4 Reasons You Should Get the Oppa Shirt!

Shermaine Inez

Posted on October 12 2020

4 Reasons You Should Get the Oppa Shirt!


If you were to ask us our key staples during this stay-home / work-from-home period, it would most definitely be things that are loosely-fitted in soft, comfortable materials. It could possibly be for us to stay relaxed whether it is for running errands or buying lunch at the coffee shop just below the block, or if it is for winding down on the couch with our latest read. 

While there are quite a few chic options for comfort in our "Stay-Home" Collection, this is soft beyond your wildest dreams. Our pick for everyday-wear is undoubtedly the Basic Yuri Oppa Shirt! Read on for the 4 Reasons You Should Get the Oppa Shirt that has won many hearts since launch!




Well, first and foremost, like mentioned above, the Oppa Shirt is perfect for sleeping in! Besides being able to wear it as a normal shirt out, it can certainly double up as a sleepwear too! This shirt is made of the most comfortable cotton fabric that is soft to the touch - feeling almost like second skin. Its loose-fit, boxy silhouette seems like the perfect pajamas for all ladies out there! 


Also, by switching up your bottoms and accessories, we are sure it can be worn for both casual and smart-casual events! For a casual picnic look over the weekends, you can pair the Yuri Oppa Shirt with your classic denim shorts and complete your look with either slippers or sneakers! For a smart-casual look, perhaps at a cafe brunch setting, you can simply tuck in your Yuri Oppa Shirt into a pair of high-waist, wide-legged pants, or even a high-waist denim jeans. After which, complete your outfit with classy heels and throw on a blazer, if the need arises!


 Furthermore, the Yuri Oppa Shirt comes in 8 whopping colours for you to choose from! Whether it's dark colours, or light colours, you bet we have them all! These are only some of the colours that will never go out of style just because they are all so classic. Favourites are definitely white and black, though we seriously think that it does not hurt to have them all since different colours can provide different vibes or styles!


Last but not least, as its name suggests, it is an "Oppa-friendly" shirt! Because of its oversized fit, it is undeniably possible to get a bigger size for your other halves or your brothers even! Depending on their torso lengths, you can then decide the most accurate size to get for them! And, chances are, twinning will not be that embarrassing anymore! ;)




With love,

Team NM 


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