5 Casual-Chic Outfits for your Stay-Home Things!

Shermaine Inez

Posted on May 04 2020

5 Casual-Chic Outfits for your Stay-Home Things!



It's the start of a whole new month; we hope May would be a better month for everyone of you! It's been a month into the circuit breaker, how are you ladies doing? :)

In view of the coming stay-home month, we have 5 outfits with us here that we feel would be suitable for your everyday wear at home, whilst working on your daily chores and routine!



The Versatile Blouse

Staying home means maximum comfort, as well as 100% style! A loosely-fitted blouse made of lightweight material, in this case, makes for the perfect addition to our stay-home, teleconferencing wardrobe. With an attached waist-sash, you can either tie a ribbon at the front or back for two equally polished looks. Besides being an ideal stay-home number, Anaya Waist-tie Blouse definitely makes the case for an office-worthy look after circuit breaker! We got to keep looking forward, isn't it so? ;)



The Comfortable Knit Dress

Anything knit seems to equate to snug, homely and comfy! This fully knitted dress comes in a tent silhouette and a modest midi length. We'd say Oraina Knit Midi Dress is the quintessential slip-on item for comfortable lounge-wear! Its understated chicness lies in its simple straight-lined knit texture and the basic, solid colour. We would undoubtedly add this straightforward number to our wardrobe and pick it out on a weekly rotation! 




The Homely Vintage Dress

Never missing floral in any of our stay-home lists! Exuding a homely, vintage vibe with its micro-floral prints, Juliana Midi Dress (upcoming) features a drop-waist silhouette with tier details. Its round neckline adds to the girl-next-door charm that is achieved simply by donning on this dress. We love to wear this on a casual day with no particular work activities at home. And to make full use of this dress, it is definitely going out with us on a cafe date after the circuit breaker!



The Top & Shorts Combination

One of our favourite home outfit formulas goes to the knit top & shorts combination! In this look, we have the Aubryn Knit Top (upcoming) that features exceedingly interesting knit-weaving details, and also comes with a halter neckline. Pairing it with most-demanded shorts - Charlton Shorts (upcoming), we sure have ourselves an incredible and comfortable look whether it is at home, or out running errands! 



The Utility Romper

Anything utility seems to be really classic and in trend lately; seems to us that the old is coming back for good, and we are not complaining! Beryl Overalls Romper (upcoming) features an A-line silhouette and a square-neckline with buttoned details. To complete this overalls look, simply slip into a basic top and you are good to go! This is an adorably youthful look that will evoke the adventurous spirit embedded within you ;)




With love,

Team NM


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