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5 Instaworthy OOTD/Photoshoot locations at: Marina Bay Sands

Posted on 07 May 2017

Who knows there are 5 gem-like OOTD/photoshoot locations at Marina Bay Sands that will bring you all the insta-worthy outfit shots you need?
Our team dropped by Marina Bay Sands, scouring through the area, including every nook and cranny, from all the different angles possible to bring you these 5 which we have finally shortlisted. 
Some of you may have already known, been there, done that. Nevertheless, here's our take on what could be churned out of these 5 locations! 

Location #1: Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Shoppes Interior

One may find that the interior of shopping centres may look extremely common - piled with shops, crowd and clutter. Here at MBS, yes, you will find crowd and you will find countless stores. Yet, clutter will not be an issue thanks to the wide and broad walkways you will find throughout the shoppes.
In addition, a long corridor, and therefore a far background, can allow you to keep the focus on yourself and your outfit! Since natural light is a crucial factor for capturing pretty shots, you will be extremely grateful for the full-length glass windows as well as glass-panelled ceiling. The vast amount of sunlight coming into this huge space will create a natural radiance to your outfit.

Location #2: Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Rooftop Boardway

For a bigger space, head over to the rooftop boardway with wooden planks as your runway and architectural beauty that fills your background setting. You can also oversee Singapore's cityscape with its skyscrapers and the iconic Fullerton Hotel on the other side. Benches appear after a distance of walking. Feel free to take a sitting shot to add some variety into your feed. I would say, the sky's the limit to the type of shoots you can take here!

Location #3: MBS Rooftop Garden

As you walk on further from the boardway area, you will find the rooftop garden. At this location, there will be this elaborate arch metallic structure walkway waiting for you. An arched walkway always feels ethereal. It's like your runway and you are the center of attention. *laughs*
Anyway, the walkway is pretty long, so if you can go at a time where there are none to little people, you will surely be able to take some pretty impressive shots. Sit down, stretch out your legs, stand leaning against the arched structure, whatever, just take your shot ;)


Location #4: MBS Palm Trees Route

One of our favourite places to have our outfit shots taken is this palm trees route just outside MBS. Reminding us of Palm Springs, this palm trees route seemed to have just taken us out of Singapore. OOTD shots are recommended to be taken in the day with natural light shining on the surrounding area. However, it is also pretty spectacular to take some photos in the night when the ground lights are lighted up. It literally became a magical walkway with stars shining upon your every step. 


Location #5: Walkway to Avalon Club

This is actually a surprise find. We didn't think that this deck would be so picturesque especially so with the Fullerton Hotel in the background. Hence, we were really exhilarated to be able to include this spot in our 5 locations! Furthermore, as this is without any obstruction to the sunlight, you can have your outfit shots taken very effortlessly. You don't have to make any adjustments to the ISO or other settings. Just flip out your smart phone and click! 

All in all, Marina Bay Sands has so many photoshoot opportunities. Every corner possesses their own different angles and unique backgrounds. There are also a couple of locations which we had intended to go to but didn't had a chance to take photos. Helix Bridge is one of them, but it was filled with people the day we went, so we didn't want to join in the crowd. Nonetheless, your outfit photos or even any random photoshoots, will only look nice with your 100% confidence. Even if you are not, just believe in yourself and you will be able to come up with extremely amazing shots :)
We hope you enjoyed reading this!
And if you have any areas to recommend, please feel free to drop us an email so we can go check them out! 

With love,
NM Team

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