The Pants Line-up – put on your positive pants!

Shermaine Inez

Posted on October 05 2020

The Pants Line-up – put on your positive pants!


It's the new season of co-ordinates, if you don't already know! In the earlier months, we launched our basics tops, pants, and denim options, all of which were hits with you girls! Also, taking feedback from all of you out there, we are only going to grow bigger in our co-ordinates section. If there's one item we will be in as we get nearer to year-end, it is undoubtedly pants. Whether it is straight-cut, boot-cut, or wide-legged, we are sure to love each of the different silhouettes for the variety of looks that can be achieved. A classic pants can be the defining statement of your entire look, and can definitely be worn over and over again for it is mostly timeless. As such, this pants line-up is just for you! Fret not, there's something to suit every taste. ;)





Nacelle Wide-Leg Pants

 A very simple pants, normal almost, that we adore to bits. Nacelle Wide-leg Pants comes with possibly the most classic seamless, buttoned waist, with functional side pockets. Because of this normality and classic design, Nacelle has truly become a part of our everyday wardrobes. This is especially so for the working crowd. Featuring a sleek design, this is most definitely the type of wide-leg pants we will wear with a pair of classy high heels and that professional-looking blazer.



Chiara Belted Paperbag Pants

Well, we got to say, Chiara is the pants that spells "F U N"! The Chiara Belted Paperbag Pants comes in muted tones of browns, pinks and whites. This pants features a similar straight-cut silhouette that looks kind of flare too, and is the pants we will wear over the weekends! Be it to cafe brunches, shopping dates, or even a cycling trip, this pants is totally up for it! You can of course wear it on dress-down Fridays too! The paperbag detail sure adds marks to your overall street-style look!






Sheila Straight-Cut High Waist Jeans

 Sheila's is not new to the scene, definitely. She already made waves in the light and dark denim washes previously, and now she is going to do the same for the white one! We are honestly so excited for this in white because it is truly hard to find a white denim jeans with the perfect fit! Featuring a straight-cut silhouette that hugs slightly close to the ankle, this jeans is a must-have in your wardrobe for it matches so well with many different styles of tops! Furthermore, you can wear it with different kinds of shoes to create different looks too, think heels for an elegant look, and sneakers for a street-chic look!



Fronia Straight Cut Flap Pants

 Fronia is almost a totally new pants in our line-up! Featuring straight-cut (closer to wide-leg) silhouette with much thanks to its soft and flowy fabric, Fronia Pants comes in a longer length that is more suitable for smart-casual or business settings. This classic piece also includes belt loops and functional side pockets. An interesting detail that is sufficiently eye-catching is the one-sided flap at the front! ;)




With love,

Team NM

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