dress option 2 then, may be more fitting for wedding dinners. Tube-typed of dress with an entire crochet overlay, a fitted bodice and a flare skirting bottom, all of which make the outfit a lady-like one.


 And finally, we have come to a trend that is not common but is starting to be more and more accepting in today's weddings. With individualism becoming stronger, people are more perceptive of what they wear and more sure of who they are. Weddings does not necessarily mean gowns fabricated from silk, charmeuse, brocade, embellished with jewels of different colours. Weddings these days are more easy-going in terms of the guests' outfits. And so, for more individualistic ladies, we do recommend something out of the blue, and not frequently worn to weddings. The first option is one from our NMXSEOUL collection and is a combination of solid, pleats and colourblocks. It is a simple dress that certainly stands up to the occasion. The second option, may we say, will be more for powered ladies who have the ultimate confidence in themselves or are just more comfortable in a pair of pants-bottoms. 



Having said all that, we hope that you will have less issues in selecting your bridesmaid dresses or dresses for wedding events. At the end of the day, the dress style that you select portray the theme of the event and the vibe you would like to give off. Yet, having confidence internally is really the best weapon you will ever need to have to look good. 

With love,

Team NM 


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