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Christmas Guide 2016 (From NM to You!) ❅

Posted on 08 December 2016

It's the most wonderful time of the year, indeed! Time flies and here we are, beckoning Christmas Day once more. Being celebrated by individuals all around the world, this day is more than just a religious occasion. It is a worldwide celebration, it is a day for joy, and more extravagant generosity, sharing, and love. We tend to dress up more prettily, spend more on grooming, more on meals, and more on gifts for our family and friends. This guide will touch on different points you ought to know this Christmas!


All things grandeur,  glistening among the sparkling lights in all Christmas decorations. That is exactly how Christmas looks like. And, what does one feel? Warmth in the heart.

So, there are probably countless of events and parties that you will be attending, and here comes the brain-cracking process. For one, there's formal events, probably a family dinner at a really classy restaurant, or a dinner date at Ritz Carlton Hotel. Wow, these are certainly events you got to dress up for! For all formal events, we like to go for a midi-length dress. Be it lace or crochet, satin or chartreuse silk, as long as they are midi-length, you know you're on the right track ;)

Say, you are planning for a restaurant dinner, we suggest you to go for Canor Crochet Midi. It is classy and features a crochet overlay. A demure, yet mature look. Hence, it is a very fitting piece to wear to a family dinner or when it's a meet-the-in-laws dinner ^^ 

For a hotel dinner, you should most definitely go for the outstanding outfit. Something that will make you stand out without trying to hard has to be Cordia Glamour Midi. With the natural sheen that comes with the dress material, one can do more with less jewellery on. What's more? This dress has a flared high-low design. Might we think you are a princess for the night? 


No doubt it is Christmas, but there are hardworking souls who still got to go to the office to complete year-end work, or finish up important projects. No, we did not forget about you. Here's one for the office ladies, to bask in the festivities whilst pushing yourselves at work. The easiest way will be to dress for it! Wear confidently, look good, and be prepared for after-work shopping to do, and dinners to go to! 

For professionally casual outfits, Quinn Layered Dress and Kristal Shift Dress will surely be your to-go. Short dresses with a slightly loose fit, minimal colours in the overall outfit, simply pair these dresses with some charming little heels and be ready for the night! You work hard in the day, to let loose in the night ;)

Those of you whose stars lie in the pants zone, fret not! We do have our Genesis Obi Playsuit for you. Beautifully fitted with an obi sash at the waist, Genesis features a V-neckline and flared bottoms. We love some quirky pins this Christmas to liven up the mood of both our colleagues and ourselves. If you like to bring it up a level, go for a pair of printed socks and brogues. We are sure the limelight is yours!


Yes, it is time for tons of Christmas luncheons and dinners every day and every night. *Salivates* 

We think of 8 courses meals, Christmas Turkey, and even international buffets with all the never-ending flow of seafood and sashimi and poultry and desserts. Aha, so that's where your belly starts to grow. Surely we need to keep our bodies in shape but, let's do it after all the feasting! 
Havanah Dropwaist Dress is always a top choice for a casual gathering with family and friends, at a relative's house with your very lavish Christmas dinner. Being loose-fitting, we have no qualms about whether it will cover your tummy! Yet, we do love the pleated hem so much that it has to make this list. 
Kristen Flutters Dress type of dresses will be more suitable for more sophisticated places where that cold shoulders flutter sleeves lend a touch of grace to your outfit. Prettify your hair in a loose bun to flaunt your perfect collarbones matched with the details of this dress. 


And one to our latest MADEBYNM piece, this breezy tube dress with the most Christmasy colours. Layering done right in this dress with a tad of shade-blocking at the hems. We can't wait to wear this glamourous number out on Christmas Eve Count-down and shine through the night!

Santa Baby Tube Dress in Burgundy, Midnight Navy & Salmon


With this, we have come to the end of our Christmas Guide. It is only just beginning, make sure you have lots of fun sharing, helping and loving others including yourself 

Have yourself a merry little Christmas,

NM Team ❤


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